May 31 2009Awwwh, I Want A Million!: Pygmy Jerboas

Pygmy jerboas are probably the cutest things I've ever seen. And this is coming from a guy who saw a bunny nurse an orphaned squirrel and three ducklings, so yeah.


Thanks to taby and Andrew, who had like 1,000 pygmy jerboas and still had room for dessert.

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Que precious.


what the hell is a jerboas? Looks like a cross between a mouse and a bird. Still looks tasty tho.

Man, when it started washing its tail, I B'AWWWW'd like never before. I'll trade in my hamster for one.

Seriously its so weird looking.
I think I'll stick with me kitty for now...

A rodent is a rodent.

Step on it and kill it.

Yes, very cute.

Do you think they taste better with ketchup or mustard?

Its obviously a robot making you lower your defenses because its so cute,
then BOOM!!! that bastard will blow the shit out of everyone within 30 meters...

That thing looks WEIRD!

oh, and is it a Pygmy jerboas or a Pgymy jerboas? cuz the title is different to the content....

I am almost ashamed to admit how much I melted when the little guy fell down.

...looks kind of like a sick breed between a baby chick and a gerbil.

Looks like a pokemon

I would rather have a pet anilhilator robot that that thing that looks like something from the Isle of Dr. Moreau. By the way, where's Grandpa?

it looks like a retarted rat had sex with a duck

Natures way of showing us hamsters can live without their bodies. I'd like one, but one that's as big as a child - so I can attach friggin lasers to it's head

Looks likea cross between a chicken and mouse ...

Looks like Foghorn Legorn has been nailing the mice instead of the chickens! Call Farmer Brown!

Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:

The game takes less than 5 minutes to play!

@4- they won't take back your gerbil 'til u wash the poop off of it

hamster/gerbil.. whatever.

Typo in title. It's "Pygmy" not "Pgymy"

(Yes Orthography Nazi here)



Ya dude, I checked out " mybrute" and It looks like it sucks big time and was designed for immature idiots. We all got your message many times over and over.

So, stop advertising on every Fu$^^$###@$%cking post. Why? Well, cuz when you do, everyone just hates you more and more.

@7 -deepfried for sure, and served with the head on- not too much meat on those suckers. I'm thinking eat the bones and all dipped in either a buffalo sauce or glazed in honey...

I'll take a dozen to go, I don't want anyone to see me laugh maniacally as I bite their crispy lil heads off.

So thats what chicken nuggets are made out of.

reminds me of michael j. fox for some reason...

Looks like Speedy Gonzales. Ariba Ariba Ariba!

its so ugly that its cute


Ya man, I see where you're coming from,

Probably would be real tasty with a side order of fries and a cold beer.

That's nothing but a gerbil's head with four legs and too much tail attached.

my thinking is that you can never have "...too much tail."


It looks just like a hampster out of a japanese cartoon. I want one.

One of the cutest and strangest things I have seen in my life.

WTFBBQ!?! that thing is soo scary looking

This thing looks like a Duprasi, only with a longer tail.

err, creepy best.

Looks kinda like Splinter.

is this another chinese mutation. this thing hangs out with the cat with useless wings. or appendage. and that 8 limbed human baby from india.

This is totally not fake!
Jerboas are jumping desert rodents found throughout Asia and northern Africa that resemble mice with long tufted tails and very long hind legs. The small forelegs are not used for locomotion. In general, Asiatic jerboas have five toes on their hind feet and African jerboas have three; the shapes of their ears vary widely between species. Jerboa fur is long, soft and silky. Diet varies considerably: some are specialist seed, insect, or plant eaters, others are omnivores.

what happens when they get wet.

It looks like a mouse ate its torso.
And shat out a pair-o-fuzzylegs.

Their cute now, But wait until some crazy scientist makes them into killer robots.

"Awwwh how cute!"
"Awwwh now I'm dead..."

Yea, not so cute now are they!!!

Pygmy** Jerboas.
GW made a typo.


It shall be named Pikachu 2.0 after my deceased mouse. I'm surprised that it lasted 3 weeks without food. I mean, it would go well on 'Animal Survivor'.

hehe but this is adorable. I couldn't help but aww when it fell over.


for some reason it reminds me of the little baby things that they ate in Futurama. (you know, the babies from Omecron Percei 8)

anyone else think it looks kind of evil?

is that a chokobo?

eeeeeek! its adorable in a will-one-day-eat-your-brains kind of way :D BTW my birthday is coming up.... im sure itl live if you post it to me! :D just poke breathing holes....

Looks like CGI to me. Too much fancy depth of field going on.

