Jul 8 2009Sure, Why Not?: Twi-Hard Tattoo Gallery


This is a massive gallery of chicks with Twilight tattoos. Because Twilight is like the female equivalent of blowing shit up with fireworks for a guy. Most of the tattoos are quotes and the book cover art. This one about the lion falling in love with the lamb seems to be particularly popular. And guess what ladies? That's not romantic. You see, I fell in love with a lamb once AND NOW I'M BANNED FROM THE PETTING ZOO. Miss you, Bleaty.

Hit it for all the ink.



















Best of the Worst: Twilight Tattoos [livejournal]

Thanks to twellve, who agreed to date me if tattooed my face to look like Edward's.

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Wow how gay... and first

I wish I was as original as them. Alas, I am not nearly hardcore enough. *cries in corner*

i mean second

i mean first again......how confusing

Careful, Jimmy. You'll get whiplash that way.

Also: WTF is with the guy with the Twihard tattoo? Seriously...? I think my left temple just imploded.

The funny part is that in five years, none of those girls will even remember what the book was about.

Oh sorry; It's a girl... with the most hideous hands in exsistence... Honest mistake, really.

I hear that Kristen Stewart is having Rob Pattinson's baby. Is that somehow going to be incorporated into an upcoming film? THAT would be an interesting twist.

gah this is like the equivalent of mother daughter tattoos! They ruin the awesomeness which is scaring yourself for life!!! CURSE YOU TWIHARDS!

Damn seriously I thought the grey shirt lady was a dude. She has some serious man hands.

Oh good. Yet another reason to practice going gay.

Edward looks like Sean Penn..

#7 & #10
yea if i didn't see the titty mounds i would've guessed man too. Lady needs to stop chewing her nails.

Now they get to wear these reminders of their total stupidity for the rest of their wretched lives.

*sniff* Huckleberry, today you have made me proud.

no snark intended in the previous post.

this reminds me of snarkyness, snarkosity, and snarkasm.

The one with Robert Pattinson is seriously just ridiculous... all of these are ridiculous...

Man, I got the first like 5 comments, but they didn't work.

Why not? I'll tell you why not: cuz it's gay.
But many thanks for all the other updates.

wow...pretty fugly tattoos.

@7 LMAO danielle, its a girl, and those arent her hands, im guessing its the hands of the tattoo artist holding up her shirt with one hand and taking the photo with the other

but those would be VERY hideous female hands if that were the case

upon closer inspection....i actually think those ARE her hands.... i automatically took the poor girls side on this one, but nope, she definitely has fugly man hands...sad...unless its a guy with breasts, thats surely as equally possible situation

It's gonna suck for all those idiots when they change the meaning of Twilight from, "Sparkly Vampire love story" to "Im a serial rapist who is destined to live alone because i believe that vampires sparkle instead of bursting into flames like an inbred zombie bastard child should, i drink Zima, and after looking over all the facts, I find nothing wrong with the Holocaust, or the reasons it came about...."...................... Yea, thats totally going to suck for them...... ............................................Because thats what the are and YOU know it!!!.....anti-symites.....

Ummm.... honestly i'm lost for words. I can understand getting ideas from script, pics or concepts but if you copy shit word for word or throw "twilight" on your body like that you are just stupid. good job ladies I'm sure they will be as cool now as they will be in the future when the "fad" is over hahah maybe you wana throw some harry potter on your forehead

i thought the 6th pick from the bottom was a dude

Here is a video of a certain (hint: you live in the country he has power in.) presidents wife drunk. interested http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2YLmWFsBXg&feature=email

Words cannot even begin to describe the disappointment I'm feeling right now.

I bet half these dumb whores didn't even read the series...

The books, were in all fairness, very good...but not tattoo worthy.


These people have brought mad dishonor to their dojos and ancestors.

Ew, and to man hands and boobs;
drop the cheeseburger and hit the nail salon, thats just ridiculous.

I like the one with the bloody slashes, that says "there are no rules that can bind you when you find your other half". That's just what I say whenever I'm slapped with a restraining order.

This is gonna be major lol in 10-20 years. Especially the highly visible ones. Especially for the still-single tattooed ones.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max had a friend that hated ginger kids. While the friend was sleeping they dyed his hair red and drew freckles on him. He changed his views at once, and then decided ginger kids were better starting a movement to exterminate the non gingers.

This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. I hope all people who get or have gotten Twilight tattoos become wrinkly and gross. Well deserved.

Twihard? More like Twitard.


@28 completely agree

I'll tell you whats tatto worthy - Interview with a vampire = best vampire movie ever

wow. talk about regret in a couple of years

It's really sad that out of all the celebrity deaths we've had this month, Rob Pattinson wasn't be one of them.

I am really sad that this is a post. Sometimes we women love REALLY stupid shit...

i believe that one should do what they will with their body, and has a right to their own opinion. thus said, i truly hope these ppl do not regret what they have done, for it is a true demonstration of their love and following of twilight, nevertheless, a tad extreme in my eyes.... good luck tattoedppl...

#37 - what u said was the most dispicable, and mean, and cruel thing i have ever read in my life. not liking a person is one thing, ishing that person to have been one more on the death toll is a complete other. disrespectful on so many levels. i pitty u for being so mean and morbid.

if you do not have something nice to say, then please, say nothing at all.

wow, that's like, superhero gay. Maybe I'll shop at hot topic, wear white powder makeup, and write about it in my blog cause society doesn't understand me too, like all these losers..

my wish is that each and every one of these girls grows enough personally to horribly regret getting her twilight tattoo. couldn't they have at least gone for a more respectable story of teenage angst? i'd rather advertise forever that i "got back on the goddam carousel just in time"* than wear a quote from that embarrassing series.

and the girl who got something scrawled across her collarbone? she's going to have fun shopping for work clothes for the rest of her life. have the good sense to get it where you can cover it up. i got my first a few months ago; it took 8 hours, stretches across most of my back and wraps around to the front of my ribcage, and i'll still have no trouble showing it off OR covering it up.


*"catcher in the rye" by jd salinger

Anyone else notice that most of these chicks are chunky? I guess that says somethin' about the series.

...... exhales in disappointment....

wow, worst ideas for tattoos ever. these tards shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

@44 they probably won't reproduce. nothing kills a boner like twilight...

(except ms. greyshirt's man hands)

I'm getting one. AND HEY IF THEY WANT A TATTOO THEY CAN GET ONE IT'S THERE LIFE and I've seen worser Tattoos for stupider things and I feel Twilight is WORTH IT SO GET OFF THEIR BACKS !!!

And why the hell are you suprised we already knew Twilight fans are crazy !!!

this really isn't the female equivilant of blowing shit up. it's more like the female equivilant of dungens and dragons or something. The girls who like it are hardcore.. and do not have a lot of friends.

did any one else notice that they are all really pale and short haired? that means they are ugly or lesbian. well, lesbians are usually ugly too but....

i like blowing stuff up with fireworks :)

I don't really have an opinion on what kind of tattoos these people get because hey, to each his own. I mean I love the books and the movie and all but I doubt I'm gonna be going out and getting it tattooed on me. However, I do have an opinion on Mr. "greenman" #37....You sound like an idiot...saying sh** like that is completely uncalled for. To say that about someone you don't even know anything about is not only disgusting, but it also does nothing but make you sound stupid and draw attention to the fact that you are obviously insecure if you feel like you have to make dumb a** comments like that. Grow up.

What's with all the hate here? Ever heard of the saying.... "if you don't have anything nice to say ....."

errrr... Daisy, isn't that from south park?
also I like the fact that one of them says dumb lamb.
and yes all of these girls have no life.

Some of those tats are sorta rough looking.

I'm not sure what you guys are all complaining about. These are like warning labels to not date any of these girls. I think ALL Twilight fans should get tattoos like these so everyone will know immediately to avoid them.

either half of these are fake, or these girls let someone bust a nut on them and let it dry. mmm crusty

LotR tatoo, maby... Star Wars tatoo, sure, why not... I could even in some cases see a Harry Potter tattoo working... but twatlight? really?

Jesus Christ...

This was the gayest thing I've ever seen.

At least they're pitching in by making it easier for us to spot the major douchebags

i R l337 coz i left a comment

Twillight sucks - it's epic fail but a few of those tattoos look nice if you ignore the "twilight"...

still - I would never get a tattoo from a stupid movie or so - I have tattoos myself but not such a clichee-crap...

I stopped reading at fail.


Remember when Interview came out, the movie that is. The books were before that. Well, even at 19 I KNEW not to get anything in a tattoo about vampires. I was a smart kid.

