Jun 1 2009New Yorker Cover Painted On iPhone

This is a video of Jorge Columbo (not to be confused with Peter Falk) painting the cover of the latest New Yorker, which was created using a $4 iPhone app called Brushes. As you can see, it's okay. Don't get me wrong, I love all hotdog vendors, but I would have gone with Ignatius dressed as a pirate. Paradise Vending FTW? Dunces FTW!

Cover Story: Finger Painting [newyorker]

Thanks to e, who knows the only iPhone app you need is Scramble.

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Deuxième !


Agree with #3 GAY


I stopped listening to music for that? Lame. And hot dogs are grosssssss.

How dare you post such an egregious blasphemy against good taste! You'll be hearing from my lawyers!




Apparently "nass" is coming out of the closet. Be nice, he may be fragile at this time.

Second Worst News Day EVER!

I liked it ;]

Blocked at work, thus it gets a thumbs down.

Wow a video that actually works at work.... Nice

I'm never fragile, and nowhere near the closet either

This is SOOOOOO old Geekologie Writer!


but, the big question is,.....do you own a man-purse?

I don't know anybody who does

I'm willing to bet my paycheque and a bag of peanuts ( thats two bags of peanuts!!! for those doing the math) that no one on here knows who Ignatius is without googling it. Well played geekologie writer...well played I shall now have to rest my valve from all the turmoil you have subjected it to!

I'll take that paycheck, and feed the peanuts to my cockatoo! Reading Geekologie is like riding the wheel of fate, as spun by Fortuna!

Good paint job!

Well done Miss Trixe you vixen the Levy Pant empire!!! The peanuts are yours my dear


you're avoiding the question.

Sometimes you are so late in posting items that it makes me think that you do nothing all day long and make money not not doing stuff.
How do I get your job?

wow, a confederacy of dunces reference? geekologie, i am in love.


Hilarious! I'm reading that book right now.

I read A Confederacy of Dunces, and I absolutely hated it. It was, almost, the worst book ever.

Like it, sort of. Not a fan of New York (the city) but big fan of hotdogs! (please no reference to homosexuality about this comment) That means you GRAMMARNAZI!!!

Must See!!!



Is it just me, or does the guy in the baseball cap look like he's holding up a hooker?

There are so many usefull apps for the Iphone in New York.

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