Jun 9 2009Mountain Dew Is Back With WoW Game Fuel

penis shrinking game fuel.jpg

You may recall a couple years ago when Mountain Dew came out with a special edition Halo-themed soda called Game Fuel. You may also recall It tasting like shit and the Geekologie Writer suing because it made his penis shrink (it was visible before, I swear). Well now they're back with two World of Warcraft inspired game imbibe-ables.

The Horde drink is reddish orange and packed with "a blast of citrus cherry". Nice, guys -- God knows orcs probably love that citrus cherry flavor. The Alliance beverage is blue and "packs a punch of wild fruit flavor". Ironically, so do I. Both drinks are available now and guarantee to be packed with previously unheard of amounts of performance reducing yellow #5. Mmmm.

Official Site

Thanks to PsychoSane13, who can't make up his mind and probably leaning towards psycho. Also, the red drink.

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Reader Comments

Que do the wowdew.


AMG more crack... oh well.

:::Comments Closed:::


The old Mountain Dew bottles used to have a hillbilly with a long beard on it because mountain dew is another name for moonshine.

Now they have orcs and elves.

Not sure where I'm going with this... I'm sure there's some kind of social commentary to be had.

this one made my peepee grow!

* Horde.

I'm torn between the faction that I play and the one with the cute elf chick on the bottle. Don't judge me. Actually I'll probably never really drink either.

World of Warcraft special edition Mountain Dew Bottle = Piss in a bottle for the dedicated WoW player who refuses to leave his/her computer monitor to go to the bathroom.


Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:


The game takes less than 5 minutes to play!

everytime I here somebody talk about W.O.W. my mind goes blurry and all I think about is Leroy.

It will not be better than Baja Blast. It's the best flavor, and well worth the risk of explosive diarrhea...

prizes every 15 minutes?!?!?!?????????????

im sorry but nomatter how fresh it is...mtn dew always tastes kinda flat to me

probly my least favorite soda

dont nun a yall go be insutin ours national drinkin


nom nom


OMFG I decided to check out geekologie while I was grinding in game and I shit you not I creamed myself from excitement. Of course I won't drink it ( faygo only! ) but still I have to have it just bc its WoW themed. I. Am. Lame.

OMFG ----------- grinding ----------- creamed myself from excitement ----------- drink it --eww-- ----------- have to have it ------------- WOW!!!.

At least that's how I read it.

glugluglug *

Now diabetes in a bottle comes in two colors! WOW!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadowe's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max scraped all the goo out of his Baja Voodo doll, and mixed it with urine. He called the concoction baja blast to commemorate his friend Baja.

Wow a perfect match HALO players = fruity drink

ooops LOL...to much dew....i meant WoW....my bad...but it can apply to HALO too

WTF!!! I want my Halo Game Fuel back!

Um, Game fuel for Halo 3 came out way back in the year 2007. That was 2 years ago moron, not last year. And Adam, Baja Blast tastes like your mom's unwashed cooter after a 21-man gangbang. Game Fuel tastes like the ass of a tahitian sun goddess; pure, sweet, glorious nectar. Mmmm.


Sweet he used my tip.

JUST GREAT. Now when I spend the good 16 hours of everyday of every week and month playing WoW I can have the drink to match my low-life personality.

It's a pretty amazing drink,why is hard to get in Europe?

@ 29

Because they have better health restrictions, I guess. Maybe not.


Stupid imposter, CHRIS SALVADOR, seems to think I play WoW. I have better things to do with my time. Like, insult CHRIS SALVADOR and his faggy bike spoke lights. Are you trying to reinvent the pog? I bet you play WoW, because that's what losers do on the internet at 2:26 in the morning. Meanwhile, the rest of us productive citizens are sleeping.

Must See!!!



@ 31.. hi gay

@ 32

Captain, I think this is the first time in a long time you actually made a comment rather than just spam us with mybrute crap. I was kind of expecting something more poetic......oh well.

@ 20 LOL!

LOL @ 10!
I can't even think of WOW anymore with out hearing LEEEEEEEEEERRROOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYY JEEEEENNNNNKIIIIIINNNNSSSS!! That guy rocks!

very good

#8: I play both factions, but I know how you feel. I'm torn between the one that probably tastes decent and the one with the elf chick on the bottle.

They should have called one a health potion and one a mana potion...

halo3 game fuel did not taste like shit... it was the best drink ever made. You my friend are shit... you should be banned for life from all mountain dew products

How to deal with baby burn

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