Interestingly teenagers tend to gravitate towards the mythology because they see themselves as indestructible and forever young and attractive(relatively speaking).

I'm throwing that shiz out there because some of these comments are ghey and repetitive.

I really love all the comments that we are getting from all of these female fans! The question is, were they always GW fans or were they looking up Twilight stuff and found this site. My guess would be that more than a few did the latter.

BTW: I have seen some terrible tats in my life (one of my friends has Homer Simpson's head tattooed on his inner thigh), but these are not so bad. I guess even though I'm not at all interested in Twilight, I don't consider it a personal affront.

They're just about right calling themselves lambs, because, what do lambs grow into? Sheep. Sheep do whatever all the other sheep are doing, because it's scary to think for yourself.

P.S. i can't wait to get a quote from Bad Boys II on the back of my neck, and the cover art over my entire arm.
P.P.S. @ 37: hahahaha, nice.

Uhhh one day im going to come home drunk from the bar with one of these weirdos and wake up in the morning and find them staring at me.

Only if these tattoos were done right and if the girls looked somewhat good! This stuff might have been a good idea.

Yo yus are STUPID

It's really amazing to see how /silly/ people can really be. At least the apple tattoo is somewhat decent.

Wow, that's.....retarded....

OMG i weep from humanity and hope that the twilight thing fades away and those become the most regretted tats ever

This is exactly why Pattinson wants to go back to London.

Some girls still prefer blowing shit up with fireworks over Twilight...

I know a person who got the first book tattooed on their body.Unfortunately they were temporary tattoos.

whatever about the tats, vampires are hot!

Does this mean my tattoo from Fast Times at Ridgemont High is no longer relevant?

Why do women ruin their bodies this way? Guess what ladies, most men don't want a girl with tattoos let alone ink stains as ridiculous as these.

yeah that has to be a dude with tigbits..... cuz thems is some big hands fa sho! and some TIGS!!!!!

I tattoos on a girl, but they've gotta be done well...not like those...which are kinda trashy

hey guys, you know, its funny these people the go to sleep, they think everythings fine everythings good, they wake up next day and they're on fire.

How pathetic. Period. Bunch of goofy chickenheads.

Wow such horrible tattoos. This is very poor amateur work.

As a professional tattoo artist working in Las Vegas I can agree that these are very amateur tattoos.

This is exactly why I made my previous statement.

"He's a pu$$y! He's the Slim-Fast, Diet Coke of vampires."


Holy smokes, those are ugly tattoos.. Not only that some of them freak me out, especially that one with a whole person drawn on somebody's arm *shivers*.


I feel sorry for these folks. They must be desperate to 'belong' to something. Very rash decisions! It's ok to love the books so much, but I feel they will regret the tats some day. Not such a big deal- lots of people regret tats- but those tattoo's are friggin HUGE!!!!

@ the twitarded


Pic 5 after the jump... I... can... almost see... vag.

This just gave me erectile dysfunction.

@ 8 OMG please STFU and I hope they abort the kid, the old fashioned way!

ok I can see getting a SMALL phrase put on but not the crest and photo of Edward...also those are definately hand mans so either the man has boobs or the chick has man hands!

what a bunch of morons!!!!!!
@39 YOU'RE A MORON!!!!

Thank you for bringing #39 to our attention. I didn't think yuppies like this even knew how to operate the interwebs!

60 years from now I hope they all wanna rip of their skin.... dumbass, all of them...

it's not even a good book....
not really good acting either ....
@ 37 HERE HERE!!!!!
@ 39 please suffocate in your little emo-Twilight-loving hole.

i've never seen this, but..jezuz christ.. get a better hobby!...

Twilight = KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously they understand it’s just a movie. Ten maybe twelve U.S. for a movie, 500 for a tattoo and 1000 plus for tattoo removal once they grow up. Priceless… I mean stupid no wait very stupid.

Terrible.. absolutely terrible. I'd feel bad for these girls if I were capable of feeling bad for someone who likes Twilight. Holy shit.

Eh, sorry but these aren't anymore stupid then people getting Dark Marks from Harry Potter or people getting anything trend based. Posts like this is just free advertising for Meyer. I have an idea: Let's all just stop talking about the stupid series.

Also Pattinson isn't that bad. He's doing what any smart, amateur actor should do: cashing in on a cash cow.

Not nearly as cool as my ""Heroes in a Half Shell" Tatt... but close. No regrets there, nope. The "Go Ninja, Go Ninja..Go!" on the other hand.................

Funny about the fireworks comment. I was actually in Forks, WA this 4th, blowing shit up. (Yes, I know that Twilight is set in Forks, no I haven't read it, yes, I've seen the movie, no, I didn't like it, yes, I look like Jacob). My girlfriend likes Twilight to a rational, sane degree, but the shops there in Forks are absurd. $45 for a sweatshirt? I wanted to burn the place down. At least they're capitalizing off it. Funniest is the "No vampires beyond this point" sign on the way to La Push... that's on a PEPSI sign. *sigh*

And FYI, if the townsfolk of Forks saw you glitter, they would shoot to kill. Because you're probably gay.

Tattoos are dumb no matter what the content. This is a good example of the idiocy that is "body art."

Personally, I would rather blow up things with fireworks than get a twilight tattoo.. Yuck!

the only nice one is the LA TUA CANTANTE one..
but thats still...very..die hard.

Bunch of Twitards if you ask me...

all of those girls look fat, ugly and hairy...

I got the feeling that if any of the characters in Twilight dies, a bunch of girls will suicide [ which would be very stupid and sad-kind of funny though-]

The quote "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" is from the bible...

wow thats the absolute lamest

This is way too extreme. I mean i like the Twilight series, but I don't think it's tattoo worthy. These girls that are getting tats of Robert Pattinson are not in love with him, they're in love with the idea of Edward. Robert is strange looking. He reminds me of a serial killer.

okay i like twilight and someone commented that people that are twilight fans don't have friends most of my friends have read the books and watched the movie. but i have to agree to some level getting a tattoo of it is going overboard i love the books and movie just as mush as these girls but i would never ever get it tattooed on me. somepeople need to think on how those will look when they have kids and get older. get tattoos that mean something

wow ok so the twilight or the so the lion fell in love with the lamb or little quoes are cool but the huge ass pic of edward is just plan out crazy or the cullen crest crazy ass people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh, I wonder how they'll react to those tattoos in about twenty or so years. Or even three, once this series finally dies out like all the other fads.
@37: Greenman, that is by far the greatest quote ever. For serious.

Almost as bad as those hideous "unique" tribal tattoos that so many fücktards get, even though 10 million other guidos also have them.

I'm ready when you are, Edward. Er.. I mean, GW.

I'm a gay guy, and i still think this is the faggiest shit i've ever seen.

I'm a regular reader n tis site and i've seen some pretty sad things. This is one of the saddest things I've ever seen. (next to the attempted murders i read about) The worst one was the full protrait of edward......I've lost all hope for human kind and decent literature.

** on this.

I need to learn to spell myself before I start mouthing off about horrible writing. Oh well no matter how many typos i make it wont be as horrible to look at or read as these tattoos.

I like it!

Actually, I'm a chick, and I like blowing stuff up. Specifically, I would like to blow up every single copy of Twilight and its associated series, the names of which I simply do not care enough to look up right now. (And yes, I did try to read it, based on the recommendation of a friend whose taste in books is regrettable at best. Oh god. I weep for the English language.)

I hope these are fake, but the redness on some of them makes me think not...

i just go a clitoral boner

so apparently he mounts em and then perches himself over you to naw on the head board !!!

why not ! climb on spider-monkey nigglets!

@2 Original as in getting someone else's literary work/art on you?, tattooing your own stuff yourself might be more original. Like tattooing individual Kanji, that is for creative people only.

I can't wait for that edward tattoo to turn into some hideous deformed sagging skin monster in 50 years. Their children are going to be scarred for life.

TWilight... tATtoos....


I shoulda become a tattoo artist, so much money there that could have been MINE all MINE I tells ya!

The book covers are just stock photos. Feel horrible for the guy who took those pictures in the first place.

WOW! They /certainly/ won't regret that later in life!

oh god

the quotes are so bad

so bad

Rob looks like Pete Wentz. LOL.

@110 "wow ok so the twilight or the so the lion fell in love with the lamb or little quoes are cool"

NOOOO!! NO! HOW are they cool????? Don't answer, you've probably scurried off to follow Perez Hilton on Twitter by now anyways.

