Jul 17 2009Guy Gets Palm Pre Tattoo To Win Free Phone

Some jackass went and got a Palm Pre tattoo on his arm in an attempt to win a free phone. Wow, I don't even know what to say. Except, ZOMG -- I'm getting a Ferrari tat!


Thanks to Brian, the actual tattoo artist, for at least giving the man a good looking Pre.

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What an effin IDIOT!

shits weak

The is the coolest. I'm going to get a tat of my Apple IIe.

Now this is a tattoo!!!!

What a douche. He's going to pay 3 times the cost of the phone to have that damn thing removed....

urafag, go now and die

@the guy getting the tatto
urafag, go now and die

you see that, brutefags are just as lame as this guy

I agree

Not worth it at all...

What's he going to do in 3 years when the Pre is obsolete, and he's stuck with this stupid tattoo of some old phone on his arm?

Also, yes, #4, you are a huge loser.

Why not just use the money you spent on that dumb ass Tattoo to pay for the phone...?

Anyway I could get a tattoo of your mom? Yeah your mom!! No not you, buy you!!

@9 Excellent point.

I have a couple of tats and they mean something to me. In three years time, when the phone is obsolete, he will very much regret getting that.

I have it on good authority that he didn't pay for the tattoo...

Anyone who is stupid enough to get a tatoo deserves to die. There is no reason for getting a tattoo, only losers do that with low self confidence. Anyone trying to convince themselves others is a moron. Anyone who stopped reading this fake post and my efforts to stir up trouble to start yelling at me in another post is an homofagsapian.

I have ten tattoos and I don't regret any of them. Close minded conservatives like you are what makes the world a boring place. Go be a jerk somewhere else.

haha, stumpy...

so, uh, did this guy even win a phone?


Re-read the post dipshit.

ahh, but seriously folks, everyone knows that tattoos are the gateway to drugs and sex and booze and more sex...

@15... yes he did.


That's why I have two. Come here booze! It's your lucky day!

you know its funny, these people they go to sleep, they think everythings fine everythings great, they wake up the next day and they have a phone tattoo'd on them...

god what a freaking idiot

it looks so bad...

why isn't this tagged "idiot moron"???

STOMPY hehehe
@22 good point


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max went to pick up his new car, and found the dealer gave him the wrong one. The salesman made him take the new one, because they already crushed up his old car. The sales guy said - If you think you hate it now, wait till you drive it.

I don't regret my ink either, but this one...I think I would.


Should this guy make a movie about his awesome life, i say Danny McBride.

Wow...words cannot even express the idiocy of this action.

I say - FAKE. Gotta be part of a Viral Marketing type campaign that all corporations are so in love with right now.


I could believe this is fake b/c yes viral marketing is cheaper and more effective than traditional advertising but uhhh yeah there are those types of people "idiot moron"

been waiting to say this for a long time! WHY!!

i'm gona get vajayjay tatted on my stomach. SCORE

Eat shit Bakefishy

@32 WTF did I do?
Im sure this guy will regret getting this tattoo in a few years...


Wouldn't it have been cheaper to just buy the effin phone than to buy that stupid tattoo.. I can see him now explaining that one to everyone... idiot.

any dumber and he'd have had it tattooed onto his forehead instead of his arm.

I'm the owner of Lucky Monkey Tattoo - and I can confirm the tattoo is 100% real - no fakery!

None of this is fake! Anyone who thinks so has never been to a tattoo shop, or has seen a tattoo getting done! If you look at the video, there is no doubt that the tattoo is real!! But yes, I would question the intelligence of the guy getting it! LOL

@ 33

You KNOW what you did....you brutefagged. Even after you were warned!

@ 17

So STOMPY, does this mean that if I get a tattoo that I will finally have sex?

This is the most boring tattoo video I've ever seen. He just looks at the camera every now and again and raises his eyebrows. Where's the excitement. If I were Palm I wouldn't give him shit. Psyche, you are a fag!! muahahaha!

@ 38 Its cuz I put my brute up on here? I didnt get any warning and if thats what its for then whats wrong with #4 or #25 doing it?

Also i got a tattoo of man meat on my arm.....well.....

First palm pre tatto? hes planning on getting more? Whatever floats your boat. And what the flack. He lives like 2 towns away. im going to have to move again before teh stupid migrates this way.

@26 tbh it could either go apatow with vaguely witty banter mixed with drug abuse and 30+ "teenagers" or go michael bay with slow motion montage/pan from a low angle with shit music. though i'm not sure how bay could stereotype african americans in a tattoo genre unless he showed it not coming out quite right and only in black and white

Um, the Palm Pre is $200. How much did the tattoo cost?

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