Jun 9 2009Will Future Ovens Cook With Lasers? (Yes)

laser oven.jpg

Electrolux just ran another one of their harebrained design competitions and this laser-powered oven created by Ludovic Peperstaete was one of the featured designs. It cooks with pews!

Instead of heating elements or an open flame, food is cooked via 3 harmless lasers that are targeted by the cook. And while a single laser supposedly isn't strong enough to cook food, we all know that crossing two lasers can cook anything from a Thanksgiving turkey to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

I, for one, welcome our pew pew oven overlords. Now, bake me a cake! What do you mean, "there's already a bun in the oven"? I thought we did it in the broiler. WELL THEY'RE TOO CLOSE TOGETHER -- HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?!

Could A Laser Oven Be In Our Future? Pew Pew! [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Damian, who cooks his meals the old fashioned way: by leaving it to a woman.

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Que pew pew pew.

wow and i was first, Ive always wanted to do that!

This is why we have Cancer.

I clicked the geekologie link on the dr who post and this new post popped up leading me to believe that when you die you want to be cremated by lasers.

"picture every molecule in your body simultaniously exploding atthe speed of light"

@4 sadly you're no better then the douches that failed in front of you

I love lasers (especially 125mW ones) but I think I'll stick with conventional cooking. IF the meat Jeff Goldblum ate after transporting it before he was the fly didn't taste funny I'd reconsider, but that wasn't the case & look what happened to him later on


@8 look at @1 durrr


Because everthing is better with lasers!

I've been cooking with lazers for quite a while now.

Lazer beams from my eyes. Although it can be hazardous when craving popcorn while watching a movie. I've burned out a few TV sets that way.

Pew Pew Pew!!!!

Dammit, Ray, what'd you do?

@1 - NO!!!


@10 - Naas knew what you meant and he meant what he said durr

i have started a geekologie appriciation society on linked in, so if you want to join to give praise the the wonderful website then come on in! also, if your work bans thia site then we can freely insult each other there while under the guise of working!

Hmm, looks like robot trickery to me...

@14 who are you his mentor? its cute that you stick up for your buddy, real cute

Not as cute as when I shove my fist up your arse all the way to my elbow

@15 you should consider a 'better education for a better world' since spelling isn't your strong point

We're also happy here insulting each other when we're not being good mentors, so thanks for the invite but we'll praise geekologie right here

Que epeen stroking all around

some people find that quite nice actually

when did it get all violent on the comments?

@19 dude with a name like naas your mum should have got a better education

"Harmless lasers"? No such thing!


Let's just get off the subjects of mom's, cause I just got off yours...


Must See!!!



stompy you british?

@19 I tell her that everyday, believe me - answering to the name 'naas' is tough & a sign of failing society

STOMPYS mom on the other hand, is another story hehehe

ha ha ha your a funny guy, seroiusdly

Damn I meant @22, not myself.. serious misfire right there I tell ya


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back down where Max was standing behind BA as he told Hannibal that he wasn't flying in no airplane, and max stuck him with a sedative injection, and then they got him on the plane as he slept.

There a similar device being advertised on television. This one uses laser technology. This does not sound very safe.

Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:


The game takes less than 5 minutes to play!

No, but I wish I were irish or had a really thick cockney accent. I effing love the way the swear. From now on we should use cockney rhyming...

Now if you don't mind I got some J.Arthur to get too...


Today. Satisfied?

Is it just me, or when looking at this, I immediately think of the oven in Back to the Future II where they put the little pizza in, and it comes out regular sized. God damn you future, where are you on that one? Get your act together.

@Nick Bacon - The sad thing is you are using your real name on forums and surprisingly expect that others here do the same. Naas > You

@ ALL of you Mybrute fagtards... nobody cares. Play a real game... hell play a card game. Play with yourself... but quit linking your trash in forums. damn... little shits

I ♥ my fellow geekologie commenters & this channel, you bring me back here everyday

Normally I laugh at GW's comments, but today you guys have outshined the master.

God, I gotta stop smoking this sh*t. I can't stop laughing.


"And while a single laser supposedly isn't strong enough to cook food, we all know that crossing two lasers can cook anything from a Thanksgiving turkey to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man."

Uh yeah, we all knew that... crossing two lasers can cook anything.

I mean I totally did, I don't know about you guys.

@39 Well as far as you don't cross the plasma rays like Ghostbusters...never cross the plasma rays....

I wish I had this in the holocaust, it would have left no evidence.

@1 you're a dick
@4 you're a dick
@15 you're a dick
@17 you're a dick
@21 you're a dick
@26 you're a dick

I don't know about micro-wave- or laser-cooking,is that healthy cooking?

Give me the old fashioned way of cooking.Fire made from wood.My girls like to cut the wood in the forest and carry it on the shoulders all the way home!


Again, the easiest way to tell someone is imposterizing me is when they post racist comments. Just ask McGloin. Wait.....CHRIS SALVADOR is McGloin! McGloin likes faggy bike lights! I knew it.

Must See!!!



Nick Bacon - at least you didn't come back spamming the boards with your lame ads. Still, you've known for months that this comments section has sharp edges. Quit bitching when you cut yourself on them.

@46: i think you're sooooooo cool. wanna have my babies? i'm not allowed them anymore.

Naas is a great name, very strong. It's the name of one of our all-time greatest rugby heroes. Get some respect if you don't want a PK upside your ignorant head.

Interesting mode to cook........ with laser! great job Electrolux

"What do you mean, "there's already a bun in the oven"? I thought we did it in the broiler. WELL THEY'RE TOO CLOSE TOGETHER -- HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?!"

I think I'm falling in love with you... hahaha.

That was some funny shit. Will you please go teach Fich how to be funny again?

Great post. Thanks for Electrolux news and products strategies

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