Apr 6 2009Thief Uses Head As Battering Ram, Fails

A would-be thief tried to use his head as a battering ram to bust open the back door of a home in St Petersburg, Florida. He failed miserably. But I loved how he got down like a bull before charging the door, I thought that was a nice touch. Just chalk it up as a learning experience, buddy. One about God not compensating for lacking brainpower with a reinforced skull and spine.

Nutty robber uses his head [thesun]

Thanks to Richie-Con-Carne, who once laid siege to an entire castle wearing a bicycle helmet.

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Reader Comments

CRAZY sheeeeee t

stole 1st pew pew


naas note that I did not say 1st

hahaha, jackasses...

Nice @4, pat yourself on the back for that one

HA! Dumb jiggaboos!

Not got the brains to swing the chair huh ?

Epic fail


@5 that was for you

It pains me to see how far from greatness geekologie has fallen. The commentary is no longer witty, the content is no longer relevant, and the comments are 90% idiotic. Even Daisy looks clever when compared to this new breed of commenter.

send'em back to africa

@9 Void, good example of yourself

I love the stupids, they're so entertaining

lol florida again with the dumbasses

"Just chalk it up as a learning experience, buddy. One about God not compensating for lacking brainpower with a reinforced skull and spine.

@9 Things are still all good around here, it's you that has changed. I will admit there's an abundance of firstards polluting most of the commenting sections but overall it's you that has declined from greatness

It's only 3 posts, and if it goes more then it's because someone got 0W3D !!!

♪ If I could turn back time....♪

@people in video: Epic Fail
@2: Epic Fail

Nah - GW's still all gravy. I've been enjoying this site since long before comments were up and I suspect the writer has changed once or twice but either way I've always been entertained.
Can't say you're far off as far as comments go, though. Reading the comments here and at Superficial is like being stabbed in the face with stupid. Most of the time anyway.

Oh look, they're black. Go figure.

Don't ever use me.

Ffffffaailblog (dot org)


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was making a porno movie and called his weiner the battering ram. Right before it would shoot, he would yell BATTER UP!!!!!!

@19, eh, I guess you're right, I think the old GW writers style just suited my sense of humor better. When I go back and read posts from 1-2 years ago, they still make me laugh. I haven't lol'd from the commentary here in a while, and the abundance of random youtube videos is just getting a bit old. I get enough of those e-mailed to me as it is.

What I find strange about this video is why is the camera clearly in the adjoining yard pointed at the neighbor’s backyard?

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