So haha, really funny comments and I see a fellow vegas tattoo guy commented as well. Yes these are very very poor tattoos, completely amateur. Its kind of amazing how bad some of these are. So we talked about it at the shop and decided to give you all some info.

Most if not all tattoo shops absolutely hate people getting poems tattooed on themselves. Sure we will do the tattoo charge you out the ass for it because its so easy to do. Know one thing though, as soon as you leave the shop we laugh our ass off at you. Anyone who gets a poem on them is a complete and utter moron. We could care less if poem tattoos slow down in our shop, its fun for the laughs but that's about it.

Comments such as "what a stupid chic" or "what a tool" are usually the most common after a poem tattoo. So just know if you get a poem tattoo the second you round the corner leaving the shop we all die laughing at you.

That people are jerks. I don't know about the book, but if it's cool, that stupid movie made it look dumb. The Twilight movie sucks at all, it has no script, has no characters, the only thing I enjoyed when I watched it was when it ended. Yes, I watched it, and I lost my money. At least I didn't do it in theaters.

Whatever, I'm sure the sequels of this film are gonna be even worst.

oh my fuuuuuu...

these people should be put down.

wow notice how every girl is pale and has gross bodys and probably ugly as shit like thier tattoos

You know, those tattoos are all of really simple design, and yet nearly all of them are really poorly done. I mean, just look at the apples in the first two. They look like they were done by a five year old with a box of crayons. And none of them that include the feathers from New Moon look right, unless feathers are supposed to be spikey.

Let this be a lesson to everyone -- research your tattoo artist!

The one I like best (ok the only one I like) is La Tua Cantante..."her blood sings to you" small, obscure, yet immediately obvious to anyone who is Twilight obsessed ...btw, 9&17, LOL!!!
Snarky snarkerson

Are you sure that the "you are my life now" tattoo is supposed to be Edward? It could be Teen Wolf.

wow.. ok i like Twilight.... ALOT... but not enough to get a tattoo about it the above is just ridiculous and the thing is: most of these 'die hards' weren't fans till the movie came out which pisses me off.

God, all of those tattoos are TERRIBLE.


i want to stab my mind's eye with a needle, so that the memory of these tatts will be forever removed from my memory.

I hope you all realize that nothing you like is original.If you like then at least a thousand, but more likely tens and hundred of thousands of people like it too.So stop complaining how "unoriginal" and "fad" obsessed they are.Becuase everything thing you like is also a fad.

And to the tatoo artist,if people are willing to put "unoriginal","boring",easy tattoo on their bodies it obviously means something very important to them.And to overcharge and laugh at them is not only very unprofessional of you, but makes you a tool as well.

CRAP! just that.... comercial crap.

I like the fith. The others are just too big or too "twilight" for my taste. I was thinking about getting a twilight tattoo, and i would go for a quote from one of the books on my wrist like "be safe" etc. Anyway, something that has a meaning out of twilight too so i wouldn't regret it later when this twilight obsession will pass.

You have to write a test in order to drive a vehicle legally (a death machine on 4 wheels you could say), yet you can legally give birth to a child, and *attempt* to raise it without having to confirm that you are in fact capable of doing so.

Essentially, you don't have to have any certification that you're not going to raise someone who is in fact making humanity worse for their very existence.

If you had to write a test before having a child, these people would not exist, and we would not be looking at their shitty tattoos.

TWILIGHT TATTOOS!!!!!!!!!!! OMG HOW CAN ANYONE BE SO STUPID. Twilight is the worst book i've ever read, so maybe a tatoo saying: EVERYBODY LIKING TWILIGHT ARE STUPID!! Edward is an ugly, stalking pedophile.

O... MY... GOD...

HATE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't miss: 6th Hp coming soon


Ok, I own the Twilight series, read them before I ever knew a movie was coming out. I love them, I've watched the movie a tonof times, but are you KIDDING ME?!?!?! Twilight tattoos---it's just rediculous, stupid stupid stupid.

Ok, I own the Twilight series, read them before I ever knew a movie was coming out. I love them, I've watched the movie a tonof times, but are you KIDDING ME?!?!?! Twilight tattoos---it's just rediculous, stupid stupid stupid.


OK, so I'm not going to get into the lame-osity of the content of these tats.
I will point out that no matter the content, some of these tat artists should be shot and banned from further inktrocities. Seriously - WTF? Did these guys jack up their lines/colors/etc just because they hate Twilight?

I think I just threw up a little... in my mouth. Just a little.

@$.02 and a pocket full of FAH-Q - Did these guys jack up their lines/colors/etc just because they hate Twilight? --- As unprofessional as that sounds... If I did tattoos for a living, I would seriously consider that... For sure none of these would go in my portfolio...

WOW. I'm sorry but I am a girl and Twilight is the farthest thing from equivalent to blowing s*** up with fireworks in my mind. In fact, blowing the entire Twilight series up with fireworks seems much more enjoyable to me. And tattoos. A PERMANENT... SKIN... PICTURE THING. OF TWILIGHT. ON YOUR BODY. WHY. JUST WHY.

Just. Why.


^angry virgin found CAPS LOCK.

@151 numba 1 twilight saga fan (Laura):

Are you sure you've even read the books?

Books are made of paper and you hold them in your hand, there are no moving pictures.

This conversation is for grown-ups.

You should come back when you're all grown-up and give us your opinion again, hopefully you still remember what Twilight is. That would be a treat.

I have one on my left wrist that says BE SAFE from page 249 of Twilight. I love mine

Honestly, tattoos should be MEANINGFUL, and NOT inspired by a dumb author with the vocabulary of a twelve year old.
Cmon people, if you're going to get a tattoo, don't put stupid stuff like "STUPID LAMB" on your arm.
I hate these, I can't believe someone would even agree to tattoo this on someone.

Oh, sweet Jesus. These girls (and man-hands over there) are going to regret this BIG TIME. I mean, Twilight, of all things? Really? Stephenie Meyer has the writing talents of a 12 year old girl.

Oh, well, maybe that's why they like it so much.

Anyway this is definitely something nobody can justify getting.... Especially that huge one of Robert Pattinson's face! HAHAHA! That's both sickening and freaking hilarious at the same time. Oh, man.

Some of them are nice fonts though, I'll get them that.

Oh, woah. Sorry there, #155, probably should have read your comment before writing basically the same thing you did.

Funny though, because it's so darn true. Stephenie Meyer: talentless.

Ok I really like the 5th one and hey I might even get one like that without the 'la tua cantante' under it because I play an instrument, but if I was going to get something like that I would wait like 5 years before getting something like this to make sure I'm still just as crazy about it. And still even then I would most likely do a little test run to see if I liked having it there and how easy it was to cover up first, most likely with henna.

And one last thing darlin', the one at 151 who calls themselves " numba 1 twilight saga fan (Laura)" , the caps lock is a wonderful thing that should be loved and cherished, not used on a whim and then left on after the need for it has passed.

aww I'm so bummed. The "La Tua Cantante" tattoo was the exact tattoo I was thinking of getting =/ oh well. I still might.

Whether the tattoos are shitty or not, I'd like to understand why people are such douchebags when they call these girls WHORES for the simple fact that they got a stupid/ridiculous/bad/whatever tattoo. How mature.

That's some nasty shit. I'm a twilight fan but I would'nt go to the extremes of permenantly plastering my body with twitats.

Now, these are really lame, and I like Twilight... But, Ladies and Gents, if your going to get a tattoo related to any movie, book or something like it, make sure you want it because its something that will be apart of you, not because your a 'Twi-Hard' or what ever, but because YOU want it and you are a part of it.

Plus, the work isnt even that good, Ive seen better tattoos.... Sorry if you like them.

Someone said that "these tattoo's aren't any stupidier than getting Dark Mark tattoos from Harry Potter" and I find myself disagreeing. Have you SEEN how ugly these tattoos are? I've loved Harry Potter for almost half my life, and considering how long HP has been around, I think it's less of a "trend" than Twilight.

These are lame but srsly, the ninth picture is just ridiculous and nasty.

So, I've decided after seeing this that I'm going to get a whole bunch of friends, and we are going to get Atlas Shrugged man and the Fountainhead cover tatooed on our bodies, along with our favorite Ayn Rand quotes ever. Because this is just rediculous. And, you know, Ayn Rand has talent and doesn't write shit. Her philosophy is a little ridiculous, but atleast she can write a freaking story.

Grey shirt lady has the cullen crest on her arm band(:

I looove Twilight but i would never get a tattoo about it.
First of all it's permanent and second Im not that obsessed.

The Twilight Saga series is the best!

