May 5 2009Superfailure Personal Ads: Consortium Of Evil Seeks Shadowhare's True Identity

shadowhare identity.jpg

That's right, "E" from the Cincinnati-based Consortium of Evil, put up a Craigslist ad seeking Shadowhare's true identity in order to put a stop to the do-gooder and his ragtag bag of spandex-laden friends. Plus, he's offering a hefty $10 reward. Which, even though I promised Shadowhare I wouldn't betray him, is too good to pass up. So, "E":

Shadowhare is -- are you sure you're ready for this? And I will get a $10 bill and not like 40 quarters, right? Okay, Shadowhare is -- can I get you a glass of water or something? No, I'm not stalling, of course I know who he is. I'm just trying to build suspense. Fine. Shadowhare is....a dork. BOOM -- Hamilton me, bitch!


Thanks to egleaves -- OR SHOULD I CALL YOU "E" FROM THE CONSORTIUM OF EVIL!?! egleaves? Okay.

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i don't know what you're talking about

Oh No!
It's soo hard to maintain a secret identity these days, the delusional guy and his friends were kind of heartwarming.

James Cameroon.

The $10 bucks was probably what was left after his bar visit.

Also, 4th and 5th. Apparently I should do this.
Not first. Boo hoo.

yeah, kinda stupid

13th. HA!

Well I want to know the real identity of vaporware


What is this?



That's hilarious.



Deal with it...

And, mitch better have my bunny


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max showed Baja's dad how to work craigslist to find prostitutes. It the months that followed Max noticed Baja's dad was very happy, and his lawn and garden were really growing well.


I am not cool

im a pussy fart

Hey Daisy, look here

The consortium must be stopped!

Shadwohare really makes me really just put on some stuff like a mask and mess with him all day, like pantsing him, and throwing water balloons at him. Because now that there are "real super heroes" out there, there needs to be some crazy guy for them to foil.

For those wondering what the hell this is about:

i am captain cocaine, and i rescue you in the name of.\.................................. fuk it i need more, you go and die!

0 0

No, it's not me. I would have offered more like $12 as a reward.

@2 & 11 - If you don't know what this is you either:

a) don't read Geekologie everyday like you should or
b) don't know what a hyperlink is.

That is great.


I'm in the Porkopolis and I've known about Shadowhare for a while now. But how did you run across this Consortium of Evil? How do I join? How much are membership dues? Can I bring my own death ray? Can we hold meetings at Pleasant Ridge Chili? I love their gravey cheese fries.

Is there really a GW writer or is everything just copied and pasted????

HaHaHAHAHHAHAHA!! A LAZY villian, how is this NOT surprising?

30 - Yes there's a GW, yes everything is copy/pasted and smartassed commentary is added in for your bitching pleasure.

@30 Maybe someone copied GW??

I dunno. I'll still check this site out 1st

A real super hero needs no mask. I mean, look at wolvorine... He used one for a bit and then was like, F this crap... Ripped it off and people still don't mess with him - probably because he has knives in his arms.


but id still rather see some heroes in a mask even if the identity is known... spiderman for instance

...imagine this shadowhare dork coming at you without a mask...its probly there to hide his zits and soak the blood up from the enevitable curb stomp he is due

Wolvorine has super healing to deal with zits.

Spiderman is a winny little geek who gets his face stomped on in every comic. He attempts to be witty, but his comic one liners don't hold a candle to deadpool. "My spider sence is ting..../ran over by bus"

Please note: Deadpool=exception that proves the rule on masks.

Must seee guys!!!


@30: If you look at the bottom of the story you linked to, you would see this:
Read more from the original source:
Followed by the link to...wait for it...can you guess?
So I fart in your general direction.

To prove I am more evil than the Consortium of Evil, I will be contacting "~E" regarding my services and other commercial interests.

@ 30 welcome to the net- that site is a siterip that hijacks posts from popular blogs Screw Captain Hash.

$10 is not worth it! make it $11


c. read geekologie everyday but are at work and can't see certain posts due to a web blocker.

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