Apr 10 2009Woman Tries To Break Up Sword Fight, Dies

sword fight.jpg

In the latest of a string of sword attacks, a woman tried to break up her husband and grandson involved in a serious swordfight, and ended up getting stabbed and killed. And that, my friends, is why you always bring a gun to a swordfight.

The fight was reported about 1 a.m. today. Rondeau (39) and Adolf Stegbauer, 69, both of Indianapolis, were "actively involved in a sword fight," IMPD spokesman Sgt. Matt Mount said in a statement. One man used what police described as a World War II Japanese officer's sword and another had a thin blade sword, although investigators were not immediately certain which weapon was used by which man.

Preliminary reports from police said that Franziska Stegbauer, 77, Indianapolis, tried to break up the fight and was fatally stabbed. Police found all three victims inside the residence on Raceway Road when they arrived early this morning.

Police said Rondeau was Franziska Stegbauer's grandson.

Well Happy Easter to you too! Thankfully, tipster Chuck Nunchuck was kind enough to create a graphic of what the confrontation obviously looked like, so that was nice. Good lookin', Chuck, but it could have used some more PEW PEW. Love that stuff.

Woman dies after intervening in sword fight

Thanks to Chuck Nunchuck, twice as deadly as that sissy-boy Chuck Norris.

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first! shoop da whoop?

that vid is crazayyyy and totally relevant to post
GW should post about it.

ohh yea shoulda rrealized earlier it was my time to shine...
but ya snooze ya looze right? wrong, im third and that stil an honerable maention THIRD!!!!!!!!

Great graphic!

I have to agree, we could all use a little more Pew!!!!

pew pew pew!!!

What's with this rash of sword related deaths recently?

I heard a story exactly like this coupla weeks ago... except the woman wasn't anyone's wife, she was a porn star...

And the swordfight was in her mouth.

And the girl in the last post has nice boobs.

woop woop

so they're only 30 years apart...
two generations of 15 year old parents?

pumpers like to pump

i like the P.U.M.A in the back, nice touch... it really belongs there

BTW 13, you super fail

"Thanks to Chuck Nunchuck, twice as deadly as that sissy-boy Chuck Norris."
thats BS, chuck norris could take out nunchuck with both hands and feet bound behind his back, his mouth gagged, and chained at the waste... nunchuck gets an armored truck and heavy turrets. Nunchuck still loses

i got tickets to the antique road show!

quick, get the sword!

That image is pure win.

I say jail them both for her death since they were fighting and it got her killed

Did anyone else catch that the two fighting were named Rondo and Adolf? wtf? Sounds like a white-trash b-movie gone wrong (or right).


LMAO that picture is great

What?! Adolf? lol!

lol @5

Too bad she didnt have a lighsabre. I think she may have won the sword fight and its more likely that police could have identified it.

Poor to hear that conflict within families has resulted in such untimely deaths. How terrible.

Lol @ 5 also.

oh man i gotta get in on this sword action!


jesus. only on the west side of indy. march madness ends and they try to keep the excitement going until race day. this is usually the result.

@15 - it's gone oh so perfectly wrong.

That graphic is totally win. She should've shot em both in the shoulder.

That picture is so awesome! LOL!!!!!!! Did you make that GW?

I had a similar experience, but I died to tell about it.

i am literally 45 min away from indianapolis :D hahha this is crazy, wonder what started it

Wtf are people doing with swords anyway

Adolf? And a WWII sword? Coincidence? I think not!

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