May 20 2009Awesome: The Future According To Microsoft

This is a video of the future according to Microsoft. And, despite not owning a Zune, I would totally live there. In a treehouse, bitches, a treehouse. Close your eyes -- can you see it? It looks like Tarzan dry humping Judy Jane Jetson.

Microsoft's REAL Vision of the Future [gizmodo]

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Reader Comments

Very cool!

Oh... and hilarious, too!

Mental Implants... hasn't Tom Cruise taught us better already?

the guy talking is annoying

microsoft rules!!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max witnessed a murder, and when he was being questioned to identify the killer it eventually came out the killer was a policeman. Han Solo took him to the country and saved him by pushing an ice cream cone in a jerk's face.

Oh that looks really interesting.

WTF, papers can do sh!t like videos and computer stuff?

I feel so dumb right now.

(typing from a Linux computer)


yeeesss mental implants from microsoft.. do you imagine this?? do you.. because i do.. you'll be able to see geekologie wherever you are, you will be able to calculate faster and be like a cyborg but without any pew pew..
yess microsoft implants, but wait.. we are talking about microsoft.. so with all those cool stuff you can walk walk walk.. and bang error, and you'll be staying like an idiot in teh center of the city after someone come and reboot you

the newspaper looks cool as shizz

Someone find the youtube version so I can watch this shit.


but honestly this is soo much more indicative of apple and not microsoft

I give apple credit for trying to be innovative, but I rely on the computer's OS for everything I do for work, all the stupid stuff they do gets in the way. Makes my computer crash, gets the never-ending color wheel, makes me lose 2 hours of work because I'm not a save junkie. Microsoft crashes sometimes on me. I think the Apple though, is good for people who just use the internet and sometimes photoshop. But with photoshop your not getting the true colors, because Apple thought it would be a good idea to kick up the brightness.

A video about the future from a company that creates products for the past!


Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:

LOL, 498 years away from now... what's the point of all that if we're gone before that....jealousy much?

You know how many penises would be floating around with that!

HAHA microsoft is so gay! If we did get chips in our heads we'd have to get anti virus chips to go with them every couple months so what does that mean? It means a lot of open head surgery. FTW

The name of the video is "Microsoft's Vision of the Future (Parody) Sarcastic Gamer"



@ ^

Shhh! You'll let the retards know!

Wow I can't wait for this to happen.. oh wait I'll be dead by that time!

pfffttt....i've been to the future (looks sorta like Minority Report) the hoes there are unionized...I mean WTF?!!!

they actually have that electronic newspaper made already, its called E-ink

why does the narrator sound like he's constipated... maybe it's just me. or him.. I'm going to say it's him

^^^ Paul? = extreme emo

You mean the future according to Microsoft is the present for Apple?

couldnt finish it... too gay, most unfunny parody ive ever seen

Cool future,but only the next 50 years are relevant to me.

This is Microsoft's dreamwish to be still there in the future.

hm... 498 years away...

sounds like the beginning of Advent Children movie...

Looks good but idont think I'm going to see it unless microsoft can come up with a time machine first.

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