Jun 7 2009The Aliens Are Coming: Sheep In A Circle


This is a picture of sheep in Herefordshire, England forming a perfect circle all by themselves because the aliens are coming. And aliens, at least according to science, hate circles. Some people believe the shape was created by a farmer dropping feed in a circular pattern, but those people are crazy.

Photographer Russell Bird, who captured the amazing scene, said:"I was quite taken aback. I couldn't believe what I was seeing," he said.

Bizarrely, he then spotted another circle three fields away, but was unable to take a picture with both "formations" lasting around 10 minutes before dispersing.

Estate agent Mr Bird added of the scene in Kington, Herefordshire: "They moved around inside and were almost filling the gaps in.

"The only reason this circle came to an end was that the farmer came in with a tractor and some food."

Did you read that? If you answered, "No, I was too busy digging my tinfoil helmet out of the hall closet", congratulations, there may be hope for you yet.

Forget crop circles - now we've got a mysterious SHEEP circle [mailonline]

Thanks to naas, who's smart enough to keep a roll of industrial strength duct tape by the bedside.

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Reader Comments

i wonder how the cows are doing... maybe if they form a pentagram i will be a believer.

hahahaha, I don't beli.... YES I DO BELIEVE IT

Damn farmer he just interrupted the annual sheep orgy fest...the sheep must be really pissed off.

@3 I missed you while I was there, you lucky bastard

Of course. It all comes together. Crop circles. Sheep circles. DOUGHNUT DAY!! We're being invaded by aliens with a hole fetish!!

@4 You couldnt recognize me anyway, i was the guy dressed as spiderman handing out tissues in front of softbank in akihabara

It's the return of Sheep Druidism, I've seen it before; they'll be sacrificing small human children soon.

Either that, or they're planning to get back at the mint sauce companies for making them so delicious.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong. This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where MAx was partnered with an alien named Sam Francisco. After a particularly bad day Max and Sam got drunk, Max on booze, and Sam on spoiled milk.

ever seen a ufo before?

a pig named Babe talked to them politely to form this nice circle here.

mmm! sheep circles

Idiots. The farmer clearly chooses to put down feed in a circle.

WHYYYYYYY did you take something from The Mail Online? Everyone who reads the Daily Mail is a douchebag. Bad move, GW! I was all ready to give you my innocence, too.

@ 13

First, why not? Sheep circles are f*cking hilarious. Second, we all know you lost your "innocence" 3 months ago in a back of a Winnebago.

Thanks naas. Now I want a gyro.

Stupid sheep. Can't spell worth a piss.

@12 i was trying to find if someone was able to come to the same conclusion as I did...

This is cheap lol, not too difficult to do see the trick

I wonder if the sheep behave bAAAAAAd.

Many species of mushrooms grow in ever expanding rings (just like some fungal skin infections). The sheep are likely eating those, and when they have finished eating (10 minutes) they disperse. Sorry, no Aliens.

... hummm WAKE UP!!!!


So long and thanks for all the grass!

Finally, Daisy references a movie that I've actually seen!! Alien-nation FTW!!

This is from a tv series called fringe. Will link to the exact picture for proof. Its a decent show but not real or anything.


I didn't think Ford's hiring anywhere, let alone England.

(Get it? That's a play on Herefordshire. Funny, huh?)

And, BTW, that isn't an outline of a circle. It's clearly an outline of Ukraine.

"forming a perfect circle all by themselves" - Doesn't look that perfect to me. And besides, isn't a circle, by its very definition, a perfect circle.

"he then spotted another circle three fields away, but was unable to take a picture with both "formations" lasting around 10 minutes" - Unable to take a picture in 10 minutes? I guess, if he was stupid enough to fall for this, he was stupid enough to forget how to operate his camera.

Read what bob said. Its a freakin tv show you are all fools.

omg omg omg the end of the world

Pretty amazing! Almost a perfect circle.

Maybe these sheeps have more sensitive feeling for earth energy than those other sheeps so-called humans.

Honestly guys...
They are clearly being controlled by robots. They made a perfect "C" in that photo. It obviously stands for something important. My educated guess is that some rogue robot is trying help us and warn us of the imminent invasion. It's probably the key to our survival. We need start brainstorming possible answers and we need to find out what it means before it's too late.

The "C" could stand for something like "C"aptain or it could be a symbol for something. I personally have no idea what it could mean.

Must See!!!



News flash geniuses: the sheep are being herded, as evidenced by the additional trail of sheep moving between fields. Farmers do this periodically to, you know, move sheep between fields. No aliens required, you just need a spare border collie.

Jon W is trying to distract us from the robots! He must be one of them!
*Picks up torch*
I'll melt you, you stupid hunk of metal! Now, um, where are you?

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