Jun 1 2009Boom Shacka Lacka!: The New PSP Go

new psp.jpg

This is the new PSP. It's called the PSP Go. You know, because it's portable. It may or may not come preloaded with porn. Specs? I has them:

* 3.8-inch display (resolution is undisclosed)
* 43 percent lighter than the PSP-3000
* 16GB of Flash storage
* Bluetooth built-in; supports handset tethering and BT headsets
* No UMD drive
* Memory Stick Micro slot
* New Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet and new Metal Gear Solid (!) on the way
* Full PlayStation Network support (movie and TV rentals / purchases)
* Integration with PlayStation 3 (works the same as the PSP-3000 does)
* Sony views each of its products as "10-year lifecycle products," so the PSP "needs to live on."

Well, what do you think? I like the sliding feature, that's not necessary. Also, PSP Go -- really? I hope nobody got paid to come up with that. Because it's stupid. I would have gone with PSP You Can Take It With You.

Sony's PSP Go leaks out before E3, is obviously a go [engadget]

Thanks to obi jwan and Rik, who don't need portable gaming devices because they only play mind games.

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they fecked it up. I'll stick with my 1000.


hell yeah it was first!

still missing a dang 2nd analog stick.. sold my psp-1000 and wont buy this without a 2nd stick... its ok sony, i stlil love you.

isnt "play station portable go" just a tad redundant?

why not just call it the pogo for short

meh... i like my DS lite its like the ultimate retro RPG machine and compatibility to the GBA is still a must (link to the past in the palm of my hands people)

Shacka lacka boom!

Nice GW, very nice. One thing though, I am surprised there's not more memory. Seeing that there's 16GB memory cards for digital cameras you'd think they could triple that on psp

still missing a dang 2nd analog stick.. sold my psp-1000 and wont buy this without a 2nd stick... its ok sony, i stlil love you.


ds lite? fail with a bit of modification, 1 and 2 thousand models can run damn near any system. inclunding the DS. also, WHY NOT SECOND ANALOG STICK!?!

oh, and this is technically the psp 4000. 10th gen will go down well on 4chan. IT'S THE PSP OVER 9000!!!1!

Hey where is the sound up/Down keys? the Video key? dang I hope this is just a prototype... Ill might still get it thought, it will be part of my collection...


i dont care what anyone says, that thing is buuuuuuuutt ugly, butt ugly!!!

WAAAAIT a minute.... where are the volume butand and that stuff!?

they should have made em look like bewbs ..
this aint good ..
i want bewbs
no really i want bewbs ..
bewbs + psp = .. good
yes good
bewbs are good
you got bewbs ?
who really said GW is a guy .. maybe a hot sexy chick with bewbs ..

WAAAAIT a minute.... where are the volume butans and that stuff!?*

this is not the psp 2 this is just a stepping stone before it like the ds lite im guessing the psp 2 will have a two joysticks

Stupidest design ever.


hmmm im not too impressed. and i read somewhere it was going to be over $200 >.<

u guys wanna suckdeep cause it only has one #@$^%#%^ anolog stick so %^$% psp go

I love GW's name for it, I'd totally buy 50 of the finest "PSP You Can Take It With You"

FAKE !! I wonder how many cans of black spray paint were used on that?
And it wasn't Krylon..I can see a lot of runs, drips and uneven paint..
Hint: ..next time use several light coats instead of covering it with black paint.
The right techinque would have made it more realistic...major fail !!!


You fail harder than anyone I've ever seen. You were like 5 minutes late. Go die.

The comments on the engadget site really made sense actually... this is actually kinda like a marketing tool for the new Playstation Store because there is no UMD slots and games have to be downloaded onto it.

I'm sure Sony will bring the real sexy back.

Bring the real sexy back? What have I been smoking?

43 percent lighter? Because Lance Armstrong is going to strap it to his bike? Because kids are going to be taking it down the Appalachian trail in their backpacks? It should weigh 20 pounds, to compete with the Wii. "The New PSP Fit!"


I read about it here:


25 & 26 get a Hoe, they're easier and less hassle.

GW. Instead of giving us specks, plsplspls make a review!

