Aug 22 2009High Security: USB Drive Has Number Lock


Worried about somebody getting at the precious files on you flash drive? Try keeping it in your pocket and not leaving it on the bus. But if you're really worried you should handcuff it to your wrist like a briefcase filled with pirate treasure. Alternatively, get a Personal Pocket Safe USB Drive ($99).

[The drive] features a built in num keypad that requires you to enter a pin code before you can access your data. It is the 256bit encryption, if someone try to access your data by forcing access, the Personal Pocket Safe USB Drive will automatically destroy all data stored on the drive. However, if you do worry that you'll forget your PIN you can back everything up online, and there's also an optional PIN replacement assistance service available too.

Wow, that seems pretty intense. You must have some seriously serious files in order to require this much security. What are you, a spy? And, if so, how about hooking me up with a bow tie camera?

Personal Pocket Safe USB Drive [likecool]

Thanks to Ste, who keeps his data protected the old fashioned way: with hungry lions.

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Reader Comments

Whoa I totally want one.
I don't have any files that I don't want ppl to be seen but a usb with a pw just seems bad ass and like it would make you look important


i want to see the idiot who forgets the combo...

Also i want one.


how many GB...actually, for $100, I kinda want a Tb

Et tu Iris?
Cup-O-Jesus wept.

kittykiddy porn must be on the harddrive

@5 me what? lol

Awesomeness. Technology has gone a LONG way!! We're now creating tech for the fetish porn lover lol

You know this would suck for someone with fat fingers.

Perfect for hiding porn.

Agree with 6 and 9.

This device is obviously flawed. Any securty device that has a "pin reset assistance program" obviously has a backdoor. It's only a matter of time before somebody releases the "assistance" program, or simple steps to circumvent it.

If you REALLY want a secure USB, get an ironkey.

ooo I like it

2 words. Brute forcer...

The only forced access it'll prevent. Is if someone opens it up and tries to re-route circuits. Which is the stupid way anyway.


Hackers Oh Shit: 1984 - present.

@11 LOL! Almost anything with remote management also has a backdoor. It's only a certain amount of time until someone uses some sort of SSL spoof & data decryption method to get people to transfer their data through an alternate website while decoding all the hex.

I mean you could probably do something like this:
Work on a decryption key;
hire some kids to 'deface' (not in the literal term, more so edit the remote site)
Spoof the incoming DNS requests of the site.
Then use the encryption key you previously deciphered and boom. plain text.

Obviously due to more secure websites this may be quite hard. But I definitely know it could be done if someone had the time and passion for it.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene int he movie Never Back Down where Max was going on and on about what a dumb combination 1,2,3,4,5 is and then his boss walks in and says 1, 2, 3, 4, 5? That's amazing! I've got the same combination on my luggage!

@14 Hey Nerdley Nerdson & pals, this is Geekologie. You're looking for Nerdographie. One website over.

Lol its not nerd, its geek.
they make tie cameras lol

Not worth the price, but still pretty cool.


How is that photoshoped? How is that fake?? That picture does not seemed altered at all Nike Jordan Wholesale cigarettes


i guess your new round here then

Must See!

I wont say it out loud but my company bought alotta these some years ago!

Your pretty new around here, we can tell :p

@16 wrong room
@20 Daisy is 100% when it comes to the new, welcome
@24 it's ok, we can't hear you - you'd need to type it out.

@locked usb drive - do not want or need. I want one that self destructs when tampered with incorrectly, take off a few fingers of the guy trying to get my shit as well as protecting my privacy. The last laugh will be all mine when one of the ol co-workers can't eat his fries at lunch

next they will make one that you can insert in your foreskin, at least if someone steals it you know you got a blow job in return.

@Naas Thanks for the defence :D

@16 & 17: Just because you have little computing skill, doesn't mean you have to whine like a little bitch because others do...

I followed links for this thing everywhere and not a single one tells you how much it holds. I suppose I can just get a 32Gb Sandisk and encrypt it with TrueCrypt to secure my...uhh... "files".



This would not stop me....

@ 20

Welcome to Geekologie!!

Cool concept, but any idea how much memory you get for 100 bucks?

Protecting your porn since 2009.

im just here to count the posts that talk about hiding porn

im surprised there isn't more i'm up to 5 now

Thank You This Is Good Post

This flash drive is only 1 gigabyte. Total waste of money. Only 1 GB!!

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