Jun 3 2009Damnit Obama, Accept My Friend Request

obamabook 1.jpg

We've already featured some fake celebrity Facebook pages on Geekologie, so why not the president's? Yes, why not the president's? That's something I ask my self everyday just once a few minutes ago. Also, if you haven't already joined the Geekologie page on Facebook, you are no innovator. You are a laggard. And, if you know anything about the Everett Rogers Diffusion of Innovation theory, that's the worst kind. Now I know what you're thinking, "Holy shit, the Geekologie Writer must have like thirty genius brains", but you're wrong, I have an infinity. Times infinity. Kidding, totally think with my junk.

Hit the jump to see the whole profile, which may or not feature Kim Jong-il riding a missile (it does).

obamabook 1.jpg

obamabook 2.jpg

obamabook 3.jpg

obamabook 4.jpg

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed [slate]

Thanks to Fally, who takes a shot every time I post one of her tips. *sniff* I'm getting all choked up.

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Reader Comments


Damn @1 I thought you were human, what a way to fail yourself.

The facebook page is great btw, and by that I mean the geekologie page

facebook is for poofs.

ah lol yeah im a fan of the GW page love this site first time commenting 4th!(or 5th!)

@4 try sparing yourself from firstardation (worse than zombification) and you'll be warmly welcomed with care & tender things geeky


Welcome to the Geekologie Comment Board. Your firstardedness will not be tolerated. Go die in a fire. NOW!

Yes, try NOT doing what @1 has one

done, not one!

Ha see @4? You've been informed sir

Just not the same anymore...
yes im growing old and frail now, I think its time for lil ole daisy to rest n her bed and wait for the mail man to arrive so i can lecture him about what i did back in the old days..

aahh the old days..

Fake. You can totally tell it isn't Obama. First off, he isn't black. Second, he's standing in the grass, not smoking it.

Damn you, Fake Daisy.

Oh, man I laughed hard!


Facebook, myspace whatever...they are all lame.


@10 Daisy will be back next week, it's vacation season for weeds & flowers

hahaha, very entertaining.

I laughed until I stopped.

This was pretty funny and fun was had on both parties, so no angry comments dammit!! That means you @ 20!!!

@19 F**K YOU

Ya' man, (..wuz busy), sorry you're so distraught 'bout me not being human and all, but you''ll probably get over it.

distraught no, ashamed yes - for you & yes probably

@15 Because Nightfall / Nightbringer101 is an authority on all things Lame!


Well, don't let all those bad feelings bottle up inside of you like that..

You should probably see someone about that.

The most surprising part of the story is that it's the real Barack Obama!

Ya, I strongly dislike facebook--always have & always will.

Facebook is one way you lose your privacy. The more information you provide, the more security you give away.

Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:


The game takes less than 5 minutes to play!

...but I clearly hate mybrute.com more than facebook.

Does TheSuperficial have a page on Facebook?

No clue dude. Does Facebook have a page on Facebook?

This rules. So there.

i have been shunned

Must See!!!



@ 20

No Alex, F**K YOU!! (ahhhh....I feel better, thanks for that)

@all those who told me what to do okay then NOT 32nd ;)

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