May 27 2009House From Ferris Bueller's Day Off For Sale

ferrari house.jpg

The Highland Park, Illinois home of Ferris Bueller's best friend Cameron is currently available for $2.3 million if you're interested. The house is best known for its cantilevered plate-glass garage that Cameron sends his dad's Ferrari through after kicking the shit out of it.

The Ben Rose Home - site of the famous movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Cantilevered over the ravine, these two steel and glass buildings - which can never be duplicated - have incredible vistas of the surrounding woods. This is a unique property designed by A. James Speyer and David Haid, both notable architects of the 20th Century.

Anybody seriously interested? And if so, want to adopt a blogger? Just saying, I'll do the dishes. And, hopefully, the maid. Pool boy too!

Ferris Bueller's Ferrari House For Sale [retrothing]

Thanks to wulk, who knows that people who live in glass houses shouldn't own Ferraris.

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Reader Comments

If it comes with the smashed car in the woods, I'll take it

But is it Zombie proof ?


To high profile, too many lookey loo's, not enough privacy.

You're gonna love my nuts...

Ahhh architects... always doing the impractical... I wonder what the rest of the house looks like.

People living in glass houses should draw the blinds when removing their trousers.

What'd I do?

You killed the car.

@3 I don't like the watchers either, but I think putting up shades made to look like trees in a forest would keep them from ever finding a way to peek in

I had sex with Stompy's mother in the garage. Nass filmed. LSDiesel did the editing. Visit: for updated pics and to subscribe to the feed.

I gave Stompy's mother a nasty rash a few weeks ago, so you may wanna visit an STD clinic.

I see the ghost of the Ferrari in the window of the first picture.

"And the pool boy too"???

Too far GW...too far...

actually, it's a good distance from the road, so people going by probably wouldn't matter too much. i've driven by it before. it's pretty awesome.


Lets just get off the subject of mom's.... cause i just got off yours...

I'd buy it and walk around naked. That'll teach 'em.

i want the apartment from howard the duck

@16 you had to go there, didn't you.

And Lea Thompson hates you now... if she's still alive.

@16 No that's where I've been living. I don't want to lose the subscription to playduck.

I missed the stompy's mom parade by taking a lunch

Someone will seriously have to invest in a lot of drapes/curtains i they buy this home!

Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:

@ 13 necrophilia freak

Dont trust anything standing on pieces of wood for balance

Do they accept Darth dollars?

cant be duplicated my ass, just get the blueprints. if its manmade, it can be recreated.

i live in that town, just down the street, so it looks like ill be having new neighbors to choke my chicken too!!!

I've been in that house once.

I love this house, It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up

Man, I love Ferris Bueller's Day Off. If only I loved Illinois...

I do live in Illinois. Believe it or not i live in Highland Park, IL. Even weirder, this house is one block away from me. I threw pumpkins into their ravine... how weird is this whole thing?!?!

I live in Highland Park and I go by the house and it's probably not a good idea to buy because it's right near a ravine and it could erode away and you'd really have some shattered glass to deal with...

Love the movie though. :)

AHAHHA alex u would comment on this. how weird is this whole thing?!?!?!


I'm officially your first subscriber. This film could have used better lighting.


I guess I'm your second. Quality of the film is good, but is the trany clown really necessary? On the plus side Stompy's mom is very talented.

I am actually less than 10 miles from this house right now. Coincidence?.....Probably.

I prefer that other movie with the guy that did the his pants.

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