Jul 31 2009Robotic Arms Have Come A Long Way. A Long, Much More Deadly Way (Hold Me)

This is a video of a bunch of different robotic hands showing how dexterous they are at bouncing balls, gripping things, throwing things, catching things and a bunch of other fun stuff robots shouldn't be allowed to do. I mean, what is this, robot gym class? Next thing you know they're gonna be whipping your ass with a wet towel in the locker room. WHICH IS ONLY FUN WHEN TWO GROWN MEN DO IT. Am I right guys? Love that game.


Thanks to Chris and Aroinak, who once shot a bot in Reno and didn't even stick around. Way to go guys, there could have been more.

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Now every amputee can masturbate @ high speed!

that one catching stuff is just unnerving

What'll they be doing next? Catching bullets??!? We'll have no hope to bring them down when the robot uprising happens!

@2 genius...

Ok, I'm sorry, GW, but that was fking cool as hell.

Are we still friends?

Once they give guns to the stair climbing ones, we are all screwed.

wow...I want one for handjobs


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver BAck Down where Max has to go stay with his father a struggling truck driver. Max isn't all that happy with his father, until dad enters the national arm wrestling championships.

future robots wont need guns. throwing stars and rocks + extreme accuracy = robotic ninjas!

psh.. luck.. that's all that is

Soon Skynet will mass-produce it's A.I. chip....
throw those robot-arms in melting metal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAaa!

Scary as Hell. No, even more scary than Hell. An eternity of fire and brimstone sounds soothing compared to what evil robot overlords could do to us with this newfound high-precision and superfast reflexes. Think of the torture... *shudder*

Then ..............Borg ?

O.K., so is it all right if they are robotic instead of attached to robots? I mean when I get my cyborg body the arms will be robotic, but it will still be me in the brain case......also apparently I have been told that I can only be 3 feet tall.....damn.

Jesus Christ!! We're all screwed..
I suspect they're working on adapting giant hands to do that with human heads instead of little balls...

"Brought to you by botjunkie.com"?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking, GW?

And if you said finding the people responsible for that Web site and reeducating them, then we're on the same page.

those balls might as well be our childrens severed heads

the beggining of the end

Must See!!


that is effin scarry!!
Hold ME, GW....

How good is it at catching hot lead!
Pew, pew!

i know this is extremely random and extremely weird to ask .
(I suspect that i have ADD or ADHA)
but what is that amazingly bouncy fluber ball maid out of.
i have never seen a ball bounce that fast !!!

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