Jul 10 2009Notebook Paper Printed With Sports Balls

garbage balls.jpg

Trapped in Suburbia, an Amsterdam design firm, came up with this "Play More" concept, which is regular notebook paper on one side, but printed to resemble sports balls on the other. Cuuute! Now I'm not saying I wouldn't get anything done at work if I had sports ball paper wads to play with, because, honestly, I don't do anything now besides compulsively check my email and nap.

Play More: Balled-up paper turns into sporty orb [dvice]

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WHY?? I really don't get it! paper is supposed to be written on, on both sides! and why do you want a basketball on one side

That's stupid...

Hey fellow geeks, check out this book I picked up at Target the other day...



Very Nice.

this is really lame. this doesn't interest me at all - i'm so not interested in this that it drove me to make a comment for the first time ever.

well done.


you lie!!

is that real?! i want.

this is all fine and dandy but every one is forgetting two important things today.

1. it is nikola tesla's birthday today

2. it is my birthday today

STOMPY: I keep eying that book at the book store, I hear its pretty great. I just need to finish the one I am reading before moving on to the next.


Happy birthday, C. Where have you been hiding? I think I've seen maybe one comment from you in the last 4 months.

there need only be two of these, the basketball and the baseball paper. obviously used for rounds of office horse, and office batting practice (also required: a poster tube). trust me, my paper fastball and curveball will demolish you. besides, who plays paper soccer or tennis at the office? that sounds horrible.

@8, Happy Birthday. Now, can you provide me free energy? The money I spend on electricity can then go on more booze.


Thias is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NeverBack Down where he is fighting to qualify for the olympics, and his coach walks out int he middle of the fight to get the other fightrer ready. This makes Max so mad he knocks out his opponent.

Very clever. I think you'd have to have an interest in design (print, web, etc.) and concepts to really appreciate it (which I do), but it's purpose was to design something that thinks outside the box, that takes something ordinary and makes it extraordinary, which it's does beautifully.

What kinda geek likes sports related stuff?

I find it funny that only a few comments were actually about this product and more about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

hmmm, C-Basstian.... well i guess if GFS is cool with you than i am too...

reminds of a joke
A guy is at a car dealership spending some time looking at the new models and salesperson ask "are you thinking about buying a car" and the guy replies "oh no, I'm buying the car, I'm thinking about pussy"

meh, another mediocre product. Though hopefully it won't end our precious triangular folded footballs that we all love messin' around in meetings or at the cafeteria.

@7, yeah its real. Either go to thinkgeek.com and pick up a copy or hope that your local store has one.


Cant use, I usually have to shred all paperwork I f*ckup on.

The prints are perfect but didn't they know that most balls have smooth curves?

Was this invented in an Amsterdam coffee shop?

Lsd is a hell of a drug?

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