May 6 2009Needs Work: First US Full-Face Transplant

face 1.jpg

46-year old Connie Culp was nearly killed when her deranged husband literally blasted her face off with a shotgun in 2004. But now, five years later, she has a new face thanks to a recently deceased organ donor (sign your cards!).

She endured 30 operations to try to fix her face. Doctors took parts of her ribs to make cheekbones and fashioned an upper jaw from one of her leg bones. She had countless skin grafts from her thighs. Still, she was left unable to eat solid food, breathe on her own, or smell.

Then, on Dec. 10, in a 22-hour operation, Dr. Maria Siemionow led a team of doctors who replaced 80 percent of Culp's face with bone, muscles, nerves, skin and blood vessels from another woman who had just died. It was the fourth face transplant in the world, though the others were not as extensive.

"Here I am, five years later. He did what he said -- I got me my nose," Culp said of Djohan, laughing.

I got me my nose, I got me my nose. My goodness what a heartwarming story. Uncensored picture is after the jump, and, not to be insensitive, but it is a little rough on the eyes. Kind of like a belt sander, but with lasers attached. Seriously though, great job, guys.

You have been warned, now hit it.

face 2.jpg


Face transplant patient: 'I'm not a monster' [msnbc]

Thanks to Jose, Erik the Eliminator and Andrew, who know that true beauty is in the eye of tiger.

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Reader Comments

first, biaaaaaaatch

Also.. See this >>


This poor woman has gone through too much. I'm not going to make any smartass comments.


oy moy boy. woy oy. i mean. oy woy, woy boy o boy.

yikes... good for her.

I *guess* that's better.

I read about it somewhere else and she was quoted as saying that she was walking around with her new face when a child pointed at her and said to his mother, "Mummy, I thought you said there WEREN'T any real monsters."

Also.. See this >>


I agree with Milkman. It's tough to be a smart ass in light of this poor woman's suffering.

things that make you unghhhhh

I think I'll agree with Daisy on this one

#4 - I agree. I'm glad GW didn't bash her too bad. The woman was shot in the face by a shotgun for Christ's sake. Cut her some slack.

This is only the fourth one ever done, it's still a new science. In 50 years who knows how many advancements there will be in this field. She may not look as good as she originally did but it's still worlds better than she looked before the surgery.

i am glad for her.

So............................Stifler's mom died???


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are alll wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja got shitfaced. Then they wiped each others faces with toilet paper and they looked like they had big thumbs sticking out of their shirts. ScrewCaptain Hash

I was actually surprised they couldn't do a better job.
The problem seems to be with the underlying bone structure.
The skin looks good and healthy the length and shape are just wrong.
Maybe there isn't much left to attach to.

Is this the final result?
Or will she be getting further treatments?

I'm surprised anyone cares to live after what had happened.

worst part is that she forgave her husband for shooting her in the face.

@19 If you follow the links you'll get a Today Show feed that says she'll be going through more surgeries, and after that she's going undercover as Castor Troy to get the location of the bomb.

@19 This isn't the final result, there is an article on where the doctors are talking about tucking the excess skin and lifting and such.

I feel so bad for saying anything jackass-ish but I hope the docs can maker her jowels smaller.

damn her husband!! i hope he is in prison getting face f*cked every nite, by some black dude, with a huge dong!!!

I watched this on the Today Show earlier today (my sis had it on) & actually teared up a little watching it. She was just obviously so grateful to have a face again that she didn't care what it may look like to anyone else.

I hope the rest of the surgeries go well for her.

Is it just me or does the first pic look like Grimace or one of those puppets from the land of the lost or something? I'm just saying.

@5 [jfect] and @18 [std-aids] - Indeed I'm a failure at life, and you're following my footsteps! ROFLMAO


Husband needs to come back to finish the job...

The poor woman, who can imagine going on after living through such a horribly experience? She's incredibly brave to be picking up the pieces of her life and trying to rebuild. More power to her and the surgeons who are giving her a second chance!

PHOTO SHOPPED!!!!! hahaha no but ive seen worse on people with not blown off faces so not that bad

I have to say, that is pretty impressive.

Thankfully this is a work in progress... it's already such an improvement, but there are more surgeries ahead.

I read that they left all of the excess skin on to make sure all of the blood vessel and nerve connections had ample time to "take" but as soon as she regains more control of the muscles in her face, they plan to gradually pare down the excess skin. I'm guessing that just like the first face transplant patient, she'll be looking significantly better in a year or so. In the mean time, it must be so exciting for her to eat and smell again.


You're an asshole.

The second pic looks like a Mii....

Eh... I'll be honest. I'd still hit it.


I'm pathetic.

It does look better and her nose honestly looks pretty good, but the melting cheese cheeks don't look very good. Is there anything they can do about that? Just fix that and she'd look fine.


37 - They are waiting for her nerve endings to heal before removing the droopage.

To be honest, this is much better than I expected. Congrats are due to this woman, good luck with the other surgeries!!