What about one with Edward biting the pillow? Would be great

i love twilight so dont bagg it!piss off you twilight haters!

i sense regrets : /

^^^ HA! Edward Cullen is a pillow biter.

The tattoo "La Tua Cantante" is lame,BUT the meaning of the words .....is not. Okay, but jesus,to have a tattoo everytime I like some book/movie.... tänan aga ei tänan (thanks but no thanks)!!

day man, oh wahhh ohhhh, fighter of the night man, oh wahhh ohhhh

This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. These books
aren't even good writing! The story is cheesy and I can't
believe people are dumb enough to like them,
let alone get TATTOOED!! omggg.....I feel bad for those
girls.....actually I don't. They're stupid.

wow...I knew that sooner or later you came to things like that .. thanks to this saga, so wonderful and addictive! But, without exaggerating with the tattoo ihih

i love Twilight but some of those are pretty darn lulz.. especially the poorly drawn, lumpy Robert Pattinson!!

wtf guys.. you srly got some problems. this is just a book... i get u like it, but tattoo?! its rly lame... also all of this are ugly as shit ;x

No... this does NOT qualify as 'so freaking cool'

I bet the regret hits them like a freight train when they all realize that Twilight has nothing to do with vampires. No fangs, they sparkle, and they walk around in broad daylight. I'm sorry, The last two are wrong. Vampires should sparkle when they walk around in broad daylight...like a campfire. When you get a tattoo, it should be something with a meaning that will remain relevant to you throughout your entire life, because it's not going away. Nor will I ever stop laughing at the people who got these tattoos. Yes, I watched the movie, Yes I read the first book. No, I didn't find anything in either that wasn't saturated with FAIL. Now where's the picture of the girl with the tattoo that says, "At least I didn't get a Twilight tattoo"?


"Mommy, that's not daddy on your arm."

good luck in 5 years...no wait, 6 months

why is it that people can add such a thing to their body, but lack any self control and remove the FAT it's drawn on? "Hi, I am FAT and boring, here is my tattoo, so now we have something to talk about while we EAT"

I wish I had a Twilight tattoo. I'd be soooooo cool.

Wow, that is absolutely amazing dude!


Is Twilight a movie??

I like the part where they tatoo'd the TV show on themselves. hurrrr.

Wow. Tattoos with direct quotes from what's basically a glorified fanfic about vampires that aren't anything like vampires.
And, despite what the one poster said, Twilight is not a good book. It's terribly written, with almost every mistake a second-year writing student would know NOT to make.

Harry Potter tattoos would be less disturbing, sadly.

wow so much backne.

why dont you all just get a life.............for crying out loud its not like you have gone and done it to yourselves...................GROW UP!!!

If you see any of this on a girl, run in the opposite direction.

those people are sad. especially tthe idiot who got her whole ARM tattooed. that doesnt even look like him. she should sue.

annie, be honest.
is one of those tattoos yours?

is the 3rd one........on the........sole of.....a foot?????

I dont know i have read the books a zillion times already and if i didnt have so many dang tattoos i love picture 12. who ever did that did a great job... Twilight rocks... it was romantic except i dont know how they are really going to make book 2 and 3 into a movie it just doesnt seem like a lot happens in those books. just a lot of crying (including me) it was super sweet.

Tattoos are individual and unique, so what's the deal? If you don't like Twilight, then don't get a tattoo based on Twilight; it's that simple. It's the same way that if you didn't support a certain football team, idk, Arsenal for example, you wouldn't get a tattoo of their crest or whatever. Seriously, you have the right to an opinion, sure, but why so negative? Surely you have better things to do than slag off people you don't even know just because of their choices? It's their body, let them live with it.

Oh, and to all the comments about man-hands and "chubby chicks" get posting pictures, let's see what's so perfect about you and your size 0 figure and your dainty hands with their painted fingernails 8-)

Wow , fans actually went that far. Remember girls ( or boys ) that stuff is going to be on you forever. :D Unless you get tattoo removal laser surgery which hurts like a *****. I feel sad for you when you don't like Twilight anymore and look at the **** of a tattoo.

Wow.... I don't even know where to begin... well first the book was alright... but enough to get a giant portrait on my back of that kid? definetly not. Umm actually not tattoo worthy at all. Actually if anything its wierd and creepy these are the people who cut themselves arent they?

Well it's not really worth it when you have to look at it for the next who knows how many years and regret it.

STUPID!!!!!!! these girls r just dumb,

STOMPY is my hero. pork chop sandwiches!


holy god, those are awful

Okay, hi I've read the all the books, but i started reading the first one in like 2006. i didn't go crazy over twilight like these twitards did and these tattoos are horrible!!! i'm getting a zelda tattoo but i grew up playing zelda and all my tats that i'm going to get are tasteful and have meaning! Girls, (and man hands!) Think before you ink!!! and do you research one of you looked like you got a tattoo of a feather duster!!!! You guys all suck....

I'm so glad my wife got the Warcraft Horde emblem on the back of her neck instead of Edward.. there would have been a lot more donkey-punching in our relationship that way.. Buh

Some of them are not terribly unattractive, but I could not imagine getting a tattoo for a book series. I'm in love with Harry Potter and I still wouldn't get any of the quotes from it emblazoned on my body..


wow, if my friend Carmen saw this, it would gives her ideas. For example, tattooing her whole outside of her body in twilight tattoos, and if she ran out of room, she would find a way to tattoo her insides as well. O.O, yeah shes crazy twilight obsesive! if i walked into her room, the whole bloody thing would be covered in twilight things, on the flour, walls, and everything that can be covered...! yeah, shes phyco!

I wonder if they know that a tattoo is permanent and that they are crazy for getting that horrible book series on their body.
God, go read some Anne Rice, where vampires aren't sparkly and the women aren't crazy.
Team Tyler's van, anyone?

@209 Katie: Sure the women are crazy in the Rice books. Just the GOOD KIND OF CRAZY

I want to interview these chicks in 20 years and see what they think of their tattoos by then.....

EDWARD CULLEN'S IS THE NIGHT MAN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eq1G-diee1o . FAGx10^1098234701982374098713487.

These girls are so crazy O.O

whoa.....like when someone gets tatoos like that u think when there old and like completly forgets twilight there gonna be kicking themselve for getting drunk that night and walking into the tatoo parlor lol

its ok, fat chicks need someone to love since real people wont

This reminds me that I was going to get a World of Warcraft tattoo...

Rapá eu ja nu queria faser uma tatuagem e agora tenho ódio ded quem tem!!!!!!

I liked the tatoos,excepet the tatoo with the robert pattinson o.o,he is so much beaultiful them it,but i never gotta do it(i'm afraid about needle)but like a picture...why not?

Haha! Silly thing to do tattoo Man movie ... I think the people do not think we'll be skin to life right?
Besides tattoos are horrible!
ZERO no personality?
People without a culture!

All right for them to pass a message ... but ends with everything!

girls who get twilight tattoos are super dumb. grow up and read a real book.


My favorite part is that during an interview the author admitted that she had not picked any of the books cover art, and they had no real importance to the stories or to the writer. That the publisher had made all of the aesthetic decisions for reasons of marketing. so the apple, the ribbon, the flower, the chess piece, etc are all god damned marketing. It's the equivalent to getting the taco bell logo tattooed on yourself. LAME
BTW Whats sexy about waiting to get married to your vampire boyfriend? I mean it's fiction right. so where's the hot sex?

ok people its ok to appreciate stephenie work but dont ink it on your bodies its just tacky. love twilight

Aww i really want a twilight tattoo, but im too much of a wimp to get one, it really hurts! ='[


The only one I would ever consider getting (Since I am a Twihard] is the one about the singer. If you didn't read New Moon then you don't know what I'm talking about.

Ohh. And If you don't like twilight and hate on people who do, Why are you wasting your time looking up stuff about it? &; Posting Comments bout how stupid it is? People can live their life &; do with it what they want. It's their body, Nobody said you had to get a freaking twilight tattoo. Get over yourselves and live your own life. Thanks :)

Oh. Heyy onibunny ----
The Apple is the sign of Good and Evil.
Steph said it herself on her website under Twilight FAQ.
That's why she put the quote from the Bible at the beginning of Twilight.
&; The Pawn and Queen on Breaking Dawn shows Bella changing from the weakest to the strongest when she changes to a vampire.
The rest, she had nothing to do with.

