Aug 13 2009Lookin' Sharp: Periodic Sweater Of Elements


This is a periodic sweater of elements made by knitter apinnick. It looks sharp and I would wear it EVEN WHEN IT'S NOT CHRISTMAS. The table continues around the sweater to the back, and the sleeves contain the names of different fungi (right sleeve) and bacteria (left sleeve). Because, as we all know, bacteria and fungi like to party with the elements. It's true, one time -- and you've got to promise you won't tell anybody I told you this -- I saw Penicillium touching Argon's butt at a school dance. THEY WERE BEING SO FREAKY!

Hit the jump for several more shots of the awesomeness.




Periodic Table Sweater [thisandthat]

Thanks to Steve, who once wore two periodic sweaters, one on top of the other, because the dude is gangster as a mother.

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Reader Comments

cant say i like these element chart posts

does it have the new element?

My god.. so much ugly in one sweater..

my chem teacher would have worn that! haha

First :)


That sweater is spiffy...and by spiffy i mean retarded.

I hate lag

@ 5 FAIL!!! big time.... Kinda like that Sweater!!!

if you didn't first post you wouldn't have to worry about it.

What is streptococcus doing on the fungi sleeve?


Wow, i'll get one of those

I want this sweater so much...

And not to wear it.

After further review, actinomyces and what is presumably microplasma are also wrongly located on the fungi sleeve


As a chemistry teacher with a strong sense of fashion, I feel an overwhelming desire for this item.

this reminds me....i LOVE sweaters like this.
also, periodic table posts that actually involve the real periodic table of elements, not "other things arranged in periodic table form."
i didn't get the damn thing tattoo'd on my johnson (whose name is frank, if anyone in "meet my friends, frank and sense and myrrh") to have the whole periodic table thing ruined by a bunch of idiots boring us to death listing superhero's or video game nonsense in table form.
keep your "entertainment" off my SCIENCE! and johnson!
cough, i'll sit down now.
also, i would've just left off the bacteria sleeve and gone entirely fungi....i can't wait until it starts getting cooler and rainy and i can walk around the woods mumbling things like "another helvella lacunosa.....oh there's a helvella crispa, too..."
or "sweet! hydnum umbilicatum!"
gods i miss those days...

Thats OK,



I want one

Where the hell was this when I was failing sophomore chemistry?!

holy crap GW, what are you doing in my grandma's closet? no seriously, i think she made this, she was a wicked awesome knitter.

awww man. that's weak xD

Where do I get one?

Panerai watches Patek Philippe watches

Hmmm.......not sure if I would wear that or not.......I'm conflicted. Damn! If it only lit up!

Yo, that is the coolest freakin sweater, I want 1. My students would get a kick out of this. Then they'll try to clown me, but that's ok. Maybe they might learn something when I make them sit at my desk writing the periodic table verbatim right off the front back and sides of my sweater while I teach elementary algebra...LOL


Fail at troll advertising.

if you like that than you ll like also your bones-medical educational shirt

I knit that sweater. Yeah, the colours are ugly. You know why? I live in Israel, I knitted this sweater over ten years ago, and there was no way I could find decent yarn in the local stores at that time. The yarn was a gift, so I used what was available. The sweater was done as a joke (only took me a couple weeks to knit), so don't take it too seriously.

In Israel, old ugly sweaters knit you.

@ 29

GTFO!! If it really was made in Israel it would be bulletproof and since it is not, than it wasn't.


You may be a chemistry professor, but clearly not one with good taste.


I have never purchased on line before except books and I have to say that the experience was very easy. Except for the shipping which I could not figure out how to do cheaper it was an excellent experience.


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