Jun 4 2009Playstation Announces Own Motion Controller

Not to be outdone by XBox's announcement of Project Natal, Playstation brought their own motion controller news to E3. But, unlike Project Natal, which motion captures your entire body, the Playstation version relies on a magic dildo. This is a rather long demonstration of the device presented by two Sony engineers (one nervous, one stoned), so feel free to skip around. But not breakfast, that shit's important.


Thanks to Mister J, who once kicked Mister T's ass in a gold-off.

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Saw this @ E3 on G4, looked awesome

Those two guys are the worst presenters ever... especially the narrator... he sucked. b

look at sony jumping on the bandwagon yet again

but seriously im sure it will be the best out there

the thing about sony is like most typical japanese companies... they dont ever come up with anything original ... but they are quite good at taking exsisting ideas from other companies and improving them.

its actually quite brilliant, nobody has to think anything up... they just gotta fix the flaws in the current design before the originators make a new rev

and that is why japanese makes good stuff....

but they must be careful not to destroy the competition less they have to figure stuff out on their own

just look at the auto industry

@2 so true, after the 1st minute of his presentation he started choking & never really stopped. You could see the anxiety setting in as the seconds pass, clearly doing speeches is not his strong point

didnt the ps2 have a motion controller? why did they have to come up with a different one to "compete"? i thought they had already done it...

i just found out david carridine died... im gonna go weep now

They had to because Microsoft had just made a huge announcement regarding a motion sensing technology that far outclassed what they already had going on, so they had to rush to make a mock-up so they'd also have a large announcement and their stock wouldn't take a nose dive.

It's obvious from just looking at the thing that they just stuck a ping pong ball with an LED in it on top of some sort of controller so that they'd have SOMETHING. I do have to admit, though, that the bow and arrow bit was kinda neat.

With the X Box coming up with the same thing, what we are witnessing is non other thing than the Eight generation of Videgames

I got this two years ago for 200 bucks less...I think its called the Wii.

PS has done nothing but FAIL for the past few years

Damn some ppl are dumb, they said this is just a work in progress!! How can you rip on the way the controller or the graphics of the demos look?

Just analize the idea and think what can come out of it!
IT seems like Nintendo is going to get the rug pullet from under their feet HAHA Microsoft and Sony got better projects under way!

In a couple of years wii will just be a joke "remember that stupid piece of crap wii? lol yeah! i can't believe ppl wore buying that ha!"

NIce...looks risque.

Maybe i can play THE GAME with it?

oh god...

@9, I have a Wii. I play my Wii. Playstation 3 is better. Sorry.

The thing about Nintendo is that while they are genius' at creating new and innovative concepts for gaming, the end up beating that concept to death. For example, they give us the motion-sensing Wii, and now EVERY games (almost) has to use it. Just because we have the capability to swing around our controller and giggle when we see the game respond to our movements doesn't mean that we WANT to stand up and whack off every time we want to accomplish a gaming feat.

Does this mean you can teach your pets to play computer games? Rollover, Play Dead?

Steve Jobs comes down from the rafters in Ultimate Warrior attire to introduce a thought-controlled gaming system ftw.

You are all crazy, I use a joystick with an orange button (used to be red) in the upper left hand side. That's all you need.

Atari FTW!

@16 LOL.

Yes, lets all jump on the Wii bandwagon.

Must See!!!



With motion control for Xbox 360 and PS3, Nintendo better starting focusing on R&D.

Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:


The game takes less than 5 minutes to play!

HAHA! Oh my God. I thought this was a joke video.

This looks so friggin' terrible.
What's the point of it?
The guy just kinda held a bunch of stuff that he didn't even know how to use.

Even the friggin' engineers can't play it! WTF?!

"Yeah. This part is pretty hard."

He was stacking some blocks!

A.) Why should that be difficult?


B.) Why do you need a video game to stack blocks?! Why not just use real blocks?!

@9 are you serious? The Wii Mote is incapable of what they presented for the PS3. Not even close. I don't even think the new Wii Motion Plus is going to be as god as what we just saw. Even if it's as precise, any games modeled after what we just saw are just not even close to fruition.

Hey - this is a totally cool idea. Can anyone who agrees hook up with me on


I'd like to chat with other peeps into Playstations


Teledildonics. The future is now.

Whoa. This is huge.
This is what the wii SHOULD have been. A significant step to blurring the lines between video games and reality.
It's an unwieldy prototype, but if you can see the possibilities down the road... you're in awe like I am.

it is more accurate than the Wiimote and a button is necessary to play any decent game...

Anyone else laugh at his limp-saber? "Hmmm... the force has gone soft with this one."

WOW excellent.
now i want a ps3!

This has many possibilities.Awesome!

I couldn't concentrate on this because of Geekie's comment - one nervous, one stoned. That made ME freaked out, the way the guy stage left, was just making those weird looks out into the crowd...

im going to buy this only if its got an awesome feedback like the vibration for the normal controller but 10 times better, a controller were you have to keep hold of it so much if you swing for example a sword at another sword you have to tighten you're grip on the controller to keep hold of the sword

eventually video games will all be like that one sony cxommercial where the system is nothing but a sphere of light in your hand.

I love how he holds in saying wii every time.
this looks like super wii motion plus they should really make a zelda with this.


What happened to their PlayStation Eye?



This thing works in conjunction with the PSEye.

I think, anyways.

exactly what I was thinking. How are you going to bring a unfinished pos to a huge gaming conference and then not even make it look remotely usable or fun. Just a last ditch effort to try to keep some Sony fan boys from making the jump to the 360. Sonny is dropping the ball.

@21. ur stupid. its called a demo. i like how you attacked the lame part of the video.

@36. if thats wat u wanna call it. u sound like a fanboy urself. the natal is only going to be supporting soft core games like the wii. for almost all experiences u need some sort of button to press. while the ps mc will be able to support first person shooters, real time strategies, and will be great with rpg's as demonstrated. sorry man but your just ignorant

honestly the natal looks good. but if its going to avoid using a controller of some sort, then just go outside cuz u can pretty much do all that in real life.

i dnt know wat wii fans dnt get... but the wii is a piece of shit technology.it advertises motion sensing but wen u play it ur more like wtf, cuz ur dam sword in zelda only follows set movements. same thing with all other wii games

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