But The Hot Sex comes during Breaking Dawn but you obviously would know that If you read the books and knew what you were talking about.
The 4th movie better be rated "R" for the Sex parts :)

Nossa' qê decadência gente, todas são muito lindas' mas, tipo,não né gente.. isso vai ficar pra sempre' ( a tatu ) mas a locura pelo livro, passa (':

I don't think getting a twilight quote tattooed on you is gay because mean its just like getting song lyrics tattooed on your body and most people don't find anything wrong with that. I think getting like "edward cullen" tattooed on your body is taking it a little to far because for one thats not even edward cullen on your body thats robert pattinson so again kinda creepy. But mean if you love and have enough passion about something why not mean its your body i guess. I love the twilight books and i have even been tempted to get a quote from one of the books tattooed on me.So i don't think its super stupid. Even thought i have noticed almost all twilight tattoos are the same quotes mean there are how many quotes in the books i don't think everybody needs to get " So the lion fell in the with the lamb" Its not even one of the best quotes of the book.

ZOMG. Saying "twilight" on the internet has become excellent! It's like using the word "hitler" capriciously!
I laughed so hard at all of you I couldn't tell which was funnier-the idiots with the ink or you all rushing to troll/defend them!
Additionally, to all of you arguing in this thread, you really are about as effective as a bunch of emos in a knife-fight. Just FYI.

Oh please, no they didn't :X Idiots.

Omg, this is really not good. Find much better designs at http://myttoos.com/Blog


does anyone else think the same crappy person did all these tats? the graphics all look the same, with the same ugly colors lol


so much hate....

I used to be a vampire fan...
then I read Twilight....

seeing these images made me literally fight the natural urge to vomit all over the keyboard....

I don't think I'll ever recover from this.... F*ck!

F**k this noise! I was perfectly content ignoring Twilight until vacant teenage casualties started tattooing this crap on their flesh. Vampire love my eye!!!...eww actually, that sounds a hell of a lot worse out loud. Anyway, Let the Right One In, that's what you want from vampires, and Lance Henriksen's civil war vet in Near Dark, minus the eighties glaze.

essas tatoo´s sõ loukuras :$ eu naum faria nenhumaaaa

People Stupid!!!!!!!

i just want to know the name of the font used in pics 4 & 6......anyone?

Those man hands really turn me on grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :-)

poor girls, what a waste of life :S

corajoso(a)s *-*

corajoso(a)s *-*

Ok well I have to address the haters on here first of all you very apparently know nothing about Twilight. You are all saying how all of the girls are "chunky" "have no friends" "ugly" and "have man hands". Well I am as big of a TwiHard as you get and I am 28, 5'9" blond hair blue eyes (except when I wear my cullen contacts that are amber gold go ahead laugh I don't care I am very secure) 132lbs and very pretty. I have lots of friends and I don't just mean the kind I can only type to. So don't say that everyone is a fat, friendless POS that likes Twilight because that simply is not true. I have never had anything take ahold of me the way this series has. Now will I be running out and getting a tattoo on my neck? Probably not......... but I don't have a tattoo anywhere because fortune 500 companies tend to look down upon that sort of thing . Just don't be so quick to judge these people could be doing a lot worse things plus is it hurting you?

very cool......fabulous!!

oi cambada de idiota... as tatoos saoo bem legais.. mais o q significa isso aiii?

To Whoever said these are fake.. I'm a tattooist and trust me, except for possibly the black and white "lion.lamb" script (not good enough pic to tell) they're not. Which is unfortunate for these girls.

Putting the twilight phenomenon aside, Logo tattoo's are pretty much always a bad idea. I see a big boom in coverups and laser removal in a few years. Thanks Stephanie Meyer, more work for me!

Plus all these ladies need new tattooists. Serious Crapfest going on here!

How can a person be so dumb? OMG what let someone to tattoo this? This is totally non-sense!

'Come on an tattoo is for the rest of a life, so please stop being dumb and do something you won't be regret in the future. This is a trade mark not something you come from the heart.

Tattoos for me is to translate your soul, and an book that's is on top just now is no theme for that... Grow up folks

i deffinatley think people who get the tattoos relize they will have them forever. and there are people, like me, who didnt get in it for the popularity that it is now. some people were touched by the books, like me. its love for books and the story, not the popularity.

eu amo crepusculo e entao amei as tatoos tambem sao perfeitas,
se eu pedesse eu faria uma.

@37: Robert Pattison really has nothing to do with the creation of this Twilight idiocy. He just perpetuated it. The Twilight idiocy is all on Stephanie Meyer's shoulder's. Just sayin'. Either way, wishing death on a person is a bit of an over-reaction and (practically speaking) a bit too late to take care of the Twilight issue.

As far as the tat's go . . . I can understand being a die-hard fan of a book. I seriously considered getting a phrase in high elvish tattooed on my left shoulderblade. I ended up not doing it because while I love Tolkien, I can't honestly and 100% say I love Tolkien more than any other book I've ever read or ever will read. I can't choose a favorite book, so I won't tattoo anything from a book on me.

The other thing about tattoos, for me, is their permanence. It's not like this is something that's going to look cool for the next couple years while I'm young with comparatively elastic skin. It's something I'm going to have when I'm in my 90's with wrinkly, tanned, saggy old-person skin, too. So whatever I get tattooed on me has to have long-term meaning -- not just some book I read and briefly liked.

I'm afraid most of these girls are going to end up going through expensive, painful and not always entirely effective (in the case of red dyes) laser procedures to remove these tattoos. I may be wrong about the effectiveness. I know my dad, who had a reddish-purple birth mark that covered most of his face, had laser surgery done to remove his birthmark, but they only succeeded in fading it. Apparently red is the hardest pigment to remove. It may be that's only the case with natural melanin, though.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm not against tattoos. I actually do have two tattoos. One is of a dragon, which may seem cliche, but has personal meaning to me related to a friend of mine who died several years ago. The other is a "travel tattoo" of some flora in the first foreign country I visited. I'm just against tattoos that aren't well-thought out, in regards to placement and long-term meaning.

I was going to get one that said 'And so the lion fell in love with the lamb' but then I came to my senses and read Vampire Academy instead. Way cooler. Girl falls in love and has sex with her fighting instructor. Then he becomes evil and she has to kill him. Its way more badass than twilight plus its funnier, and it even has the love element still.

... I'm getting off topic. The girls can get whatever tattoos they want. Some are kinda cool but others are ridiculous. I mean fine, if you love it so much get a tattoo. But DO NOT get one that wrecks your entire body. Get a simple two line quote or something on your shoulder blade. Its as classy as you can get with a Twilight tat.

I was going to get one that said 'And so the lion fell in love with the lamb' but then I came to my senses and read Vampire Academy instead. Way cooler. Girl falls in love and has sex with her fighting instructor. Then he becomes evil and she has to kill him. Its way more badass than twilight plus its funnier, and it even has the love element still.

... I'm getting off topic. The girls can get whatever tattoos they want. Some are kinda cool but others are ridiculous. I mean fine, if you love it so much get a tattoo. But DO NOT get one that wrecks your entire body. Get a simple two line quote or something on your shoulder blade. Its as classy as you can get with a Twilight tat.

I was going to get one that said 'And so the lion fell in love with the lamb' but then I came to my senses and read Vampire Academy instead. Way cooler. Girl falls in love and has sex with her fighting instructor. Then he becomes evil and she has to kill him. Its way more badass than twilight plus its funnier, and it even has the love element still.

... I'm getting off topic. The girls can get whatever tattoos they want. Some are kinda cool but others are ridiculous. I mean fine, if you love it so much get a tattoo. But DO NOT get one that wrecks your entire body. Get a simple two line quote or something on your shoulder blade. Its as classy as you can get with a Twilight tat.

britany i agree. and read house of the night. its really good. i think the one of what edward cullen is supposed to be like is way too far though. a quote is fine, but the huge ones, not for me.

That's my tattoo on my lower back and I love it.
Tattoos are a purely personal thing, mine is there to remind me how much I love the series, and to remind me of the promise that maybe something better is out there. It sounds whimsical I know - but we all secretly dream of being Bella, and finding our Edward.
If I wanted everyone to see it I would've put it on my forehead - for me it's personal, I know it's there, that's all it matters.
I also have a beautiful horse tattoo on my right shoulder which I love - horses are a huge part my life also.
Also - if you're worrying about "What you'll look like when you're 80, can I just say who cares? Lets face it, you'll probably be licking windows and crapping yourself!"

omg! those are so awesommee!! i want one soo badd!! but id probibly be to scaredd, but eventually i will :P

this is very lulzy.

i'm a twi hater and think this is despicable body art.

yes, i'm 14 and think twilight is more retarded than anything.
unfortunately there are very few people like me.

just think about what it'll be like when they're in their 70s-90s.

i can't wait to see what that horrid edward is gonna look like 'til then.

all wrinkled up and gross.


i guess you could say that any tattoo could be regretable!

