Jun 10 2009Japan Completes Life-Sized Gundam Statue


Nice Japan, a giant freaking Gundam -- I was tired of living anyways. You know, you're really flirting with fire here. Like that time I tried to make out with a candle and almost set my nacho ablaze.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the mecha anime/manga/toy/video game franchise, this 18-meter-tall (59-foot-tall) RX-78 has been erected.

Fifty points on the Gundam statue will emit light, and mist will shoot out of 14 different points on the statue. The 1/1 scale Gundam boasts a moveable head and a continuous stream of oh-man-this-is-so-damn-cool.

Now I'm not saying this thing is gonna come alive, go rogue, and destroy Japan, but it is, and my schoolgirl panties better ship before it does.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a couple links to massive picture galleries.

gundam 2.jpg

gundam 3.jpg

gundam 4.jpg

Second two links with TONS of pictures.

Enormous Gundam is DONE [kotaku]
Assembled Life Sized RX78 Gundam Part 1
Assembled RX78 Gundam Part 2

Thanks to Grant, Jason, Ryoma, Trin, Julian and Fally, who are currently summoning Godzilla to destroy this monstrosity. Hey, tell him to call me afterward, will you?

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Now THAT one's gonna kill you...

I told you GW really likes robots! He lies!

GW, that's a mecha, not a robot, ZOMG!
This may be the only thing that saves us when the robopocalypse begins.

I saw this guys little clone watching traffic in japan now that I think about it.....


I figured japan loving naas would be nuttin all over this baby...

Pretty sad in the last picture though, looks like only five or so people showed up to see it...

Finally, a formidable opponent for me.

absolutely stompy, indeed

Must See!!!



HA this nothing. I totally would whop it's ass ANY TIME OF THE DAY!


crazy impressive detail

Holy shit i hope it moves.

Yes...finally....Gundam is our only and true savior.///i will see it this weekend...it will take me up in a beam of light...i mean the ultimate PEW PEW pray the lord Gundam...



That would be cool if they also made heavy armor and the other mechz too.

That is just plain badass!


no bullshit, I just jizzed in me pants....

yes, but can it fly?

@20 I believe so, you can see it's gundam rocket pack in the pic link @5

Have no fear. Wait until my life-size Optimus Prime kicks the crap out of this guy.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max had a camaro which was really a robot from outer space. Max asked it why it always got lost when Baja was in the passenger seat, and the robot explained that its sex organs were in the passenger seat, and by driving over a bumpy road he could achieve robo-orgasm.

Holy shit, this is so bad ass, no one even bothered to say "FIRST!"

Holy shit, Matt - hoOOoollly shiiiit

this looks great

Dood, u seemed to like the idea when it was under construction. WTF?

Next will be a 1/1 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Put your toys away and grow up ... sheeeeeeesh ..
Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:


The game takes less than 5 minutes to play!

Gundam has a tiny penis and a square but.

I thought GW would be happy. This is obviously just bait for Godzilla to come out of slumber.

They want him to promote Tokyo for the 2016 Olympics. Which if they get them I am definitely going.

GLADIATOR...put your silly 5 minute games away and grow up. You're starting to look like Japan!

Ahh... so this is how the robot war begins!


What a waste of yen...... lol

i guess by the year 2020 were all gonna have our own mobile suits to pilot and use to fight against the robots....

Must See!!!



oh my good

Very impressive! Good job!

"all hail the robot ove......UM....wow that things pretty cool well i gotta go i um.. have a baby in the overn"

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA W.T.H.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna live in japan dude!!!!!!!

this is going to be great...until we have to nuke it cus OZ has stolen it!


OMFG that's beatiful...

http://efooo.mybrute.com , addictive game!!!!


wow.. that's pretty awesome! but they should've made Voltron instead.. ;-p

Nice... I would like to ride on tehre

Very interesting statue

hmmm i like it. nice

I've never been into Gundam but i have to admit that's pretty cool.

"Green Tokyo" all over the fencing...
And then you see this gigantic war machine.
What's Japanese for paradox?

But hey, glad it's finished.
Hope they make Ultraman next.

NIGHT PHOTOS! Really beautiful:

Photos: Nocturnal Gundam
"After sunset, Tokyo Gundam comes to life."

...because killing you not in your sleep would be too easy.

In Spain there is a Mazinger Z, was build in a condominium named "Mazinger" and so build the "statue" but never the houses http://wtf.microsiervos.com/frikismo/urbanizacion-mazinger-z.html [ES]

Thats sooo cool but, why they dont build an Evangelion while their at it??
It will be another fine excuse (besides the pervert excuses) to visit japan!!

Lol this is The Freedom Statue Tokyo!

WOW , That sure IS a big Garden Gnome!!! awesome!!

they need to make a Zaku to go with it

Oh wow, that looks pretty sexy...
I'd love to see them recreate a Metal Gear Rex or Ray.

yes finally my dreams to become a pilot is gonna be real buys ticket to japan because you know this does more than blow steam and light up its japan they can do anything they are secertly gearing up to take ova the world forget korea and iran we need to bee worried about japan for real

ANG ANGAS NAMAN..!! TAKTENG YAN..!! hahahaha..


Japan, you are the Kings of robots. D:

....does japan think this will steal the 2016 olympics from chicago?

japanese panties!!!

ooooo i can't handle it! its gunna eat us all! well step on us...

It really look great, find more pictures here:

Totally awesome. That thing is huge as hell

AMURO!!! I've been waiting all day to say that somewhere, back to your nerd activities... Oh, and 1:1 scale Commander Char Zaku II, and the winner is....

I'm just going to tell you all this one factoid of truth, making an Iron man suite is nearly impossible to conventinal technologies in the public BUT! The ability to build a Gundam? That is as real as anything in this world and it's very very Very doable! You see public technolgy has issues when it comes to small and powerful but when given a large scale idea, our open technology can create Giants! Just think about it, how hard would it really be? Power? no problem we have varible sizes of reactors to power such a giant exosuite. Human pilot navigation? We had the technolgy for 15 years or more for precise human to robotic mimic protocalls. Armor? we have it!, weapon's? we have it. propulsion for flight? we have it.( though this maybe the most difficult.)
Every technology you would need to create a 60 foot tall Gundam, we have at our disposal and varily the truth behind the idea is that a humanoid mech can react to dangers better than anything our governments have in stock. The ability to fight as a human would against flies.

Great statue btw it almost looks like it could walk away. :-)

Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici..

Dear North Korea,

Screw your nukes. We have GUNDAMS!!!!

-Sincerely Japan-

that gundam looks cool god that must take long to build
im wondering how much it costs it must be a lot of money lol
dame it so cool tho .

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I recently got back from Japan and saw the Gundam. I nearly s**t myself when it turned on. for lack of a better word it is perfect.

It will be also terrible that the Japanese makes the small one.!



Great.. I love gundam so much.
but they must build Wing Zero because it has the best looking Gundam...

This is crazy. I love robots like this one

Dang Japanese are crazy.. their technologies always amazed me

if they made a 1/1 statue of Strike Freedom or Akatsuki then we might just be able to see a real one soon after

wars would be more appealing if soldiers are fighting in them instead of hiding in mud and sniping at each other like cowards at night and spewing napalm at civilians at day now thats putting people's money to good use

Apparently they are got taken down after two months? Is this site right?


I wanted to see it when I went to japan :(

Looks like this statue was destroyed from the earthquake

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