Apr 13 2009Awh Man, I Want To Be Like A Boss


If you haven't seen this already it's the latest video from The Lonely Island's album Incredibad. This particular ditty is called 'Like A Boss' and it's all about a normal day in a boss's life. It's pretty much what I do everyday too, except I'm not responsible for managing anybody. I can barely manage my own penis! Now where is that guy?

Make sure your mother isn't standing behind you and then hit it for the dirty version!

Clean Version
Uncensored Version

Thanks to kitty, who once shaved his pubes using his boss's paper shredder with disastrous results.

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Reader Comments


I love you and everything man...but it's Lonely Island...PEW PEW

I can honestly say I've done all of these things over the past year...


check out the songs Dreamgirl ands Boombox , also RAD

its the lonely island, not the lonelypanet... GW screwed up... like a BOSS

@3- you chopped your balls off? and f-ed a giant fish?

Wow, how did you know my mom was standing behind me? Spidy senses? I'm gonna show this to my baouss.

Ok. I love "Jizz in My Pants." "I'm on a Boat" was, for a short time, my personal theme song. But, uh, WTF, guys? This one's beyond me.

This video would have been much better if they replaced 'fish' with 'dinosaur'

what a waste.

That was the first thing Seph Rogen was in which is actually funny.

"This video is not available in your country or domain"

Hotspot shield, here I come!

Ya that was stupid. I have seen better singing in a combodian whore house.

Wow....that sucked.

i'm getting tired of the "this video is not available in your country." specially when its on the uncensored version. *shakefist*
they suck! hey youtube, the world has other countries too...

you are a boss... you are your own boss!
unless superficial writer controls you... in which case you would be a pussy...
does he control you? are you a pussy? haha

Like a booss! Oh yeah!

the chick at :58 is ballin

this song is a parody of this rap tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTOEV6f7jB4

That's a health code violation.

this video is not funny

This video is not available in your conutry...

@8 agreed. Jizz in my pants is my ringtone but this - indeed, wtf
@20 agreed
@22 try moving out of china

Hilarious! The song will be on my mind for days.

@#6 - Nope, that's not me. Its not how I roll.

Their new stuff holds nothing over their older songs like The Heist and Ardy Party.

This song made me not want to check out their other stuff. It did however, make me want to poop on someone's desk.

wow...I remember when SNL used to be funny, right? I would sit their as a little kid and not know ANYTHING they were saying but laugh anyways...good times
It sucks that they started getting UNfunny when I started understanding their jokes

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