RIDICULOUS .... who does that!!


I live inn Brazill

This tatto is a shit
I have pity of these people really...

to all of the people who are talking shit about the girls who got these tattoos done saing there pathetic and fat... im a 100 lbs and have done modeling before and am a tatto artisit n i like twilight its a great book and if u love something that has importance to you why not get it to be a part of you? , and u calling them pathetic does not show much for yourself...your the creepers sitting online looking up twilight hate forums to bitch about if u didnt like twilight y would u have went on the twilight websit u lame ass.

Oh my god. To all the people with Twilight tattoos, I am legitimately sorry. When you wake up one day and realize that you have quotes/pictures from a poorly written pulp fiction novel meant to wet pre-teen panties, you might hate yourself forever. Find solace in the fact that we all make mistakes... (yours are just permanent and embarrassing....)

Well some of these are a little over the top for my taste, but some of them are actually nice , i like the music note one... the 5th picture! I like some of the others but i could never put that one me... except for the music note one.
And anyone who has ever read the novels will not forget what the story was about, it just sticks with you forever. I may you may forget about it one day until someone brings it up again, but you wont forget the story it was very well written and always had your attention. Atleast people are READING. :)

WTF!!! Twilight SUCKS

I think that if they like Twilight enough to get it tattooed on their bodies then that's the choice they are going to make. You never know, some of these girls may still love the book when they are old and their tattoos are droopy looking. They may not regret it. I hope they don't because getting a tattoo is a painful and a permanent thing. The only ones that I think aren't too over the top are the quotes and the music note. The ones that directly say "Twilight" are a little ridiculous and the huge picture of Robert Pattinson is probably the worst tattoo I've ever seen.

Ameeeei todas as tattoo...se tivesse coragem faria toooodas...e essa Marimoon não sabe de porra nenhuma, odeio ela!!

Ameeeei todas as tattoo...se tivesse coragem faria toooodas...e essa Marimoon não sabe de porra nenhuma, odeio ela!!


Wow! Thats great! I love Twilight. Do you tatoo anyone under 10?

You are great at doing that! I never got a tatoo here but I was looking at the work and I thought "this is what I need!" I never saw such good work before! Why I asked that queston "Do you tatoo anyone under 10?" was because I'm only 8 years old. But I still love Twilight.

You are great at doing that! I never got a tatoo here but I was looking at the work and I thought "this is what I need!" I never saw such good work before!

OMG!You did great! I know a girl who loves Twilight too. Her name is Mikeila.

OMG, you are sick.

Tb sou fã de Crepúsculo, mas nem por isso vou sair tatuando isso em mim, imagine, c desde os 15 eu tatuasse kda modinha passageira? Eu jah teria uns 5 livros, uns 4 desenhos animados e uns 10 filmes em minha pele. Tenham respeito por seus corpos moças, no futuro vcs podem c arrepender disso!

Okat, alot ofyou on here have made some stupid comments. If you find the tattoos such a stupid idea, why not just leave the pasge and keep your mouths shut for once. People dont appreciate your rude remarks. I personally love the twilight books and the movie is cool. I wont say im no hooked on twilightbecause i am. Personally i dont hink a tattoo would be a geat idea, because you might just regret it in the future. But for those who have made it down to the tattoo parlour and had one or two done already--aslong as you like it, thats what matters.

The rest of you just admit they look cool and that your jealous--twilight rules.

I have dragon-penis tatoo.. ;)

i want a tattoo on my bum bum of bella licking my asshole, and edwards face on my asshole....AWWWWW HOW SWEEET

my vagina is bleeding.... /end


Eu faria sem nem um problema...
]Alguns eu até achei lIndooo
Ese tipo de tatuagem é para quem é fã...
Quem não é vai achar feio mesmo!

So sad...these girls are going to regret getting those.. my tats are hand made..(my own ideas) whiiich I had compliments on them saying I'm a stoner or I do acid... but no...it's just my mind :)

Those are some nice tatoos. I really love thee edward one=))

@46. Rofl @ your complete lack of intelligible responses. "worser" and "stupider"? Really, though. No wonder you're a Twilight fan, they might as well be pop up books. SO. DUMB.

I will admit I've read them, as well, but I'm not a part of a pathetic fan club that tattoo's this ridiculous shit on their body...I'm almost ashamed of my kin...this is sad.

Seriously, I hope Twilight dissapears into nowhere along with the people that like it. Cancer or something like a zombie virus that kills retarded people. come on we need something like that every once in a while! The book is poorly written and totally retarded. I'm sorry cry and whine all you want. And if i got nothing nice to say - well fuck you! I say whatever the fuck I want and if it bothers you go fuck yourself with your badly written wanna-be vampire books and fanarticles. Twilight is the Harry Potter for girls and its dreadful.

Don't worry, it'll be ironic when they realize what they did in a few years.

Twatlight tards....

wat alot of idots lol thats the stupidest thing i ever saw, bunch of retards the book and movies suck

”to all of the people who are talking shit about the girls who got these tattoos done saying there pathetic and fat... im a 100 lbs and have done modeling before and am a tattoo artist n i like twilight its a great book and if u love something that has importance to you why not get it to be a part of you? , and u calling them pathetic does not show much for yourself...your the creepers sitting online looking up twilight hate forums to bitch about if u didnt like twilight y would u have went on the twilight website u lame ass.”-#259

I was going to say something along these lines… There are MILLIONS of twilight fans around the world and the majority of them are not obese, ugly or especially lesbians. Why would a lesbian be a twihard when the whole book is about finding love w/ men… that wouldn’t turn them on..

And you all must be blind, not all of those girls are obese sure the person in the grey shirt has a few extra pounds on them and short nails…But I’d Rather have those issues than be an ignorant fool. She can lose weight and grow out her nails but you all are hopeless retards! You are wishing death and cancer upon people you don’t know…and people who are ACTORS doing their job portraying characters from the script… o and by the way.. you are dissing Stephanie Meyer for her writings skills when your posts are filled with Typos.

And also all of you who are on here bashing the book/ film are pathetic… You are making fun of people who are obsessed with the film when you guys are the ones wasting time obsessing over twilight tattoos and blogs. Either you have NO life what-so-ever and you most likely haven’t even read the books… or you are a closest twihard who is too afraid to admit they like it so they spend all day obsessing over it secretly online.

Also all of you “twi-haters” dissing us “twi-hards” for liking a book about sparkly vamps are retarded..when we read the book we weren’t like “oh… this book sucks!”until we got to the part where Edward sparkles..We like the book because it is a love story. Who wouldn’t want to find a man who would be willing to spend the rest of his life with you? A man who would rather die than live a day without you… Or a guy like Jacob... A friendship that turns into love. I know when I get married, it will be to a man who is a mixture of Edward and Jacob… Unconditional love with a man who is my best friend and I could never get sick of.
As far as the tattoos go… I would not get a tattoo of Edward on my arm or “and so the lion fell in love with the lamb” because as you can see that phrase is overused (however, I did like the one that said “Stupid Lamb” it’s more original and it made me giggle)… but I would get something small like la tua cantante where no one would know what it means or refers to if they’ve never read the books… or some other quote out of the book that is small and meaningful.
I don’t read many books and the Twilight Saga is the best thing I’ve ever read. I don’t like it because it’s a fad.. in fact I only have 1 friend who likes Twilight the rest haven’t read it or hate it because they have only watched the movie…which is lame and awkward..don’t judge unless you’ve actually read the book…and if you are a guy, I don’t expect you to like the books unless your gay because it’s not really about vampires and werewolves it’s about finding your true love.

And also 224 “The 4th movie better be rated "R" for the Sex parts :)” I Agree 100% I’ll be sad if it’s the type of movie where they show them walking into the bedroom then it goes black and the next scene they are waking up covered in feathers…

OMG - just the idea. I mean, I was all into Harry Potter but I never had the urge to ink Hogwarts all over my hide.

Ok, I don't like Twilight - in my opinion it's way too cheesy and I am an avid romance reader, so I am used to cheesy. Now you twihards, don't flame me as I am only speaking about my own opinion here. It's just that I am quite agree with my fellow posters here that most of the girls will regret their tatts sooner or later.

What sickens me most is the quote around the neck/cleevage. Seriously, the girl looks young and I think the guy who tattoed her in such a visible spot needs to be banned from practicing - for life!

