Jul 28 2009Blue Dye May Help After Spinal Injuries


FD&C Blue No. 1, a food dye commonly found in Gatorade and other unnaturally blue consumables, is believe do help prevent cell death after a spinal cord injury. Imagine what Purple No. 3 might do!

[The dye] appears to block a molecule that floods the injury site and kills nerve cells, a team reports in the July 28 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Rats dosed with the dye after injury showed greater improvement in motor skills than rats not receiving the dye. And the food colorant's low toxicity suggests a new approach for treating spinal cord trauma in humans, injuries for which there are few therapies.

"It's not a cure," says neuroscientist Maiken Nedergaard of the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, N.Y., who led the new study. "I don't think that anything can cure this, but for the patient it could be a big improvement."

Blue No. 1 folks, it's the future. Which sucks, because I've been stockpiling Yellow No. 5. Now what am I supposed to do with it all? BESIDES POUR IT INTO THE WATER SUPPLY AND BECOME THIS CITY'S GREATEST LOVER!

Brilliant blue for the spine [sciencenews]

Thanks to dustin and Julian, who only experiment with drugs.

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4001 posts! YAY...

Other than that, I've got nothing. Although I am curious as to whether or not this turns you blue, but I'm not curious enough to actually ask it outright.

So wait.. you're saying if I consume mass amounts of blue #1 my skin and eyes will turn blue? Sign me the fu*k up!

@4 Ollie Williams (ha ha) "He gonna get it!"

if you consume mass amounts of blue #1, probably IN YOUR SPINAL COLUMN, your skin and eyes may turn blue.

So if your eyes turn blue, then you get really stoned, will they look purple?

Wow this is awesome !


Too much blue dye and you will turn blue, grow an atomic symbol on your forehead, flash way too much blue penis and destroy major cities with a bomb you unknowingly created. But only in the movie version. In the graphic novel version giant aliens destroy the cities. But you still walk around with a lot of blue penis.

Yeah, so easy on the blue dye.

Really? I've only ever heard complaints about blue balls.

MUST SEE__>http://brutefagsmustdie.mybrute.com/

@7 Well I hear that the directors cut has 24 extra minutes of blue penis which, IMHO, is a far cry from effective plotting, accurate characterization, and a proper ending involving a giant telepathic squid with a snapping vagina dentata exploding upon teleportation into New York.

Aw, I want a blue rat with a broken back. It's cute.

awww... wook at the wittle piwwows the wats get after their spines are severed!

cuuuuute. They look so relax n' chill.

Lol! I think that was the first mybrute link I've ever actually clicked on this site :P

Also, you don't grow an atomic symbol, you PR guy gives you a helmet with a generic atomic symbol, wanting a symbol with more meaning you burn the "perfect" molecule hydrogen (1 nucleus with 1 orbiting electron) into forehead...

And then spend the rest of the movie waggling your smurf penis at everyone...

Except the giant squid with the vagina mouth, 'cause it isn't in the freakin movie!!!

How far down the rabbit hole do you go if you eat the blue mouse?

purple koolaid/gatorade turns your poo blue

try it before you deny it

Hmmm, I wonder how they go about breaking the rats spines.

@11 I was thinking the same thing!

Damn cute mice..

ROCHESTER NY IS ON THE MAP WHOO!... i thought the lilac festival was the only thing we had goin.. and even that isnt goin.

hey GW...I gotta...cousin, yeah thats right, his name is Vinnie, he can, y'know, take some of that yellow no. 5 off of your hands

they gave it too much ecstasy

When I was younger I used to die my rats with hair dye....

Lol So cute looking

that is one damn cute blue mouse! i wants me a blue mouse!

yay!! u of r yipee!

Soylent Blue #1 is people!!!!!!

