Jul 20 2009EATR Robot NOT Designed To Eat Dead Bodies, Or, How A Company Backpedals


Cyclone Power Technologies, the company behind the Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot (EATR), denies that it was designed to dine on human corpses. Obviously, they're lying through their oil-stained, robot loving teeth.

"We completely understand the public's concern about futuristic robots feeding on the human population, but that is not our mission," said Harry Schoell, CEO of Cyclone Power Technologies. "We are focused on demonstrating that our engines can create usable, green power from plentiful, renewable plant matter."

Let me tell you a little personal story: I used to be vegetarian. Now I eat the hell out of some meat. Draw your own conclusion.

Darpa's Self-Feeding Sentry Robot is Not a Man-Eater, Company Protests

Thanks to Rodger and Charles, who know what the future holds because they both have crystal balls. Be careful bicycling, guys.

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I think it means GW is a cannibal.

why does everyone gotta make fun of my hunch

by the way, great twillight pic a few posts ago GFS, shot fruit loops through my nose.

As far as the post goes, i have a feeling the human resistance will be sending a terminator back to kill this dude, any day now...

And we're gonna believe in a bunch of crazy pro-robo guys?

Two can play this game....I'm going to start eating dead robots.

they said its not designed to...

...not that it cant

does it have the 3 laws implanted?

Sexy Hump!

I want the novelty eagle head and the spare tire.

Mondays without breakfast are hell on earth.

Well, now this is a robot...........


How does it feel being such a douche?


And humans weren't designed to be violent... But we are...

OH god, something smells like fish...

did we ever figure what packbots are and why they need a ramp to this robots arse?

I'm gunna dip meself in oil and go pew pew to avoid death...then, BURN THEM TO THE GROUND

are you drunk or something?

Let me tell you a little personal story: I used eat the hell out of some meat.. Now I am a vegetarian. Draw your own conclusion.

17 - You turned gay?


You found Jebus?

17 - a chihuahua could take you out in a wrestling match?

Hi! I'm one of the engineers working on EATR, and just wanted to let you know that EATR has no ability to deal with proteins - meat - at all. It can only "digest" or process plant material, and it prefers dried out leaves, twigs, and branches-in other words, dead plants. We don't have any way to convert animal parts into energy. You can see more at my blog, http://mrrobot0.blogspot.com. We do appreciate that you found our project interesting.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max found out soylant green was made of people.

@ 21

Hmmm. I thought I would give your blog a try and you know what I discovered? That you smell a lot like a traitor to the human race! I mean have some pride! If you are going to side with the robots in the oncoming war than you need to be honest with yourself. As least transfer your brain to a cyborg body or something. Geez.

yes but what the hell are the packbots?

ıts cool underground

but what does a robot eat for breakfast

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