Aug 19 2009Awh: A Sentimental Super Nintendo Tattoo


I would never think to associate video game tattoos with sentimental memories, but apparently it happens.

My Super Nintendo controller tattoo. It says "Mom Mom" because I got it in memory of my grandmother who died 06/08/04. I grew up playing Super Nintendo with her. It's real patchy & I need to get it touched up because that grey color is a b, but it means a lot to me.

That's cute. Now I don't feel so bad about getting a tattoo of my first dog with a Game Boy for a head. *sniff* Miss you, Tetris face.

Super Nintendo Controller Tattoo [fyeahtattoos]

Thanks to Jonah Ray, who got a tattoo of Garfield humping a Dreamcast because it means something to him.

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i miss my SNES


FOURTH!!!! and also who wants to start a fight with me?

No, Gamer tatoos just arent right.

You are a kunt.

at least it has some meaning... RIP mom mom

Mom mom?

I think she meant NOM NOM!!


She must have had an _awesome_ grandma!


most tattoos are lame.


so WTF happened to GFS?
I see all the I miss him posts, but missed what actually happened?

and yes, too lame to read back through every post.

I wish my gramma wanted to throw down on Mortal Kombat II that would have been SWEET!!

I might have been able to win I sucked.


His work caught on to his shenanigans here at Geekologie and blocked the site.

next, she'll get one for grandpa that says 'Paw Paw'
but she really wanted it to say PEW PEW!

so we're gonna let her get away with this because she's a seemingly hot girl? i think not. this tattoo sucks as much balls as it would if some moron guy got it.
hey dumbass, horribly tacky tattoo. now show us your t!ts.

awwwwww, I am making the 'tough guy cry' face - - can you see it?

I thaught the tattoo was a penis tip with a controller jammed in the japs eye before I realised it was a love heart.


I'm still around. I just have to wait until I get home. So much for killin' time on teh geek pages.

I'm doomed ! that's my birthday ! Apocalypse is coming down straight to me

oh! its an horrible tatoo!

It's actually a remarkably touching sentiment.

No really, it is.

NO REALLY! Stop looking at me like that! I think it's cute. And cute in a completely hetero way... like... lumberjack heter--- WAIT NO! Like a steel wor-- DAMMIT. Okay whatever! It's cute and there's nothing you can do about it.

I hate you all.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max goes to the drivein for ribs and when the waitress brings them out and hooks them to he window they are so big the car flips over.

sorry i was a genesis guy myself

@24 Daisy - HAHAHAHA! Do you have a clipboard of the same quote that you paste in every comment?

Life's hard for a troll'r.

nice tatoo...but I think this is far much cooooooooler

At least the tattoo means something. Getting tired of all these chinese symbols and tribal tats I see EVERYWHERE!! Besides......I KNOW that tat is attached to a cute girl......a cute girl that loves her family.....and plays video games with them. Its a beautiful thing man, a beautiful thing.


@ 26 - Welcome to Geekologie! Have fun, go crazy!

not really a great tattoo

@ 29

Not a great poster.....DIE BRUTEFAG!!!!

Must See!

Hey Bitches, its her body.. her tattoo, just because you wouldn't get it doesn't make it a dumb tattoo. Your opinion doesn't mean shit when it comes to a tattoo that someone gets on THEIR body.

It's unique and it's sentimental.
It will be awesome once its finished, don't listen to these lame asses talking shit about tattoo's. They probably don't even have any cause it would hurt too bad and they have nothing in life that they enjoy(ed) enough that would be worth remembering.

review is on, the th7887ings you come up with are

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