Too bad no one ever tells these people they can never get an MRI without terrible burns on their skin! Nobody's young forever and medical testing can save your life.

1st response: "...ROFLOMG" *teary eyed*
2nd responce: "Oh wow, thats gonna become a mark of shame in a few years."

I would totally get the one on my foot- that is freaking awesome!! Way to go Twihards!! Some people just don't understand us!! :)

@ 260 (Megan), you said it better than I ever could--thanks!! I have tattoos, but I made sure they're of something that will be meaningful my entire life, not pictures from some inane teen romance novel that you'll want to hide when you turn 60 (or even younger).

lol no offense, feel sorry for these people XD I'm not that crazy over Twilight :P Want a Dark Mark though when I'm old enough for a tattoo!

My retinas are bleeding!

I like Twilight.. But I'm not obsessive...
@37 I think I love you
@39 There are no words in the English language to say how much of an idiot you are.
@46 Worser? Stupider? I think you mean "I've seen worse tattoos for stupid things..." Time to go back to English class!
@150 No one cares? so why are you caring? LIKE TOTALLY!
@151 My hero!
@180 The kid must be adopted then....
@240 Is it hurting me? YES! My retinas are burning! Can't..Look..Away.. Wow. You don't brag do you? Can I rob you since you work at Fortune 500?
@259 Go fly a kite. (Preferably on a windy day)
@273 If I 'admitted that they looked cool and that I was jealous' I would be an idiot.
@274 <3
@275 After its done.... Can I see?
@276 I think I have an extra tampon.
@277 Bwahahahahahaha
@286 Go change your tampon!
2nd picture: Whats the name of the duster on Beauty and the Beast? Does it even have a name?

Yes I realize I have no life.

@252- No, I have never secretly dreamed of being a boring teen girl whose entire existence revolves around a sparkly teen guy vampire. That's more of a nightmare.

good grief... how incredibly stupid do you have to be to permanently deface your body with the title of ,and quotes from, a cheesy movie ?!? good luck explaining this idiocy to your grandchildren !

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I agree and will bookmark this page and be back to follow you more.

Ahem.... I have one too


Que estupidez, um horror

I think are some die hard fans which is pretty neat!! There is nothing wrong with tattooing yourself with something you love...Twilight just happens to be their passion. I'd love to get a small twilight tatoo...nothing too big or drastic. Just as a ....souvenier I guess. I never thought of getting one but the cullen crest doesn't seem like a bad idea!
Power to those girls who got them =D

I will go to Las Vegas for the weekend.

#299 "There is nothing wrong with tattooing yourself with something you love"?
Yeah, I'll ask you -and all of these girls- in ten years. Please...

Jesus H tap-dancing Christ!!!!!

These women should be made sterile so as not to reproduce their stupidity on the world. I understand liking something and tattooing it on you (i have a tattoo from Celtic mythology) but it should have some substance. Not a damn fad that will blow off in a year or two!!! Also, a fad that is damn retarded like twilight (movies AND books). Who cares about the erotic fantasies of a housewife, WITH vampires in the mix. I mean COME ON!!! Is everyone retarded or is just me????

WOW thats weird... like twilight but not that much to get a tattoo. When they are 70 are those people really going to want a Twilight tattoo? WEIRD!!!!


hey @RJ , there is NOTHING sexy or hot about the so called sex parts. As a matter of fact they are simply implied; the first ******* time they ****ed, it was pretty much telling us they hugged and then went for a swim. A Mormon (stephanie meyer) writing sex scenes? are you serious or what? hahhaha if you want hot sex in twilight, read fan fictions.


Wow! I want a Team Edward tattoo cause Edward Cullen is sexaayyy! Guttered though cause im under age! :( The one with all the book covers is ded good! Twilight rules! And Mcfly rock socks too! :)

McflyFan! x :D


This is freaking unbelievable. I thought the twilight franchise had gone a little far, but going to the extent of getting twilight tattooed on yourself has gone a little far.

Getting your kids name tattooed on yourself is cool and I'm fine with that, but TWILIGHT and the freaking Cullen crest, *Uhm* reality check ladies. I really don't see the whole point in this your all going to regret it when the fad wears off and nobody likes Twilight.

I'm a Twilighter and I love the books and movies I have the poster to each movie and the DVD's and the books, but that is about as far I would go.

This Twilight frenzy is getting a little out of hand!

I'm sorry if I offended any of you, but it's true, it does need to be brought down a couple of notches.

If you wanna comment on my long winded comment go ahead be my guest.

So, I'm going to start by saying that I don't like Twilight, and never have. I don't understand why other people like it. HOWEVER, I can understand getting it tattooed. I mean, hell, if you REALLY like something, why not? People get band tattoos all the time. Even when it's not a fad anymore, it doesn't really matter. Whether or not any of these people still like Twilight, the fact that they have a tattoo of it will make them justify it. Ex. I still like the series, I really liked what it meant to me at the time, etc.

Who are you to say what someone will regret.
You are the ones that are pathetic,
you really have nothing better to do then hate on something?

You all are Creepers. Get a life, and stop Creeping.

I agree with every one of the Twi-Haters. Although, i do think you need to fully understand what you're talking about before you start slagging it off. For instance. I have actually read ALL OF THE BLOODY AWFUL BOOKS. I read the first one becuase my friend recommended it. And continued reading thinking to my self 'Okay... I'm sure it MUST start getting a little bit better soon'.. But it seriously didn't.
I hate the Twilight shite so much. And it's not just becuase it's bad - It's becuase people think it's good.
I don't hate people who like twilight. I just feel like they are lacking in intellegence if they think that those books are well written.

The story is predictable, ridiculously boring. And Stephanie Meyer shits all over her own characters. For example in the fourth book, when Bella has a VAMPIRE BABY inside of her. and all the (apparently really clever) characters are rushing around going 'Oh the baby is rejecting the usual baby food. We just can't figure out what it wants!'
Sadly... no one dies in the books. Which they definately should have. Would have made me have a bit more respect for Meyer.

I understand that I look like a total lameass for writing all this... I am very bored. And yeah, okay, if you wanna comment back with that then be my guest :)
But I know that at least I have more of a life than these sad, lonely girls who have gotton these repulsive tatoos.

Twilight makes me unnecessarily angry... It's just so bad... If you want a REAL Vampire story try watching Interview With The Vamprie. Or Let The Right One In. They are what it's all about.

Also what I hate about Twilight is that all the characters morels are screwy and don't make sense and it's so obvious the writer only put them in in order to fill out four crappy books.
Why the hell doesn't Edward just make Bella into a vampire in the first book and save us reading through thousands of pages of rubbish?
Or why doesn't Bella agree to run away and marry her (stupid, boring, humourless) Edward as soon as he asks her?
Becuase Meyer needed to make up some bollocks so that she could sell more books.

Oh and all the girls who have been like ''SHUT UP! I'm really pretty and I like Twilight AND have hot friends'' ... you should have sent pictures to prove your claims. Becuase on reading what you have to say, I reckon you're the idiots in the photos with the man hands.

I wish Meyer was never born...

Ok. I understand everything that everyone said but i think that its not your skin... leave the girls alone. If they want a tattoo of the book let them get a fucking tattoo gosh!!!. you`re so anoying.
For them was life changing... I love twilight saga.. all of them and i don`t have a tattoo but that doesn`t mean that i`m going to come here a talk bulshit of those who have one.
Get over it. You are the stupid ones not them.
And yes, they belive in the book... I belive in the book....
And I love the interview with the vampire and all the wampires movies and books... and i think that everyone has a different idea of what vampires are..
soo stop talk bullshit of this girls...
and for those who said that those girls not even had read the books I think you`re wrong...
I have tattoos and i know who hard its to get one.. its not a joke.. soo i think that these girls, they aren`t joking...
so bak off

..Im getting a Twilight tattoo next week, if you like it- you like it,

dont listen to all these assholes.


Twilight is to Women; As Call of Duty Is To Men

Man, these chicks are gonna regret it in a few years when they've grown up and realize how awful those books are! Tattoo removal business will go through the roof.

Wow. Me and my boyfriend were cracking up about how fucking gay twilight is. We bet each other that there has to be a fan out there who got a tattoo. So I googled and came across this horrific scene.
No wonder they all look like shit, I can't imagine a tattoo artist caring how a twilight tattoo turns out.
Worst one is the fact that someone actually had the Edward dude tatted on them.
Second is the family crest???
Freaking hilarious.

