May 8 2009Star Trek Band Warp 11 Releases New Album

Just in time for the new movie, Star Trek band Warp 11 has released a new album entitled "I Don't Want to Go to Heaven as Long as They have Vulcans in Hell". It includes such sure to be classics as: Jim Beam Me Up, Betazoid Mind F%%k, Beam into Me, They Put Creatures in Our Bodies, Suds Me Up Sulu (Mirror Mirror), and What Would William Shatner Do? This is the promo video for said album. And, if you can get past the two dudes in the heart-shaped tub, the music is actually pretty good. Unfortunately, it's hard to get past the two guys in the bathub, so skip to 0:20.

Official Site

BWHAHAHAHA, did I say I say 0:20 -- I meant 0:45. Suckers!

Thanks to Ryan and Steve, who once pushed their bikes up the steepest hill they could find and then rode them down at Warp 12. And to Karl, the man in the tub himself.

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Reader Comments

OK, I get it. Star Trek came out last night...

Ummm... No.


4th or 5th whichever i get

That Bat'leth at 1:30 is pretty weak!

Other than that, this is a pretty cool album. Reminds me a lot of Harry and the Potters....

What is up with the the homos in the tub though??

What two guys cant be in the same tub without it being gay? Me and my homies shower together all the time... even when were not dirty... ok thats kinda gay!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max drove across the country with a bitchy chick in order to meet a girl that he thought was a sure thing. On the way he ended up falling in love with the bitchy chick, but he put it to the sure thing, right in the stinker, and he lied to the bitchy one about it. Later she asked why his Dick tasted like crap, and he said - the dog didn't want to go hunting either.

w00t! number 9! the highest i've ever gotten!

though i did only discover this site last night :)

no intergalactic homo...!!! wrong kind of pew pew pew... <----- fight meeeeee!!

I would've thought "They Put Creatures in Our Bodies" was a scientology song

Hell yeah rock out with your phazers out! (then again i always knew spock was a little light in the space suit)
As for the captian that man was a pimp for real!

woo im drunk

You told me to skip to 0:20 and I didn't listen... I mean... how bad could it be.... it ruined my night. I ruined my night. Why don't I listen.

Um, the redhead is kinda hot...

can't really say much else that wouldn't be negative.

Sulu one was the best

All lies!! you never mentioned the homoerotica at the end.... bstrd

These bandmembers in the tub need to work out quick!

I'd rather see that red haired chick in that Hustler Star Trek clip!

You guys rock!!! You are on Geekologie!

The future is....uncertain

It's a good idea. Thank you

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