Jul 8 2009UPDATE: Highly Questionable, The USB Chainsaw


The i.Saw is allegedly the first USB-powered chainsaw. Supposedly it's real and available for $60 pre-order, but I dunno. I mean, a USB chainsaw would be handy to have around the office, I just question it being a real product. Because $60 sounds a little too good to be true. And with the amount of dead hookers yours truly The Superficial Writer The IWatchStuff Writer disposes of on a weekly basis, this thing would practically pay for itself (but not literally so we'd still have to sell drugs).

UPDATE: Unsurprisingly fake. Thanks to reader Owen who pre-ordered and received this email:


We love that you liked the i.Saw enough to pre-order.

Truth is, you already own a chainsaw. Your keyboard.

Help save more trees by cutting down on unnecessary printing. Download
PaperCut, a free application that plays the sound of a chainsaw each
time you press Ctrl-P.

Questionable video after the jump.


Thanks to David and Ste, who are holding out for the USB Jaws Of Life.

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For destroying those pesky porno viruses?





do not click my name

Seriously, who would use a pc and a chainsaw at the same time....
Daisy, this is surely photoshopped ain't it?


Another firstarded brutefag? When will you idiots give up?


Bill Gates.

Why? really? Why?

I mean that's cool ans all, but why?

I can't see this as a real product... I see no good coming from it. That being said... I love it! Lol. Speak softly but carry a portable USB powered chainsaw in your man purse.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was chating with Baja's dad about the proper disposal of dead hookers. Pop's says that hooker meal is an important part of the soil in thir garden and lawn. He cautioned Max that the chipper uses regular gas, and the chainsaw uses 2 stroke. If you mix them up you are in trouble. He also mentioned that you should never use an electric chainsaw because they lack the torque necessary to grind through pelvic bones, and also if theres a power outage at an inopportune moment you're in trouble.

They then set to work on a bleach mister to pump cleansing bleach vapor through the wood chipper, and bleach soaked logs to remove any pesky chemical evidence from the chipper and chainsaw blades.

nothing good can come from this.....why would you put your mac at risk? If it was a PC, I would understand......but that's a new MBPro!

iAM really sick and tired of all the products starting with the lowercase i. iT really brings my piss to a boil.


Ya, considering how much you pay for a heap of junk that is the Mac...


Ya, considering how much you pay for a heap of junk that is the Mac...

Right. Heap of junk...
PCs are $499 now...
$499 straight to the trash.
I'd rather pay $999 if it's worth it.
And it is.

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@13, I was once a devoted PC user, but then I saw the light. After being a mac user for almost a year now, it makes so much more sense. PCs are garbage.



Perfect for slicing my sammich.


If I was given a Mac as a gift I wouldn't even open the package, just throw the damn thing on eBay...

@16, people say PCs are garbage when they mean Windows. The OS determines it, not the platform.

I'm still trying to think of a situation where I need a chainsaw so close to a computer. I guess you could shred documents with it.


Everyone laughed at me when I bought that office in the woods.

They said "Why the hell would you have your office in the middle of the woods!! Think about it!! What would you do if a log falls down?"

Now I know. Now I know.

This would look great on my desk, DO WANT

@12 ditto. iDIOT culture. PCs & Mac - bother great machines if you know how the hell to use them full round. I've worked on PCs all my life & rarely have problems, but I am an IT tech so......

@20 good point

Macs - it's the users most people can't stand once they're sucked into iWorld, not the machines

Awesome! I cannot tell you how many times I have been sitting at my desk when a herd of zombies crash through the window. My first though is always, "I wish I had an easily accessible chainsaw that could be powered with this spare USB adapter."


You're the one with the... candy... shell

I like my candy shell STOMPY & so do you mmMmmmm

PCs are just fine if you know how to use them, clean them etc. Now if you're looking for something that doesn't end up virus ridden from your pornographic curiousity then I would suggest sticking to a MAC. Both are capable of the same tasks


@26 indeed, all my dirty porn is virus clean

Has anyone noticed that the USB port on the chainsaw is the wrong type? Shouldn't be the more square Type-B tip or a mini-USB B tip?
And the problems with Macs are the users I made the switch to mac 2 years ago and my friends informed me the other day that I won't shut the hell up about macs now. Witch is true. The cult of mac is almost as bad as scientology...

@20, have you seen PC laptops? Compaq, Dell, Gateway etc....ew

@30 - First off... compaq and gateway make horrible computers and you can't put that fault on the OS. Dell's XPS series is a good off the shelf laptop, I have a toshiba that runs great, plays all my games and has never crashed on me even with vista. The difference between PC and MAC users is that a PC user with experience will custom order or build his own and a MAC user wants something they never have to fix, think about or upgrade. Off the shelf MAC has a slight advantage, but look at Alienware and your friends custom PC laptops before saying something that you buy off a rack at Walmart is what represents all PCs...

@31, I'm not one of those in-your-face, Mac enthusiasts. Whatever you choose to do your computing on is fine with me. I'm just saying in my personal experience, no one should knock the Mac OS until they've given it an honest try for themselves.

iSaw????....no it would be an EyeSore on my desk!

Man, if only it were real. Shame it isn't (USB-powered, that is)

If you spend 90% of your day playing graphically intense video games, like me, then a mac is one of the worst choices. And Macs aren't immune to viruses, it's simply that there aren't as many people out there targeting macs.


1. That's not something I'd readily admit to the crowd that frequents these comment sections.

2. Actually, you're wrong. I can bootcamp into Windows with a press of a button if I so choose to do so. There are countless articles that show that Windows XP/Vista actually run BETTER on Mac hardware than a PC with equivalent hardware specs.

3. You are right, a Mac isn't "immune" to getting a virus, and actually, no one here said or used the word "immune" except you, nor implied it. However, don't think lower market share has much of an affect on the OS vulnerabilities. it's better security (built in, mind you. I didn't have to buy a separate third party program suite), and a more solid OS all around.

I'm still gonna hold out the the usb plugged-in shotgun. The chainsaw will just have to do as a back up.

oh noes ! my wood!

Notice how when the woman goes to cut both objects with the saw, there is no USB cable anywhere. Furthermore, the camera closes in to a tight shot of a chain saw cutting the objects right before we see the same action be performed in the wider shot preceding it.

I call fake.

Troll detected - everytime they cut something you don't see that it's cut with that chainsaw and only see the blade.

But if it's real it's cool. Gonna carry it around with my Laptop and if someone attacks me I make use of "plug and pray"!

It's fake... click the 'find out why preorder is closed' button... It's just about being green

HUUUR DUUURRRR "I'm a Mac,and I do...","I'm a PC,and I dont..." DERRRP

I don't actually see much of the difference between macs and pcs. both are good OS's directed to a diffrent public. I like the PC because by years of using the Mac it always felt like I had my arms sawed off when it came to customizing and to handle 100% of the OS capacity,and I got off that feeling after using Windows XP (vista sucks),but that's just me.

what I always bitched of Apple is that those faggots initiated that silly war of "mac VS pc" with their faggot-im-cool-and-slick mascot. and so on,noone can never talk about a mac/pc/anything-to-do-with-computers without bringing that competition on.

PC sucks? awright. Mac sucks? awright. Is a personal opinion.

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