Aug 27 2009Stripteas Teabags Aren't What You Think


Unless you thought they were teabags that cling to the side of your teacup via paper stripper, in which case, congratulations, you were correct. Unfortunately, unlike those novelty pens that showcase a naked women when you turn them upside down, you don't get to see any privates. Which is actually fine with me CAUSE I DON'T WANT NO MAN'S JUNK IN MY TEA ANYWAYS. Except you, Earl Grey.

Super sexy tea bags [newlaunches]

Thanks to Tim and sergei, who never miss tea time because they like to put on their big hats and be dainty.

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first. dominate.

Woo 2nd or first :)




Those little fkers are evil looking. And tea is for Brits. USA USA USA.

that would really put me off my tea anytime O.o"

who's earl grey?

Since it is a black tea it would obviously be the black stipper...

I wonder what kind of tea beast man in the back is...


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that ascene in the movie Never Back Down where Max went over this guys house because they talked about murdering someone for each other, and Max thought the guy did his part and wanted to get out of reciprocating.

slightly cooler yet less catchy name...

hey... the guy at the back of the line looks like Chris Farley in that Chippendale's skit on SNL with Patrick Swayze.

these must be what those youngsters at the mall were yelling about when the young lady said she loved the teabagging, or whatnot.

@1 and all firstards

LOL yep, that totally looks like Chris Farley in the back there.

@ 1, 2, 3, 4 Firstards and firstard wanabees will rot in hell along with BathCaptain, Brutefags, Daisy copycats and RDA & clones.

@ 5
I agree they are evil, I Dont drink tea. UK UK UK! sh¡t, chanting my country’s name is way to lame, I'll leave that to you americans...

So I guess if the tea is red then the chick is on the rag?

I think its adorable even if it is fake. Perfect for a small in home bridal shower. I'm sure you can make them your self with some card stock and a color printer and staple them to the top of your tea bag of choice.

@ 7
Earl Grey was Prime Minister of England in the 1830's and he has a tea named after him. It's black tea flavoured with bergamot oil.

I don't think I'd want one of these, unless its a pic of gw! :D

LOL GW @ the Earl Gray comment

The art style of the strippers reminds me of Metalocalypse =)

Quite right my dear, indeed I was. Pip pip. And my lady is too modest to mention it, but she also has her title attached to a flavoured tea.

Carry on.


You are British? I hear they have good absinthe there. I never got to try it before I sobered up though, THAT I regret.

It’d be better if the guy’s legs straddled the cup with his “teabags” submerged in the water.

@ deadbodyman, yes a brit, but i live in mexico, we have absinth here also. but i'm with you on not trying it before I sobered up, lol, 3 and a half years now + / - .

@10 Is there any way we can get the best of both worlds and have one of Margaret Thatcher in a bikini?

@ GoSS Jerk

That's pretty impressive. I just got my nine months on monday. Good job! On a side note, there's a hell of lot of good football play down there. You been to Azteca Stadium? I hear it's incredible.

@ dbm, one day at a time, it doesnt geat easier, you just get more confident and that is where the danger lies. Belive it or not i'm not a football fan and the Estadio Azteca is in another city (Mexico City) , I drove past it some time ago, it's massive. I did live in Mexico City for the Mex 86 world cup, but was too young or more likely my dad was just too cheap to take me to the games he went to in the Estadio Azteca.

Is the one in the back He-Man?

@ GoSS Jerk

That's insane. You're British AND live in Mexico...two of the premier football countries in the world and you don't like football. Brain just exploded a little.

That's right one day at a's what I keep telling myself. I've got a good group I go to regularly. Every little bit helps.

@ GoSS Jerk

You live in Mexico? Do me a favor.....keep your head down, your wallet with bribe money and stay away from pork.

@ Jaded Icon, ROFL, I have never needed to bribe a cop (except that one time I was really plastered and driving around a bad neighbourhood trying to score some), they start hinting towards you giving them a bribe but you just tell them your not giving them one and you usually dont even get a ticket! It's a cultural thing, mexicans are used to give bribes and they do. Cops used to be too lazy to write the tickets, it is changing, slowly but changing.

I like these.

Must See!!!

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