Jun 12 2009Weird Gel Remote Lays Limp When Not In Use

limp remote.jpg

This conceptual gel remote from Panasonic lays limp when not in use, pulsating with a soft light. But when its sensors detect a hand coming, it stiffens, ready for action!

Constructed of a soft, flesh-like gel, the remote appears cold when off. Once turned on, however, it seems to come to life. A soft light emanates somewhere from within as the center of the device begins to slowly rise and fall, mimicking the tranquil motions of breath. Left undisturbed, the remote will slumber peacefully. But should a human hand approach, sensors inside alert it to the imminent touch. It stops breathing, grows rigid - the light from within is extinguished.

Wow, congratulations on the world's creepiest remote, Panasonic. Limp when not in use, rigid when you touch it -- doesn't that remind you of something else? No? Me neither.

Strange Gel Remote Concept by Panasonic [cubeme]

Thanks Anothony, but put that away. You can't change the channel with that.

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Que refresh faster?


flacid remote... jsut what we need

This lame dildo remote pushed PewPew girl from the top?!! Damnit,, now i gotta scroll down to finish.

so when is the porn industry gonna get the rights to this tech...


screw the porn industry (pun intended) the medical industry would totally fix E.D. with this

Grandpa: hey Ethel, Look what i can do!

why? seems like theres no point


ready for action

read for action?

Does it "come" in different colors?

And if so, would the black ones be bigger?

They'll at least be cheaper, I bet.


And who, exactly, is the target audience for this dildo remote? Is there a demand for fleshy, flaccid dildo remotes that I am completely unaware of? And if one buys this "interesting" remote, does it come with a special latex soap?

Click away, dildo remote, click away.


Thats hilarious

haha, that's pretty cool.

They should introduce this technology to the dildo industry.


Who the hell was flipping channels one day, thinking "I sure do wish my remote could get a boner"???

lol i wanna poke it.

Makes guys who refuse to give up the remote that much more suspicious... and girls changing the channel that much more attractive. Rawr!

I think it reminds me of penis.

So, it gets hard when you actually try to use it. Doesn't that mean that, by the time you pick it up, it is exactly like any other remote? And by that, I mean a potential dildo. I guess the whole allure of this is that it looks limp and breathes when you aren't touching it. Oh, so it is EXACTLY like a penis.


They already have artificial stuff to fix E.D. My GF is an ICU manager at a big hospital and they see them all of the time. Fake PogoSticks are installed on old men all of the time. When they wanna Pew Pew, they just hit a lil hidden button under their skin and "Shazaaaaam" a pocket rocket in full effect.

Now, does this infact make them Robots? Are Cyborgs in the same category as Robots? That's for me to blow their heads off with a shotgun in the appocalypse, and you to find out...

As long as it uses a tissue, and stays out of my little blue pill supply, we'll have no problems.


There is no way you can watch a porno using this remote! No way at all.

Does it spit warm fluid at you when you hit a series of "happy" buttons?

So do I...... I lay limp when not in use

what would your grandmother say?!?!?!

when people talk to me i freeze up. the only way i can ever express myself is through the use of text on the interwebs. pleae help me. please? PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSE????


Probably, "Who are you?" Or, "Get out of my house!" Or, "Stop eating my pills!"

But seeing that she's dead, there'll be nothing coming from that bitches mouth.

Thank God!

I'm sorry.

I meant bitch's not bitches.

@9 - Why cheaper?

Black is usually considered the generic version. Or at least that's been my POV. I'm really cheap. I notice these things. Like PS2 controllers, or remote controls in general. Or go to a Wal-mart kitchen appliance section.

It's like going to your local ghetto to find a prostitute. Sure, you can find a white girl to give you a hand job. But it'll be hard to do and she'll charge you at least $20. On the other hand (no pun intended) they'll be a black girl on every corner willing to charge you only $10.

Someone has been watching Cronenbergs "Existenz" too much!

Looks like a Matthew Barney creation.

Well, at least you'll know when it needs new batteries. "Honey! Do we have an AAs? Yeah, the clicker's flaccid."


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck down where Max molded a copy of his hand and painted it realastically and stuck it out his sleeve, and then at work he "accidentally" cut it off with a paper cutter. Baja saw this and fainted, hitting her head and causing brain damage. However she really didn't use her brain all that much so it wasn't a big deal.

@28 exactly what @30 said cept she isn't dead & she'd be firing a gun at me between those questions

I'll never understand why people get excited or even interested by "conceptual" items. It doesn't exist, there's no prototype, it's just an idea that someone had and made a mockup graphic of.

