Jun 30 2009Blocky Moonwalky: Michael Jackson As LEGO

michael lego.jpg

This is Michael Jackson in LEGO form. And, because I'm actually made of solid gold classiness, I'm not going there. And by there I mean Michael Jackson jokes. And by not going I mean I heard they're going to burn the body so he can be the king of snap and crackle now too. *moonwalks self in crotch*

Michael Jackson - Moonwalk [mocpages]

Thanks to naas, who danced his ass off one time. Literally, both cheeks, gone.

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That's the blackest MJ ever!

might have to whip out the genesis and play some moonwalker. And by genesis i mean my penis

Why won't he just die? 'Cause he's made of plaaaaastic!



They need one for the lean from Smooth Criminal.
Thats awesome.

Michael Jackson as a Lego? Great, now this time the kids get to play with him......

why does this guy hate on good ole mj?
post bad comments on bad video


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadowe's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max hit a golfball into the groundskeepers apartment. They shared a joint and some wine, and the groundskeeper invited himself to swim in Max's pool. Max suggested the pond would be better for him though.

what a bad paintjob, i could do better


lol, I hadn't heard that one about the snap and crackle before. I heard all the other jokes before the poor bastard was cold.

Hmm, anyone else besides me realize that Billy Mays and Michael Jackson where both 50? I think Ole Billy didn't wanna be out done by Jackson so he conked himself in the head -Nod nod- So now we just have to wait for someone to bring out the ole oxyclean Lego figure

Looks like it could be a character from Final Fantasy 7...

They say that celebrity deaths always come in threes, but pitchman Billy Mays just had to throw one in, "ABSOLUTLEY FREE!!""
Rock me...

so r they gna make a white one? Mj r u ok? r u ok? r u ok MJ? xD


Hey any hotties wanna chat call me at 631-708-4240 I will be waiting ^_^

@ Everyone with jokes.

This man is a legend & will never die no matter what decisions he's made or what race he is. He has accomplished more than what any of you douche bags has ever done.

R.I.P. King of Pop a.k.a. Michael Joseph Jackson.

@ me.

I'm a douche and feel the need to validate myself by insulting others for having a sense of humor and not crying over someone they have never personally known. I love you MJ. I wish you could have touched my penis while I was still a child!

No stop motion? This is weak. This is weaker than those movie posters redone with legos from a few weeks ago.

@19 - Just cuz you liked it when MJ fingered you doesn't mean all those leukemia kids did.

its not a real micheal jackson lego until it has enough surgery to got from being black plastic to white playdough

Wow Black Lego Mj SOmebody is sooo in denial

YAY now kids can touch him the same way he touched them well except not sexually............ one down
now if only we could take out the catholic priesthood and the wiggles..........

It looks like James Brown ^_^


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the nose is all wrong.


heeeeee heeeeeEEEEE


i knew that was coming. im glad we're all grown up enough to respect the legendary pop king and make jokes when hes r.i.p. so when all of yall are done being 12 year old little girls maybe you can respect the respected. dumbasses.

@ 28... I think insulting someone by calling them a 12 year old little girl would be in effect you insulting 12 year old litte girls... why don't you just ignore the comments or go find another forum to post on? I wonder if michael jackson actually did have innapropriate relations with your child if you would still defend him as much since he's 'respected' as you put it... point is just STFU asshole!

why does everyone remember MJ for the bad things he did? yea he had issues but he donated a lot of his money to foundations, but NO ONE remembers that, all they remember is the bad things

@ 30... thats true but bad things tend to stand out more especially when it's someone famous I suppose. was just making a point in my earlier post though

@ everyone with the jokes.

There is a line crossed when you make a joke about someone who recently passed away who was a legend that influenced many including myself. I personally admit to saying jokes but now is not the time.. give the guy some respect there's a difference between being a douche and getting girls and being a douche and getting no play, and those of you who make jokes about M.J. now are definitely douche's that get none.

@ everyone with the jokes

Keep it up. I find it very funny.

@ crybaby MJ fans

Where were you when a real talent, Chuck Schuldiner, died? I tell you where. You were busy trying to shove your cocks into children. Now STFU and get of the Geek Pages.


Could the Moonwalk be developed from the Polka?

Skins too dark...

@ 28 & 32

My question to you is why this bothers you so much? Do these comments feel like personal slights? Should we pity him (Michael Jackson), because he is dead or because he died in disgrace? Which is it?

oh yeah, that looks just like him...

Can everyone stop giving a shit about this pedofile, this was xanax/ ambien's greatest contribution to the world.

30 - I know, right? If I donated $2 million to charity and then on the way home raped your 5 year old - you'd totally remember me for the charity donation, right?

Farrah Fawcet's dying wish was to protect the children of the world. It was granted aprrox 10 hours later when MJ died.

@Two point Oh- Blow me bitch boy!

this post could be endless of MJ crybabies vs joke tellers

looks more like jamesbrown but w/e

awesome! But there is one thing misleading, Michael Jackson isnt black, HE'S WHITE YO!! lol

@ 30 & 32

Yeah I totally agree. Remember all the good things Hitler did? But nooooo, all he gets remembered for is the genocide of 11 million people. Sux dude :(

(this is dripping with sarcasm in case no one realizes it)

its about time LEGO melted him down. now the jokes about kids playing with him for a chance will come true.


Hitler was a sensitive man



LOVE MJ, all the haters are just products of the sensational-obsessed media.

@13: already taken care of.

...besides... a lego skeletor is much more closer to the real MJ. Back to the drawing board LEGO. *for shame*

anyone heard elton john's song about MJ?
it's called "Don't let your son go down on me"

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