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Come On, 20!: Small Gallery Of Geeky Cakes


This Dungeons & Dragons themed cake and all the others after the jump (including some Zelda, Wolverine, Mario and Transformer action) were created by DeviantART user cakerific. And cakerific they are! I would even go as far as caketastic. And, as the sign on the door said, "Absolutely no outside food or drink permitted in the bar". OH YEAH, THEN HOW'D I JUST MIX A COCKTAIL IN THE BATHROOM? Sense: I make it.

Hit the jump for five more, all of which would look real good in my stomach right now mingling with the sushi. Well hello Mr. Eel Roll, how are you? Spicy.






Cakerific's DeviantART Page

Thanks to pirhan, sham and Kassandra, who are now responsible for baking me cakes for my birthday next month. AND I get to lick the spatulas.

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