Once you accept that standard, I'm always surprised why the feature lists are so lean. Why not say it'll shoot lasers, dispense beer, and pleasure you sexually also? it's all just made up, so why not really make up some good stuff?

That thing looks like a rice cake!

Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:


The game takes less than 5 minutes to play!

I can't find any more info on this, other than just a few more people making penis jokes haha! It cant be real, can it?

If it stays hard for more than six hours, do you have to take it to the hospital? Or...return it to best buy?


I literally LOLed when it said limp when not in use but stiffens when touched

I've always wanted to have a vibrating TV remote in my asshole.

Sounds like some women I've known.


SnooPINGAS usual I see, Panasonic.

Is that a remote in your pocket or are you just happy to se.... oh it's a remote.

Must See!!!



That's awesome,but what's the use of this technology? It should stay limp for the best ergonomic performance.

What happens if you use it too much? Does it still work if you touch it and doesn't get hard?

@9 HA HA HA HA .

Why is that a good idea????

Hey! I've seen this before, in that creepy and inaccurate movie by Jude Law, where the game controller was something fleshy plugged into your spine. well I certainly hope that ain't the era we're approaching.

Hey! I've seen this before, in that creepy and inaccurate movie by Jude Law, eXistenZ, where the game controller was something fleshy plugged into your spine. well I certainly hope that ain't the era we're approaching.

Completely pointless.........still......it did make GRAMMARNAZI hot to trot.

as i was reading what the GW wrote i was like "hey this looks cool, must be sweet to have this gelly remoto" but then i thought twice about what he wrote and came to my senses. but still i think this gel remote is awsome, but trully pointless though.


Soon the gonna make the dildo vibrator remote....

how did racist jokes come in to play here?
make penis jokes, fine.
but bringing race into something THIS unrelated to it was very ignorant.
especially you, 33.

just like my penis!

Totally shopped, you can tell by looking at the pixels. Also, the shadows are all wrong.


after you use it do u have to wait some time before it works again? lmfao

OMg no way dude, Meh do wantz!


This is a good solution being applied to the wrong problem. Think harder.

Woah, incredible.

I don't find it creepy at all. I'd love it if all my gadgets showed signs of life.

hmm... kinky. lol

hahahaha it is so soft seems

At least evil brothers/sisters will think twice before stealing the remote :p

Who needs Viagra anymore?..............

What a waste of batteries.

Need one

If it's one thing geeks are familiar with, it's flaccid objects. Unless of course they announce a new Star Wars movie, or Apple announce a new iPhone - then you know what happens.

I really want one of those, I don't think the novelty would ever ware off.

looks more like a dildo than a remote.


kinda super old, i read about this a few years back in Adbuster, it's supposedly meant to emuate a persons skin so you become aware of the energy it takes to keep it going, like a 'green' thing.
also i'm not saying old like 'f-u GW' more like i wish you heard of it sooner :P

What's the point of this anyway? With loads of couch potatoes lounging around, it'll never get a chance to get flaccid.

Seriously? I mean.... what is the target audience for this? I'm pretty sure not all t.v watchers long for a remote that mimics having a dick in your hand, sitting on your table, helping grandma watch the price is right, I could be wrong. I'm just saying.

SHOPPED! That is shopped! It's photoshoped! I can tell! Because of the pixels! They don't lie, no siree! And! And the shadows. Yep. The pixels and the shadows. That's how you can tell! It's definitely shopped. Oh this thing is SO shopped. I know, I can tell, cause I'm shopped. Trust me, this comment section is probably all shopped too. SHOPPED!

Wow, # 81, I love it. My buddy hates when people say that too, and I find it so funny! I got more of a laugh at that than the actual picture!


Totally Awesome, I want one!!

I don't know ow well that would market for the typical remote warrior.

What about little kids? do you have to put this in a nightstand drawer when their around? "No, no don't touch that, that's mommies special grown up remote" looks a little pedobearish to me:P

Something else to have to find. The dog would go crazy with this one!

uuuh trashy stuff where can i get it!?!

This is quite possibly the most worthless thing I have ever seen yet I would still buy it because it's cool as hell.

This is so stupid, the people who invented this must have had a really sad childhood.

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a lamp has needs too :)

I am so stupid

Like my penis

What a useless gadget.

I want one!!

"This conceptual gel remote from Panasonic lays limp when not in use, pulsating with a soft light. But when its sensors detect a hand coming, it stiffens, ready for action!"

i wonder where this got that concept from hmmmmmmm.......guys just thinking where the junk and not their head as always. hahaha

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