All they need to do now is to make it glow in the dark :D

i love how they say "injured rats" like they're doing them a favor now by helping them.

what they actually mean is "the rats that had their spines snapped by our bare hands."

the only conceivable way i can think of someone discovering this is a spinal surgeon who needed thirst quenching to the max STAT.

fd&c blue no. 1 is a known carcinogen. a cancer cell is a cell that is no longer able to die and spreads. blue helps cells damaged cells from dying? at what cost?

blue skin...blue eyes..HELL YEAH BREAK MY BACK AND SIGN ME UP

You've got to wonder though.. how do the mice get the back injuries?

I have to say, it's pretty funny that I've been reading your blog for so long and had no idea you live here AND know my dad.

Wow! Scientist won't be happy until this world is swamped with killer rat, robots, or turn us into zombie-like creatures! See Willard, Terminator and Resident Evil for references...

Where the futaken is Daisy?

@36 she was a fake, photoshopped, you could tell by the pixels...

So, WTF? They break their backs, pump 'em full of blue dye and then just give them some little pillows to drool all over for the rest of their lives? Awesome.

check this out >>

@28 Best point so far. Oh ... you're so keeeewwt!!!! *snap*
Just wait for rainbow color no. 69.......... Awesoooome!

Great! right now we are pretty much f***'d up, damn scientistsfags, they created Mr. ManhattanRat, when he learns how to use their powers there will be some people getting their atoms restructured to be a giant cheddar cheese to fed this minion, SCIENCE HEAR ME, F**K YOU!!!! NOW WE ALL GONA DIE THX TO YOU!!!

Shit, Carlin was right. Blue food does bestow immortality. That's why we weren't given any...and had to create chemists to make us some of our own.


Jimmy Choo Sandals
jimmy choo


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

Thisis exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and BAja visit a candymaker, and Baja tries some experimental gum, against the candymakers orders. She turns blue and plumps, so some midgets roll her to the juicing room.

Smurfs make their comeback!!

I would only have this procedure done if it made me as cute as that blue-tinged mouse.

Ok, I don't want to seem like an idiot here...but do the rats really turn blue like that or is that a photoshop job?

blue his mouse with a blue little window and a blue corvette...da ba dee da ba di do...

I want a white rat/mouse with blue ears/nose/feet. Thank you.


Nicely done.

Can you really turn a RAT blue by feeding it blue die? If so i want a one!!!!

This is exactly the kind of crap thats going to cause the zombie apocalypse... see here ---> http://www.ehow.com/how_5210669_survive-apocalypse-easy-correct-way.html

LAST! (hopefully)

We found the spice!!!! (albeit in liquid form) Screw you Dune and your desert. We have our own supply now.

Vladimir Harkonnen is a twat.


Yes, they turn blue when you stick an IV in them and fill it with blue dye. Click the link and read the original article that the GW butchered.

In other news, when these rodent bastards eventually get 'tested' with some other random chemical to see if it'll cure it's ailments, what happens when one of them mutates and rules the world? Will they drop 'heavy weights' on the lower backs of humans and give us Gatorade IV's to figure out if we can regain some more motor skills than the other human that got crushed by a railcar but didn't get pumped full of Gatorade?

@56 lol! back to basics again good ol' reference to the spice, i liked so much i lol'd plenty :D

Someone has to keep it real.
helping put the geek in geekologie.

Well since we have all seen The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I'm pretty sure that those mice were already aware of the capabilities of blue dye as opposed to red, but they just couldn't tell us! After all, mice ARE the smartest creatures on the planet Earth and we are merely experiments to them.

so there are scientist breaking cute little mice's backs and putting blue die on them.

@60, who puts in the ologie?

This dye is also in M&M's and Skittles (taste GFS's rainbow, I hear it's delicious). So if you are eating and incredible amount and someone scoffs you just tell them that your spine can beat their spine in a breaking contest.

Oh this is so mean! and those aren't pillows, they are just a stack of disposable plastic trays you use for measuring chemicals on electronic balances.


i'd quite like to turn blue temporarily.

oooh better yet, how about robert pattinson as a blue vampire? that'd be way hot.

?! the mice will rise up eventually

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