WOW! So surprised at how rude and judgemental most of you are!What's really sad is that the majority of you probably haven't even read the books. And for those of you who say the books are poorly written, then why the hell have they sold so many, and then made 3 of 4 into HUGE money making movies, which I presume will continue into the last of the 4. Why would Summitt invest soooooo much into something if it sucked? And yeah, I agree, all of these tats are a bit drastic and they probably will regret them someday. However, I'm a huge Twilight fan....and I'm a book fan.I love the movies, but if they were never made, I'd still be a Twihard. People that get Twilight tats are just representing something they feel passion for (at least I hope they actually put that thought into it before putting some of the enormous tats on themselves!) Isn't that what everyone that gets a tatoo does? Gets something that represents a part of who they are or what they enjoy? I don't care for Harley Davidson tats, but I don't go around ridiculing people for having them! It's their body, their choice! If they regret it later, that's life! You live and you learn.....You only get one go at it, so make the best of it and quit passing judgement on others for what they love! No one person in this world is better than the other....we are all equal, where and how we end up is the only thing we can control! Those of you who feel it necessary to be so mean, I feel sorry for you! You obviously are missing something in your lives to make such cruel comments about people you don't even know and it's not your life, it's theirs. Angelia Jolie's tats aren't anything spectacular either, nor Lady GaGa's peace sign on her wrist, the list can go on, but they chose those for one reason or another, and as long as they are happy with it, that's all that matters. Many of you need to get on some freaking happy pills and come off your high horse, shrink your heads back down to normal size, cause none of you are any better than anyone else in this world. No wonder this world is such a mess with people as cold hearted as some of you running around! JUST PLAIN RUDE! Get some manners........if you even know what that means!!!!!!

I've only read the first Twilight book. It was a rollercoaster of emotions! I hadn't laughed so hard and cringed so much since I read The Da Vinci Code, which was more enjoyable than this poorly written piece of shit, but still awful in it's own right.

You know what I, and the majority of others who feel the same way as me, hate about Twilight? It's not that it's a shit idea. It's not the fact that Bella is a blank slate, ready for any girl to imprint herself onto - seriously, Bella is NOT described at ALL in the book - and that Edward is described as "perfect" more times than I can bear to think about. It's not even the fact that it's successful; I for one applaud the fact Meyer has managed to get published, more so the fact that she was published with such a terrible book. It's the fans. These vacuous "Twi-hards", as they've annoyingly coined themselves, are rampant throughout the world, crying about how they'll never have a vampire, werewolf/shapeshifter or, as a last resort, human boyfriend as good looking as Pattinson who, by the way, is one of the least attractive people I have EVER had the misfortune to glance upon, and more than that he's so gaumless and dull it's hard to believe he can find the brain capacity to put one foot in front of the other. These Twi-hards are forever insisting that "you just don't get it." Get what? How sucky you must think YOUR life is to emotionally invest so much into a franchise like this? Does Meyer know how you feel? Is she helping you through your menstrual cycles and angst-filled teenage years? The only thing I "get" is that there are far more people with so little going for them in their own lives that they fill it by obsessing over a bunch of poorly-constructed fictional characters and then crying and over-reacting when people challenge that obsession.

And the reason Twilight has sold millions is because it appeals to females and those with very low standards when it comes to books and films. Girls relate to Bella because she's EVERY girl out there, since she's not described at all and is pretty void of personality, so girls can imagine themselves in her place. They think "oh, she's just like me!" when, in fact, she is nothing like anyone.

Also, CIRCLEOFKARMA, if you're so upset that people are mean and judgmental to others they don't know, you must be new. Welcome to the Internet.

vampyrez are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo aewesome omg

haveing a twilight tattoo and not being as some of the comments say the pic of the girls are a bit porky i am not and have a great fig all of the post are all crap go get a live and let people do what they want with there body you bunch of twats

This is an amazing and horrible response to what people have decided to do to themselves. A good friend of mine once told me that when people do something to make themselves happy who are we to try and make them feel bad about that choice?
I have short hair, and I am pale, and oh no I have a twilight tattoo.
I have Jacob's symbol. Its by far my favorite tattoo and to me it is indicative of how much he loved her, all women love that kind of love. Uh-oh I have sentiment about some goofy movie. I must be a huge loser, misunderstood and pathetic.
I am also 5'2", weigh about 105lbs. So hopefully no fat rolls to account for. I make my money by my looks and haven't heard any negative responses to my tatt.
Whenever you people see someone and they are doing something that you find some reason to pick on them, stop think if you were in there place how you would feel to have someone pick on you like that. Now I know here comes some nit-wit comment about how if you got a tattoo like that you'd want someone to pick on you. You know thats not true, No one likes to be made fun of, so maybe just maybe, call me crazy, maybe we should all try to BE NICE to one another. See if we can make the world a nicer place by practicing empathy.

And now for the ultimate horror: picture number 14 (the man-hands girl) in full view (please make sure you don't feel too good about yourself after watching this:

You want to know what I don't understand is how all the twilight haters can go about talk on how all these people are so stupid for getting twilight tattoos. Go search the web a little further and you will see people out there with, Star wars tattoos, Lord of the rings tattoos, Elmo tattoos, Tinker bell tattoos, Harry potter tattoos....and the list goes on. There is only 321 comments on this page that has collected up a little over a year now. There is at least, well over a billion of Twi-hard fans....I kinda think they out weigh all the haters of twilight. Art....is...Art, rather it be a scribble or a portrait. You should not judge people for what they love or like. Even when the Twilight mania fades out, those people will have reminders on how the books or movies had some kind of effect on them. That's why we get tattoo's, to remind us of that time and place. So stop judging these innocent people, let them be their own judge rather or not is was a mistake to get the tattoo or not, 10-20 years from now. " Maybe you should even think then next time before you decide to open your mouths."

Twilight is dumb. These guys sure will regret one day that they had tattooed themselves with this stupid shit someday.

Check out superfan Cathy Ward's full back tattoo of the Twilight cast!! That is some serious follow-through lady!!!



This is a proof that twilight has become so popular, but for the sake of putting tattoo in your body, is it what you really want to have for the years to come?

aint it nice to see nasty comments about peoples likes and passions, because none of u have passions do u? well i love my books and im currently looking for a twilight idea to tattoo on myself, i have harry potter ones too, a phoenix and the deathly hallows symbol, reading your nasty comments makes me want to be sick, if u have tattoos what are they? stupid skulls, allthat other crap anyone with no passion in their tattoos get? ill be wearing my twilight one with passion along side with my harry potter, my mortal instruments and all my others that have meaning. You sit behind your computer giving people hell over what they like, so why dont u post ur tattoos so we can all bag u and tell u how stupid u are, why dont u get a life and leave us ppl alone who love twilight, and seriously if u love something u dont forget it in 20 years u morons, and then u sit there a bagg a total stranger about her hands! like ur all so perfect, lets see pics of u idiots, would be fun to point out all your imperfections! LOSERS!

oh and the guy who says 'guys dont want chicks who have tatts ' is that another thing men want to claim for themselves, fair enough if they cove every inch of their bod, but girls should be able to express themselves with tatts just like guys, i waited before i got mine and i also think them thru, seriously people slagging off other ppl over their choice of tatt is disgusting, i see also no-one who was talking about how they hate twilight so much even said what they like, lemme guess to scared to be critisised about what u like? dont like ur own treatment back? grow up the lot of you, dont like it, dont look at it and go look up what u like, ur pathetic, probably all star trek or star wars fans, like thats not the same thing lmfao throw what u want back at me but im over reading other people criitisise others over their passions, if we were all the same it would be pretty boring~!

tattoos of TWILIGHT? holy shit, is this what the world has become? i am so fucking sorry, future generations, that we don't frown upon people liking shit literature and then inking it onto their skin so that the rest of us can be like, "what the fuck... get away from me."

honestly, if twilight is your passion, then that's great for you. but some of us prefer REAL literature, not this wet-dream-on-paper. i read the first three and half the fourth before i was like, "this sucks ass. i want those seven hours of my life back." it wouldn't be so bad if meyer had added a plot, and a main character who wasn't a plot point to be tossed around among "sexy" male love interests. bella lacks any sense of character, and she's essentially a mary-sue, meyer written out. plus, VAMPIRES DON'T FUCKING SPARKLE IN THE SUN. THEY FUCKING BURN. and when edward is a borderline abusive boyfriend, and that's considered normal, desirable, and sexy, we've got some serious issues here. twilight is a miserable excuse for a book series, and shouldn't be called literature.

so if you need me, i'll be over in the corner reading austen, dickens, and shakespeare.

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