May 24 2009NES Rap: 99 Lives And A Power Glove

This is a rap about playing oldschool NES games called The Konami Code (99 Lives And A Power Glove). It was made by the same folks that brought us Robot Party song and is pretty fresh. Not as fresh as my breakfast mind you, but that's because I just bought chickens. *squeezing chicken* EGGS, DAMN YOU, EGGGGGGGS! *chicken explodes* Okay, that might have been a rooster.


Thanks to Erin, who has allegedly beat Contra with a single life and is a monster liar.

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FUST yeah bitches


Ha ha! That was awsome!!



Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:

Wow it is 12:30am on Monday, in Australia when the first post goes up...

my brute can do better .. way bette r..

Finally! Now when my friends ask me to find an example of "Meh" on the Internet, I can show them this video.

"select" is not part of the konami code i dont know how people came to believe this. and yes this is kinda meh

That was so bad.
He shoulda never done that. Uh, that was awful to the power of rad times 50... seriously. Pathetic. Worst rap ever!

Lemme tell you something. I'm a nice person, believe me. But shit like this makes me wanna go up to the person and gouge his eye sockets until his brain pops out.

This sh!t makes me wanna snort Teri Schiavo's ashes.

Shit like this makes me wanna drink the blood of the pope...
*Too far?... Yeah, scratch that. I'm just saying, am not a crazy person but there's just some things in this world that makes some people monsters.

I can only understand why O.J. slaughtered his wife. Charles Manson, Adolf Hitler, and Jim Jones were three brilliant people but some things just f'uck their brains out and make 'em do things that normal people don't like. Sorta like getting rid something that hinders their pursuit of a blissful life. Imagine not having to deal with something that bothers your very existence in your day to day life. Sh!t, I'd be happy as a bird. I don't have to deal with cops raiding my apartment, debt collectors, criminals, pedophiles and rapists. If Hitler thought that the jews were just as good as dirt, I can only understand that. I'm a jew and I can only understand what he had been through. He probably got ripped-off somewhere in that aspect by a jew and promised revenge and extermination. In other words, sh!t made him crazy.

F'uck me in the anus. I'm just saying this sh!t because I once dreamed of becoming a famous rapper and I can't rhyme for sh!t. Just like the dude who made this crapful video. B!tch need to get down on his knees and suck my toes and my 4 inch phallus.

I wanna f'uck this dude so bad.
I'm not gay but some people need to learn a hard lesson.

WTF Party Kid 3000 (aka Hannukah Montana) ??????

OMG that was very funny! sofa king sweet!

Power Glove!!!

My eggs are fresh for your rooster Geekologie Writer!


This guy's such a poser he got the code wrong. If you want a two player game the code is up up down down left right left right select start, not start select. The select gets it down to the two player menu option before you hit start. Duh. One player omit the select. Get it right geez.

Ahhh can't believe I f#$%'d it up. Here's the code:

u u d d l r l r b a (select - if you want 2 player) start

Now have your way with my arrogant, ignorant corpse...

"The original version of the cheat code was designed for the NES controller. In many popular representations of the code, Start is added at the end of the sequence. Select is also sometimes inserted at the end of the code. The exact sequence varies from game to game, and has been adapted to fit the button layouts of different video game consoles."

@9 -Kinda took this one personnal eh? Was that ur grandmom with her arm around dubnasty? I think you need to start drinking [more].


Agreed, but only if his grandma is Blanche from the Golden Girls.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like thatmovie Never Back Down where Max kept asking Baja if she ever got stung by a dead bee.

Only The Geekologie fans will have 100 lives.That one extra life is their life on the GW!

LOL. I saw this and I googled power glove and I found some guy selling a powerglove with a GB bling chain. LOL|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1205|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50

@21, GW FTW!
@18, get over it. oh btw, does anyone know any famous jewish rappers? cuz my friend asked me if there was.

welcome to my video game

It's a good idea .Thank you.

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