Jun 11 2009Tell Me How This Is Okay: Robots With Guns

This is a four minute video of robots with guns. Some of it is CG, some is real footage, but all of it is a vision of the future. Now watch it and tell me you're cool with it. Because if you can, you're sick. And not 'I've pleasured myself in a cemetery' sick. Even worse.

Robots Firing Guns [wired]

Thanks to Kane, who only asks Santa for dead robots.

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It's not ok GW, there's no argument.... it's simply NOT OK

jeezus, as long as it's not within 100 miles from me it's ok. It's surreal to see robots like that walking around policing 3rd world slums and poor areas, but if the futures going to start later than sooner why not with killer robots

god save us all ...those dammed bastards.......they blew it up.....those damned robotic bastards!!!!

The humanoid robot animation really seemed more like a dystopian anime movie than a commercial. It's as if they took pains to highlight the creepiness and the feeling that the robot soldier might malfunction or gain sentience at any moment.

Just give me the sex bots and a couple of R2s and I'll be happy. This irrational fear of all robots is ridiculous. Killer robots should be feared and never produced. I get that part, GW. But, sexy robots that will jingle my jangle should be made NOW!

I cried

when the robots become our masters, they will have the knowledge to keep us alive for the maximum possible amount of time before we die while inflicting the maximum amount of pain in doing so.

i know i said 'when' but THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN. i don't want to be hurt, i'm very delicate. compared to a metal-skinned, emotion-free harbinger of suffering and retribution!

Well said Shumway, sexbots & unarmed fixbots are okay with me too. The rest can stay the hell out. They wouldn't get past my electromagnetic laser coated shield anyways that I'd firing up during a ropacalypse, once I get a few pretty damn powerful laser pointers anyways

Must See!!!



God I can't wait for the coming Robopocalypse.

I'm going to be badass loner resistance fighter in the wastelands of our old civilization striking out against the machine enemy.



Also I pleasured myself in a cemetery. It was AMAZING.

Hey I'm more than fine with it. More and more military equipment is becoming unmanned. The majority of these are still controlled by humans as well. The idea that they would actually use these in everyday environments within the states is amusing because in all likelihood that would never happen. Nobody is that trusting of AI and even less trusting that some kid wouldn't just hack it and send it on a killing spree.
If you're afraid of this shit then... I don't know... off yourself to avoid it? It's going to happen eventually. The path of least resistance is usually the way people tend to go, and having robots do things you would rather not, fits right in with the american way of life.

GW you should start a section on your site about robot apocalypse to raise awareness!

or a new site altogether, robotapocalypse.com, robocalypse.com, apocabot.com

@11 & GW - I thought I was the only & feel better now. Did either of you bring a shovel and 'get your hands dirty'?



Sex bots? That kinda sounds painful and not in the good way. I would love to have a robot like from the Jetsons, the maid one. Would make my life easier.


Gynoids = yum yum




Great! When does SkyNet become self-aware?

@ 12 is a robot. A big robot that is trying to console us so that we will be caught unawares at the beginning of robopocalypse.

@ 14 Not only did I bring a shovel but I brought a case of lube and a space warmer.

@20 - You caught me...

as long as there is a human at the joystick, it's not that bad. Once you let it off the leash however...

This could be avoided with Asimov's 3 Laws. If not, oh well, there's way too many people on the planet anyhow. Regardless, I still rather have a zombie apocalypse rather than robots.

@23 I don't think the people mounting machine guns on their robots are very interested in said robots following Asimov's 3 Laws, assuming someone were actually able to articulate those laws in some sort of computer program.


aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! were all going tot die

Im just gonna show you guys how i imagine robots with guns should be.
Unfortunately i only made it in CG, but some day i promise it will be a reality!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja built a snowman. Whjen they put the magic hat on it, the snowman came to life like a zombie, and started eating the kids until it looked like a cherry snow cone from all the blood. MAx finally shot its head off with a shotgun, and swore he'd never build another snowman.

this is what they should be monitoring - not stem cell research etc.
im a big tech fan but this stirred me so much i actually commented on it (thats when u knoe something's bad

Robots don't talk,they just do.I might be interested in a couple of these.When is the hunt season going open?

dude its not ok...... its awseom, i need on. attach a paintball gun
die muthafukas die

It all happend before and it will happen again.


Get your shiney, damn robot hands off me!


Right...so these robots are engineered so that humans don't have to kill themselves in a warzone.

Hence, the robots must be armoured and able to survive heavy gunfire.

So, if someone were to create some kind of virus and infect the robots with it, they would essentially have a mechanical army at their command, which would not die when shot.

To summarise - it's only a matter of time now before we are all funked up.

I guess I'm just sick.

As long as Tony Stark is in charge of this sh!t.. im good..

This isn't that big of a deal. We build robots, but we also build an EMP bomb. So the robots won't work. Don't be afraid, be a step ahead.

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