Jul 29 2009Honey, I'm Gonna Need That Ring Back: Nano-diamonds May Help Heal Wounds


Seen here is Dr. Manhattan's conception a nano-diamond attracting insulin to help a wound heal quicker. Neat, but I'd still douse it with Blue # 1 just to be on the safe side.

Northwestern University scientist Dean Ho and his team discovered that nanodiamonds are very attractive to insulin, best know for helping regulate blood sugar. Insulin, however, can also accelerate healing processes and stave off infection in wound sites, according to Ho:

Insulin accelerates wound healing by acting as a growth hormone. It encourages skin cells to proliferate and divide, restores blood flow to the wound, suppresses inflammation and fights infection.

Nice, but I can't even get my insurance to cover regular bandages at the doctor, so I can pretty much forget about DIABANDAGES©. Haha -- pay me, suckers!

Diamonds Are A Wound's Best Friend [io9]

Thanks to Tank and Totex, who once shot up emeralds and died. Don't do precious stones, kids.

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I can't afford nanodiamons, so I have used nano-cubic-zirconias.

Why don't you just use bottled Wolverine or Deadpool extract?

Damn I can see snobby high maintenance bling-bitches bragging about how much rock they have in them when they're really talking about crack

neil diamond can heal wounds twice as fast as nano diamonds.

Rappers will be buying these like hot cakes.

Too bad these weren't around for B.I.G. and 2-pac........

Too soon?

Lou Diamond Philips can heal wounds better than Neil Diamond and certainly better than nano-diamonds.

Forgot all about ol' Lou, didn't ya.

Awww Lou...we really like this place.

Randolph Scott can heal wounds better that Lou Diamond Phillps, Neil Diamond, nano-diamonds or log combined...

@8 I'm pretty sure Diamond Dallas Page can heal as fast as you can injure yourself.

Can't heal his career tho' :(

So, do baseball diamonds have any healing powers?

Our San Diego Padres could use some help.


Nope, because the Reds suck too.

Anyone else excited GW put in a story about a boy with the last name Bohner and Ho in the last two days?

"accelerates wound healing by acting as a growth hormone. It encourages skin cells to proliferate and divide" Diamond is the hardest natural material known. How will nanodiamonds be removed from the body once its job has been completed? If the body is unable to reject nanodiamonds It sounds like it would most likely cause diabeties and cancer. diabeties from the fluxuation in Insulin and cancer from the rapid cell growth.


Anti-nano-diamond potions. What are you, a moron?

Flyingskeleton hates fun, why u hate fun, what it ever do to you?

@15 Good!

15 - It stands to reason that they would use these on wounds closer to the skin, thus making them easier to remove...

isnt this from south park? LOL


You're not funny. Not in the slightest.

I have to say that this PIC looks like it was from the Spiderman film when he gets bit by the spider.

@15, doe't matter, if in the bloodstream they eventually get to the liver and kidneys, and are filtered into our "waste" if they're small enough to qualify as nano, it won't matter that they can't be broken down, the body will treat them as any other super small chunk of crap. DIAMOND KIDNEY STONES FTW.

Must See!!


I'll take three........thousand! I'm gonna live forever suckas!!

Possible side effects include clumping & albinoism

...nobody talked about Dustin Diamonds healing powers yet

or king diamond

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