Jun 29 2009Billy Mays Has Left The Infomercial Set

billy mays.jpg

Billy Mays, a man best known for kicking Vince "Shamwow" Shlomi's ass in a no-holds-barred cagefighting match, died over the weekend following a freak head injury heart blockage. He was 50.

Police said Mays told his wife he didn't feel well when he went to bed Saturday night. Earlier in the day, he said he was hit on the head when his airliner had a rough landing at Tampa Bay's airport.

But the airline said no passengers reported any serious injuries, and Mays himself cheerfully recounted the landing for a local TV station.

Wow, that's pretty scary. Life is short folks, fight stains while you still can.

R.I.P. Billy.

Autopsy planned for TV pitchman Billy Mays [yahoo]

Thanks to everyone who sent this in. Stay clean guys, stay OxiClean.

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Reader Comments

Probably realized that his business was over now that he isn't cleaning MJ's stains off little kids underwear...


No, no it wasn't.

Aw. No more commercials with the bearded guy who seemed like he was always yelling at you to buy his products. D:

RIP Billy Mays. You were an awesome commercial dude.


you are next.... R.I.P

Who cares... he sold half assed products, never changed his friggin clothes and was a narcissistic jackass. Good riddance imo... infomercials fail.

He was huffing orange glo.

Celebrity Deaths are supposed to come in 3s.

Just like Billy Mays to give you 1 extra if you act now!

I'm pouring out a 40 oz of Oxiclean in his honor...

This is for my homey...


I'm a cartoon character, I can't die.


How's the weather?


and go to http://wailea.mybrute.com/

No good time to be 50.

@1 youre an asshole, show some respect. Billy will be missed.

@14 - LOL... sounds like sombody made poor investment choices...

So, is the trifecta complete?


Hey everyone, i got a great idea. Let's pretend like we know these people we see on TV and that they actually make one tiny freakin difference in our lives and say empty hearted that they will be missed, cause in reality they freakin won't to us. He died, that sucks for him and his freinds/family, anyone else should just go join the cheerleading squad cause your BSing yourself into arrogance!


Nope. Need two more.




It's not like I enjoyed him screaming at me during commercial breaks or being intimidated in to buying products, but now things are just so. . . silent.

Also, I'm shocked this isn't a coke related death. I figured OD for sure.

Tim is awesome for making this comic strip:


I loved him, but never felt like we really communicated....

Seems like the same thing that killed Natascha Richardson

Bummer, I'll miss being yelled at to buy silly stuff at 2am!

RIP Billy Mays!

17 - Bitter much?


Sorry, can't show respect from someone who has had no impact on my life whatsoever.

@all - good monday to you!

@19 my size 12 is going straight up your ass when I'm over there if that's real.... For a second I thought that was your mug until I read the 'first' garbage. Yes.... wait, nope - you know I love you but now you're going to be maimed and killed

Billy Mays - WTF is happening to public people these days? Crappy fate my television friend, who's going to sell oxy clean & dd7 now? I heard somewhere before he didn't even like oranges





I almost wish that zine was real. Almost.

If this guy kicks it anytime soon I am going to believe there's a pattern & someone is behind knocking off infomercialists


GFS -> http://lordskout.com/art/stickmad.jpg

@25 - If Billy Mays had no impact whatsoever on your life you wouldn't have taken the time time out of your day to click the links and write your original ignorant comment. It must be sad to live such a lonely, sheltered, pathetic life that you have to write such comments just so you can have some sort of communication with the outside world. How about next time some one dies that supposedly has no impact on your life, you just skip the commenting all together? R.I.P. Billy.


@1 lol
@17 agreed
@19 LOL
@naas I'm size 13 {evil laugh}
@myself what just happened?

ah yes, I forgot one of the golden rules of posting online, there is an infinite sea of saps out their, to try and argue with each one is pointless...

wow, people really getting upset because they think this comment;

Probably realized that his business was over now that he isn't cleaning MJ's stains off little kids underwear...

somehow is way over the top... I've heard a lot worse on this site... People need to grow up.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadiow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where MAx mistook Billy MAys for Willy Mays and ended up buying oxy clean to resell at a baseball memorabilia show.