I'm a happy owner of a PSP 1000 and i have never used the UMDs, well, i did, but to make cop... backups, yeh... backups from the rental store :)

idk, i think it looks pretty badass
found out how it works :D

Why am I still awake, and furthermore -still alive....?

"psp go" n*gga please i spanked it to way more better looking robot porn than this. why is r2-d2 giving me the eye? hmmm...dont leave this will be over in a second...(air thrusting)....skeet skeet skeet

where is daisy ?!!

i want it!

todo bale blog

@ 27

You might be onto something. I wouldn't mind a review section where GW reviews games, movies, toys that geeks love (or hate). The only problem is that he would have to buy that stuff, and he is too cheap for that. Did I say cheap? I meant frugal, like a Fraggle.

For füċk's sake, does Sony listen to their füċking consumers??? First of all, the thing is as ugly as a dog's anus. Second, there is no goddamn second analog stick. Third, there is no füċking touchscreen (and because there is no touchscreen, I have to slide the füċker open to use Remote Play and control my media).

Sure, Sony may be saving all these features/functions for a PSP2, but regardless I say FŮĊK YOU SONY ĊŮNTS!!!!!

I agree with Dave, with out two togle sticks they can make I flip out all day like a Swiss army knife it's junk. How hard is it to make a port to plug a ps1 controler!!!!!!!!! The old sega portable did that and you could only by that shit a toy r us!

Must See!!!



is there a release date? XMAS 09?

Must See!!!



@4 "link to the past in the palm of my hands"?

Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays "linking to the past"?

I like to call it "massaging the mastadon." Ladies?? GW??

DSi FTW!! This new PSP looks like crap! Way to treat the loyal customers Sony!

Looks promising.What's the price?

sorry i got to say this again because no one is listening to me 'this is not the psp 2 this is just a stepping stone before it like the ds lite im guessing the psp 2 will have a two joysticks' this psp i believe that it is to see if downloading games will work legally and iron out any problems before the new generations of consoles i like the sliding design its like my mobile i might buy it but not really sure yet


Cute. Now I have an imposter.

Must See!!!



The new PSP GO! Will retail for $249.99 US. We here at Sony do believe that our fan base is uneducated in what they really want in their hand held gaming systems. You may think you want dual analog, but let us assure you that you really don't. You may want some great exclusive PSP titles to play, which we have for you this year a new Madden 10 and Hannah Montana: The Movie! coming out within the next few months!

Also as a matter of convenience to our customers we know how much of a hassle it is to take your fat asses to a store and buy a game so we have made it easier for you by way of removing that terrible ancient technology and replacing it with well, uh.. nothing. We have also effectively cut out the middle man which in turns means we will make more of a profit I mean you will not have to put that cheeseburger down for two minutes or have to find pants that will fit on your fat ass to drive anywhere. You can download all games for a hefty price naked in your own living room!

From all of us here at Sony:


well,no touch screen,no dual sticks im ok with that,built in memory...thank god no more pandoring my stuff,ff7 on psn,thank you god,resident evil,once again thank the lord,just wait ppl sony has a few tricks up their sleaves that they will leave for the release,see you then

I didn't expect a touchscreen but I at least thought that Sony would get the message about the second analog stick.

i think this looks rubbish and is crap and who would buy this

Its FAKE. Or if its not then it sucks. Mostly the bloody design. The old PSP is good.

thats shit its $400
no umd?


it looks nice sony. but the ting about the psp' s it doesnt have a very loud speaker. and they should put in a built in camera. but the psp go looks. iight. sony u should make a site and ask ppl what they want on a psp. so u can put it into consideration. but good job on creating psp' s cause i think it better than a nintendo ds


this is fresh i think the new psp is better than the first time they came out with the psp and the phone like the version of tha psp is cool, fresh ,i would rock this year psp

this is fresh i think the new psp is better than the first time they came out with the psp and the phone like the version of tha psp is cool, fresh ,i would rock this year psp

this is gay i want umd back

fuck umd just give me emulators and the whole nintendo line up of games and i could give a f for "fantastico" for everything

looks nice love the new features

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