Jul 21 2009Finish Him!: Little Kid Versus Clone Trooper

This is a video of a unisex little kid beating a clone trooper in the head with a fake lightsaber. It's pretty much the awesomest thing I've seen all day minus my neighbor taking a naked shower with the garden hose. He's hairier than I would have guessed.


Thanks to alex, who once laser blasted a stormtrooper but the beam ricocheted off his armor and now alex has to wear an eyepatch. YAAAR!

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Failed at first


I failed at failing at first!

WTF? Is that your kid?

CLONE TROOPER. Not a storm trooper.

That is clearly a clone trooper, not a stormtrooper. Some people might claim that clone troopers technically are stormtroopers, but they are wrong because everything about the prequels is terrible and must be destroyed.

sorry GW, this sucks, allow me to find something better...


Phenomenal, it will be Huge


I'm sure I'll be seeing that live at least 80 times tommorrow... At the Comic Con bizsnatches!!!


Whippets are cute



man o man, this is fun


oh whats that? you want more....

Wow... There's no "This is clearly fake! The shadows are all wrong! its just like that time in never back down..." comment yet.... The spammer is slow today.

/agree to clone trooper
/agree to sheer awsomeness

I learned that the kid is actualy his friend not his son.

Finish Him? Try finishing this....

Somebody hold Stompy down so I can administer the meds


*Yawn* I can't watch the vid... I'm bored... I'm working later than usual and I want to go home and put on my jammies and paint my toes while yammering to my sister and drinking a cold Pepsi.

#19, just shove the meds up his twat. He'll probably even cooperate.

WHY IN THE F-CK WAS THIS POSTED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

@1 and 2 That's the only "first" I've ever laughed at....

Wait... is he sitting on a dog!?


This is a completephotoshop job. You can tell itsafake becausethe shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie never back down where Max and all his buddies have an assignment to start a fight with anyone, and then lose the fight.

The clone trooper should have made a real fight of it. Snap the kid's neck! Hahahaha,...ouch.....my soul hurts.

The Force is strong with that one.



Is anyone else under the distinct impression that that child is being raised by two homosexual men?

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