That's what you get when you genetically modify corn just a little to much.

Muad Dib!

AWWW OMG He's sooo cute, his littly hops so cute *squee*

Must See!!!


@50 How many times?? Really!?!?? And that is not a " Must See" you god damn liar. I wish you mybrute fags would go away...

Screw the small ones. I want a 10' tall one that I can ride and eat people with. Om nom nom nom bitches!

This isn't Golaith's pygmy thingamabobs. It is his drink stirrer.

Okay, back from the weekend, what did I miss? How is GFS' ass?

I can't see the videos but does it look like a Muad'Dib?


Hell yes, I didn't even notice your comment tucked away back there... Good to see all of the Dune fans out there...

"I made my family disapear...."

It's a pikachu!!

this is totaly like splinter ..
is this genetically engineered .. or maybe a robot?
it's damn scray .. i hate it


@43 - Yes, it's evil. It's a fly dressed in a kangaroo suit for some nefarious purpose. Once it started to move, I knew it was no mammal.

@59 - Second!

What a strange creature. Looks like something from Star Trek.

Yes, yes, it's cute and all, but remember... So was Gizmo the Mogwai.


It's fine. And by fine I mean super sessy.

That thing is fugly

Holy crap! What weird animal is this?

Did BS park her car on its feet? The tail is ridiculous lond as well!

Is this some kind of kangaroo-mouse/rat?


Welcome to the internet. Try reading not only the title of this article, but the title of the Youtube video, then go shoot yourself in the face. kthx


It is the end of the world as we know it.

i think its evil looking, before you know it it wants to take over the world.

my tarantula's are hungry, so send it over.

Come on people! Let's see if we can make it to 100 comments!

It's a trap!


fail. This was animated in Maya. lol. lose.

here's how you can tell it wan animated in Maya... the bokeh on the creature its self goes from shallow dof to the background being mid dof. lol. fail.

oh, and you can see the border around the animation, clearly. since no one mentioned it. i was gonna wait to drop that in another post, to see how many video pros there were in here. apparently none. lol fail.

well, anyway. it's a new sex toy waiting to happen.

I employee one of these beings as my personal butler. However, mine wears a tiny top hat and carries a cane. He's classy.

@ 22, 23, & 47 - L-O-effing-L.

Where's Daisy?!?


ahhhh i hate those things !! they ruin all the gardens with their holes !!

They are feaking cool and very real. However they are an endangered species. If you would like to learn more about how you can help please go to We must all pitch in.

Must See!!!


Looks yummy
nom nom nom

@ People calling FAKE!

Read it and weep bitches!


this makes me hungry

Oh my god. Disgusting.

That thing is NOT cute. More along the lines of fugly.

It's freaky and cute at the same time...Daw!

Is that shit real?? It look like a rat and a bird mix, with more rat tho.

Kyaa! So cute! Aww, I want one! It looks like a pokemon or something, and I've never heard of a jerboas. But, it's so adorable!

It looks like Dr. Seuss's The Lorax.

I love gerbil chickens!

illll :P that thing is @ucking ugly @uck I would kill that thing BARF gross. it makes me want to Ralph :P kill it kill it yikes. I hate rodents.

I agree with #11... looks like a pokemon

I'd do it, split that shit open and such.

muaahhhhh.. # 100. That jerobah shit is dehydrated

OMG I wish I had 1 its cute No I want 50 its only little I will dress them up and give them cute little names like brian and ashtray, wait how much does it crap?

I used to wear Jerboas in high school. They got me so much poootie!

I'd feed that to my snake

ooh a pokemon! gotta catch it! gotta catch it!

Does it come in a zombie version?

Sure it looks cute. That is until you feed it after midnight, or get it's fur wet. Then the high-jinx and mayhem ensues. May your town be warned!

O.o we can make an army XD

Adorable mental pictue

That thing is cute but somehow scary...

Hmmm the number of comments before mine was 108 the length of the video is 1:08... I notice things at 3:38 in the morning...


OMG! it is so cute! i want one!!!!

IS THAT REAL OR CG???????????

Yes, it's real. It's a type of desert rodent found in Asia and Northern Africa.

OMG! It's so cute.......but what is it? It's like some kind of bird mouse thing. I LOVE IT! I want one lol


@85 i have trouble seeing one of these things lasting you for three noms. maybe half a nom.

It tis' is quite cute.. even tho the face looks smooshed up, or squished..

my cat eats these things all the time... well, just eats their brains

A mini mouse with kangaroo legs..

welcome to my video game

it looks pissed off at the end of the video. i would get that thing high as fuck XD

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