Jul 1 2009Video: Using 'The Force' To Levitate A Ball

This is a video of some guy from the New York Post getting to play around with the Star Wars Force Trainer that's set to hit the market in a few months. I posted it for two reasons: 1. the toy is cool and I want one badly and 2. I could have done a much better review. DAMNIT FOLKS, LET ME PLAY WITH THE NEW TOYS. I can review the hell out of things. I have opinions. People listen to me. Don't you? Don't you listen to -- ARE YOU WEARING HEADPHONES?! You are a dick. But seriously, buy this.

NY Post Video: Star Wars Force Trainer in action [dvice]

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That's not goliaths penis pump. It's his drink stirrer

ummm, it is spelled "breakthrough" not "brake through" you bunch of NY Post dumbasses!!

Holy look at these BALLS!

drunk, drunk, de...drunk, drunk drunk

i like this, i like it.

is it a ball inside or a mini-death star?

A novelty item at best. It will be cool when you can control a ball outside of a controlled area.


Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:


The game takes less than 5 minutes to play!

he must be part of the church of jedi

That's awesome....well I'm assuming it is b/c I can't see videos here....

HAHA! naas caught the fever!

This is fake - and very much so! You can actually HEAR the air compressor pump up this ball thingy inside the tube. There's no "force" involved.

If it wasn't so loud it could've been a nice party trick... ;)

Forbidden Planet???

Now, if it actually dramatically expands your intellect...

*Insert lame, unfunny, comment here*

*Insert link to web-site for douche bags here*

I wonder if they have tested it on dumb people yet.

@13 Dumbass, it's a childs toy. Of course there is a wind blower in the tube. Do you really think Mattel is going to mass market something that actually works using the power of the mind? Your Beta Waves control the output of the fan, not the actual movement of the ball.

It's called a novelty and you're called a f*cking tard


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was training to be an astronaut, and had to see how long he coulsd levitate a ping pong ball in a tube.

@17, Glad you reamed him out. I overlooked that comment or else I would have done it. Thank you.

What do you think OF to make the ball go up? Actually it's not that special, If I concentrate on ugly chicks my balls retreat up into my body.

They did test this on stupid people, namely, the NY Post reviewer. Seriously, worst toy review ever.

I'm sure this guy held a cabinet post in the Idiocracy future. Dammit, GW, there could have been a better video for this somewhere on Youtube. :(

i am convinced it measure muscle movement of the forehead, not brain waves.
i wont be able to make a call until i can get my hands on one of em :]


That's not Goliath's Ball Washer! It's his drink stirrer.

They should put these on coma patients. It'd be funny. Especially if they suck at it.

Lame. After everything he said, the ball rises when he isn't even looking at it and talking to the camera. FAKE!


How many of you were watching the video screaming at the screen "Quit yammering and use the darn thing already!". I almost force-choked the guy, I swear.

what a loser

I can make my penis rise just by thinking about Megan Fox.

@27 - Take a look at the video again, and note how many cuts there are.

There were several boring spots that I cut because I didn't want to bore anyone.

PS, I practiced on your mother. She loves when I make my balls go up and down on her chin.

Made me think of: "You mean you have to use your hands.....that's like a babies toy!"

All 'mind control' products that are out or will be out in the near future are nothing more than gimmicks. All your are doing is wearing a remote control device that measures brain wave intensity that sends a signal to the remote device (in this case a fan blower) to raise the ping pong ball. It doesn't matter what you are thinking about, it only matters that you actually have brain activity. Until complete manipulation of object without any remote is achieved there will be no such thing as 'mind control'. When the human race achieves real mind control we will know by the sound of womens breasts spontaneously popping out of their shirts.


#20, I laughed some soda out of my nose at your comment. Throw #32 right up in that category with ya. Thanks, both of you, for that.

And #18, crazy Daisy: A "Photoshop job"? Why must there be at least one of you on every single blog? If you know so much about Photoshop to spot the fakes, then you should know that Photoshop is not a program for manipulating video, twinkletits.

As far as the concept, I don't care if my Beta waves work on the ball or the wind; fact is, if I could make blow something with my mind, I want it. There are a few guys out there I could have used this with that would have saved my mouth some regrettable labor.


Welcome to Geekologie. You must be new here.

@ 34


34 - "There are a few guys out there I could have used this with that would have saved my mouth some regrettable labor."
I laughed and agreed...

Must be awesome to control something direct with your mind.

There is a better one called "mindflex" where you can actually make the ball go through obstacles... coming out in october!!!

the force is strong in this one

#13 You are truly an idiot

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