*sigh* Not even OxiClean can wash away the pain that I feel.



That poor girl. Was she tasty?

That's YOU -on the right, mr. shumways'notgoingtolivemuchlonger. I took your beard & yanked it 1/2 way around your head while sreaming 'NOW WAS IT FUNNY!?' hehehe


You're going to need a bigger stick...figure.

@32 - Wow, sounds like you're reaching from personal emotions. Unless you're related to Billy "Fail" Mays by blood then that post was... well... friggin hillarious. Must really like your infomercials lol.

Is it me or did someone who really hates celebrities get their hands on a Death Note?

I know man, I couldn't find one actually. That was the best I could do in the 4 something minutes I spent looking. I didn't even notice the pony tail until you said something heh


That's no pony tail! It's my nose hair!

Thats not GFS's ponytail. It's Golaiths nose hair.

Looks like Vince wins the pitch off by default.

You will be missed!

@ 55 Haha, hilarious.

how good is oxi-clean at mummification. billy mays will live forever in everyones hearts.

@17, seems to me that you a little jealous, that more people will care about this guys death than yours. OXI-CLEAN!!!

@46, 47 - you uhhh, wanna do 'repeat'?


http://www.whycindywhy.com/?id=kv11gl2nib5sd89v2lx2weiqh7qt...also, i saw a rerun of an oxiclean commercial today and cried like a girl....R.I.P billy...

But wait! There's (no) more!

Rest in peace. May the Mays be with you.

Geekology writer, may be a good idea to not state the cause of death before the autopsy.

54 - He never said the head injury killed him. He said Billy died FOLLOWING a freak head injury - not BECAUSE of...
It's odd that Dirk Diggler would be anal retentive, I would picture you more of a "free spirit"... Keep On Truckin...

@54 again - Also, you're a giant dick. =)


do you always have to follow the words 'gaint dick' with a smilie face,
figured :-o would be more suitable.

@4: Just wait a couple months...

@ 8 lol

and, they don't know what the cause of death is yet... it MAY have been a head injury, or it may have been a freak coincidence, and he has cardiac arrest in his sleep.

they don't know

RIP Billy

David Carradine, Ed Mcmahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, THEN Billy Mays

There's still one more day left in June....

#55 He also died following filming a commercial. He died following eating his wife's food. He died following shitting. He died following sex. He died following everything he ever did, but they didn't make the Geekology list of things that he died after. By putting one thing in there, which turned out to have nothing to do with it, GW was implying that the freak head injury is what killed him. If you fail to see this then you are a moron.

And I may be a giant dick, but I also have a giant dick, that justifies it.

the guy who sued mj for child molestation is now saying he lied because his dad told him to to get the law suit money

Here's the 911 Call http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MfKpX5Em8Q


I wouldn't doubt it. Imagine his legacy if he didn't get all weird though...

Ya I started reading your post but than I realize you are a moron. Damn, looks like I've already wasted enough time on you...

I swear to God if Vince Schlomi dies next, I'm going TO BE PISSED.

I bet it would be from hooker-AIDS.


65 Stompy, If you don't have the ability to concentrate for a whole paragraph then logic is lost on you anyways. I wish you the best working at McDonalds.


He can't die, the man slaps all his troubles away!

What are MJ, Farah Facet, Ed McMahon, and Billy Mays getting for christmas????

Patrick Swayze....

That's 4.. one more and we'll have a killtackular on our hands..

RIP Billy Mays. Your infomercial were the best. Oxi Clean was awesome.


You broke my heart Billy Mays.

57 - The smile first, then the :-O

62 - I understood it perfectly. I was pointing out that instead of reading an ambiguous sentence and giving GW the benefit of the doubt, you chose to be an asshole about it.
PS- Just because you have one, doesn't mean you have to act like one.

#73 The thing is though, unless you are an idiot it isn't ambiguous. GW was clearlylinking the bump to the head with Mays' death. While I don't expect the same kind of journalistic integrity from GW that I do from most news outlets, a little should be expected. And while it may have been a little bit of an asshole thing to do, Your reply post upped the ante by a factor of 10. Just because you can be a bigger dick than me, doesn't mean you have to.

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