May 7 2009Spock: Upside Down And Looking Spool-y

spock art.jpg

Deborah Sperber made this rendering of everyone's favorite elf (sacrilege!), Spock, using 1,102 spools of colored thread. But to view Spock's visage properly, one must gaze into a crystal viewing ball while rubbing it and repeating "I love The Geekologie Writer" three times. Then, I will leap out of the piece, shirtless atop my snow-white unicorn. You will squeal with delight and rush towards me with open arms. Unfortunately, this will spook my mount, which will gore you upon its crystalline horn. I will not touch your dead boob.

Spock Spools [ibored]

Thanks to Mike, who knows quality romance when he reads it.

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Reader Comments


....not first

thats kinda neat.... in an "SNES meets a snowglobe kinda way"

Well you might be first but your still gay

Too much effort just to look,

Also, spools=random

thats really cool. i love art these days

I love 'pure deligh' - the raw stuff chafes too much :P


That's delight, GW, with a t on the end. You have spell check. Use it.

Nice... but one must ask....Why?

So cool!

I would have made a spool pic that puts Jambi from Pee Wee's Playhouse in the crystal ball, but that's work and work is a four-letter word.

GW is awesome!

Best online game ever>>


lol @ haters..


While you're busy playing your silly game, I'm busy fücking your daughter. Mmm.. I've tasted better baby.

@ 15

lmao.. whats the matter dude? dont you know the rules of brute? if your player that bad? no weapon? no pupil? why are you so god damn frustrated? want me to teach you how to play? lol what is it?? why are you such a woman? haha i dont get you man...

@ 15

Try this out.. its easy.. create your player and kick in.. lets see how well you do kid..

just from reading this site i know enough about you to know you would SO touch dead boob, when you thought no one was looking.


I'm not giving my computer AIDS because you want my credit card number. Quit spaming our message board.

To all the rest of my dilated peoples, good night! I'm going home and getting drunk.

GW would totally touch dead boob. Just like Rocco grabbed passed out stripper boobs...

Spock thing is interesting!

@15 - What's black and blue and doesn't like sex anymore?
Your daughter...

Spock is sooooooo last post...

This video would be MUCH funnier if I could watch it....

@ 19

u retarded thing.. quit crying like a little girl.. i doubt whether you even know how to use a credit card. get drunk and cry out loud u lil chasing puppy..


This is AWESOME! Ok not that awesome just cool. When you look in the ball, that is.

this reminds me of the time that i hung my life size cardboard cutout of william shatner as kirk upside down and pretended to 69 with it. i mean....maybe if i made something this geeky my girlfriend would have sex with me without having to get drunk and take a bunch of pills first.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max went into an area with high amounts of radfiation to fix the warp drive, He knew he would die and he transferred his essence to another guy without telling him, and hilarity ensued.

I can't wait for startrek movie to come out tommorrow.

i think that this is hilarious but it looks awesome...


You're scandinavian, aren't you? Well, Sven, I looked at your silly little game last night. It reminded me alot of Neopets without the variety of games. Now do us all a favor and only post about relevant shit from now on. No one here cares about your brute. We only care about boobs, bacon, zelda, robots, and beer. Unless your posts from now on meet this criteria, you will continue to get flamed. You have been warned. :)

Vae victis

ok cool

You forgot that we also love dinosaurs. Beautiful, slutty dinosaurs......

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