Apr 27 2009Tracking The Swine Flu With Google Maps

swine flu.jpg

You can now track the swine flu with Google Maps by going HERE. If a marker appears in your town, and you're a chick, take naked pictures of yourself and email them to me for verification I don't care what you do if you're a dude, but no naked pictures, please. Also, I'm a little pissed at whoever started this damn flu pandemic in the first place. I'm looking at you, bacon hater. THE PORK GOD DEMANDS APPEASEMENT!

Google Maps

Thanks to Romeo and Frank B., who would much prefer the chicken pox.

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Reader Comments

That's... good?

At least we're safe in Quebec!!! BACON!!!!

interesting, very interesting

See?!?! All you bacon lovers started this swine flu epidemic! I knew something wasn't right about all the bacon love going around...

I can see that it hasn't reach Madagascar yet.

oh boy and here i thought i just had a runny nose

Is this the zombie outbreak map?

daisy, its not fake, so dont think about posting your stupid jokes here about the article.

It'll be nothing strange to me personally seeing everyone wearing sars' masks for awhile, it was normal to see in japan after just having been there.

In fact, since inventions were talked about before, I'll throw in my vote for 'decrotive sars' maks. As many of them as people were wearing (roughly 1 in 15) nobody had one with an angry robot face or a graphic of their skin peeling off from under the mask.

Moving to tokyo to open up a taco bell & sell custom sars masks would be a great living

^ decorative

Now this is one map i will be watching.

Batton down folks, this is gonna get rough :o(

Im beginning to think governments deliberately release these.

Holy macarroni I hope that Map is lacking tons of info or else I am living in the only city in Southamerica with possible cases of Swine Flu :(

Greetings from Queens, NY. Local hot-zone.

@4, Our bacon eating is the only reason there aren't MORE cases. We kill pigs to eat them. Killing pigs reduces the pig population. Reduced pig population = fewer pigs that can be infected.

It's SCIENCE at it's best!


Get directions... No thank you.

attention bacon lovers dont worry the eating of infected pork will not give you swine flu.

Here in Monterrey Mexico we're in quarantine... school's been cancelled which means I now have 8 extra hours to be on Geekologie doing absolutely nothing.
So I'm posting to let you know I'm still alive.
I wonder if the borders to the US are still open?

Captain Tripps. Holy Crap. Stephen King was right. j/k. But you'll think about it now and dust off that copy of "The Stand" tonight...

The swine flu is closing in around us San Diegan's.

Am I supposed to stop eating bacon? Or just kill more pigs? I'll make sure I don't eat any carnitas for a while.

@20 It' not bad here yet in good ol chicago, but I am definitely buying more bacon this week to contribute to their increased slaughter AND to make something with a lot of bacon

@20 Damnit! And I was going to go to Porkyland for lunch...

@ Pew^3

Kill more. Eat more. Celebrate.

@ naas

That's right! You show those pigs who's boss.

No swine in my country.
Suck it planet

@24 its only a matter of time before those barstards grow wings! fly my pretties, fly!

Oh YES! We're safe in Brazil. =D

I just finished reading that book a few months ago. It's awesome, I saw this article and was going to mention it...I was too slow, lol

YAY! Australia is being recognised for something.

Oh wait.


I want a ham sandwich.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver Back Down where Max overruled the medical officer and breached quarentine allowing aliens into the ship.

stfu daisy. your a waist of space

Someone infect Daisy!

I'm still safe here in Tijuana but San Diego is really close. I will do my part eating those bacon wrapped hot dogs in Avenida Revolucion.

Even though you can't get swine flu from pigs but...... I loved bacon!!!!

okay when something like this happens, the government is trying to distract us from something, maybe all the alien activity going on. i dont know what but something fishy is goin on.


It's in Toledo. Just a matter of time before we both get sick.

Not if I'm wearing my bacon weave sars mask, I read somewhere that raw bacon to the swine flu is like holy water to vampires


MMMMmmmMMMmmmmMMMmmMM! *pulls down bacon mat mask* Yea! Lip pimples! WOOT!

Google is quick.

oh shit. where one of the arrows are in NC, I work at the hospital there.....

I am so screwed.

word...some chick has it here in Victoria BC...pretty shitty deal...doctor just said take these meds and dont see anyone for a week...whatever..she'll be okay...6 of my close friends are in Mexico right now...and a guy at my work just got back from Mexico City...which is scary...I'm pretty upset about it and enjoy teasing him about it every day.

http://www.swineflutrackingmap.com has good info.

A very good swine flu dashboard is at:


I particulary like the fact that you can import both timeline and heatmap as iGoogle gadget.

A very good swine flu dashboard is at:


I particulary like the fact that you can import both timeline and heatmap as iGoogle gadget.

...I'm pretty upset about it and enjoy teasing him about it every day.

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