Well. Thanks for the f-cking NIGHTMARE FUEL!! Yuck.

Well, the nose looks good.


has anyone made an Arseface joke yet? No? alright.

The nose looks pretty perfect, I've seen nose jobs with a much worse result, shame about the face shape though, maybe the bone structure was all messed up (Probably close range shotgun blast), either way an awesome improvement on the before picture.

Good luck to her :)

Daisy: FAIL

Your comments are the equivalent of 1987 parachute pants....out dated.

agree with 4 and 11

this woman has been through alot and its hard to make fun of her in any way-
congratulations, hope for more successful surgeries. may you get your face back

Oh gosh, it's arseface from Preacher.

is That face a Success? Or did it look better in the before picture hmm
Screw Captain Hash

Aichi. She looks better now, though. Probably gets less stares. Good for her.

Gosh, theres only a few people that are smart and have it right. ITS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS, they're waiting for her face to fully heal and get all her nerves back before they work on it again. IT'S NOT DONE YET.

They've done an incredible job. Hell she looks better than Sylvester Stallones mom.

The after shot reminds me of that old lady character Ernest used to play. Anyone else notice a resemblance?

Ironically the transplant might have been unnecessary as Acell’s regeneration med is available. Had they removed the scars and grafts and used Acell’s MatriStem, her body might have been able to regenerate her face to it’s original appearance.

Congratulations to this woman on her recent surgery, I hope the next few go just as well.

I just feel awful for this poor woman. I can't imagine how she must feel and how she is able to cope. I hope subsequent operations will improve her look. This just bums me out. There's nothing funny here.

Good luck to her, though she probably has an arse like a smacked face.

She looks like she is from squidbilies.




at least the nose is pretty intact..

It may be wrong but all i can think about is how hilarious that movie Face Off would've been if thats how Nicolas Cage and John Travolta looked after switching faces.

heres an image o her before she was shot in the face.

he took my tip !!! YEEAAASSSS

god she looked nice !! i wonder what does that make her feels like now..

Fine, I'll do it...whatever. Anyone else think she looks like a goomba from Mario?

lol@52...with the neckbrace and walker? Hahaha

laughed so hard at the article GW, Ha .
but felt bad when i saw the pics.....
laughed so hard when i read #15
then i read #29... paused... and looked atthe name of the poster and laughed so hard again.
good shit
i'd hate to be shot, im glad thats not me

Bear in mind we're seeing an intermediate step. They'll tighten the facial muscles and tendons and trim the drooping skin in future surgeries. I imagine they'll eventually get to the point where you'll barely be able to tell.
Also, it's not as much aesthetic as functional -- she needs to be able to breathe and eat.
I hope the asshat who shot her got what he deserved, which was to be the face donor for someone else. Wouldn't that be AWESOME? Leave his ass faceless and let him bleed to death. The bastard.

I hope her stupid husband's inmates destroy his face too.

You know what, Success, the second I'd only be a bit mean and condescending to, putting her on the same level as Normal ugly people. And that's at least a step into society. That's me bringing you the hard truth.

Anybody know why she was shot? All I've found is that happened outside a bar in 2004. I'd like to know her husband's motive.

okay, next person that shoots someone in the face with a shotgun, can you film it and post it on the internet. I would love to see a hole in the face.

"why are you setting up a camera?" "what are you holding?" Oh God!

shazam splat

Im only gonna talk to her, im only gonna talk to her, im only gonna shoot her

I told you the reason i'm wearing a mask folks! It's opposite from her reason!

From pretty woman to piranha face ==> Asshat husband

From piranha face to funny mirror face ==> Priceless

My hat is off to the surgen who pulled this off, Nice Work Buddy!!

I bet she's very thankful for the face transplant.I'm surprised it's only the fourth face transplant in the world?

@ 71 -

browse around, you'll find it, and a lot of other disturbing images.

its better but man....i dont think i would wanna live after that. nature has it worked out that you arent suppose to live after being shot in the face but hey whatever. i would be kinda creeped out that i have a DEAD persons face never mind the shotgun to the face incident.

nice how that before image says "before accident" accident? really?

Religion,foreign adoption,gay marriage and so on.Be thankful you've choice you attention whores! Most of you even don't deserve it.

Must seee!!


I'm all for not picking on her, but I can't help but notice she bears a striking resemblance to actor Robert Z'Dar.

I saw the exact same thing while I was on acid its kinda making me feel good.

Yup. It's hard to be a smart ass and tempt karma with this one.

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know where I could find those videos on youtube of those people that stand upside down and draw faces on their chin?

Succses!!! They gave her a famous face... ladys and gentlemen we give you JAAAAAAAVA THE HUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding don't hate me...

Damn. At least they sorta fixed her.

I thought her face was cooler before they fixed it.

Then at least we could have a good horror film.

Now if they could only do the same for the woman who got her face torn off by that monkey. She has no eyes now though. but a least they could fix her face.

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