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Shower Curtain Gets Stabby On H2O Wasters

shower warning.jpg

Elisabeth Beucher's 'Green Warrior Shower Curtains' help control your water consumption by slowly inflating its spikes (via a questionably energy efficient air pump) as you shower. Stay in too long and you get stabbed. Drop the soap and experience prison. While I do find this design admirable, I have an even better way to curtail water wastage: don't pay your gas or electric bill. You'll still have cold water, and cold water, my friends, is the key to shorter showers. Seriously, I'm down to 35 seconds. Haven't seen my balls in weeks!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

in honor of earth day: the shower curtain that impales you [theinteriormind]

Thanks to Travis, who only bathes the way God intended: with a woman to scrub his back.

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