Apr 9 2009Now That's What I Call Class: The Gold Mouse

gold mouse.jpg

The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse (not to be confused the the piratey USB hub) is actually plastic. Which is why it costs $35 and not $35 gajillion. To its credit though, it does have a scroll wheel. But still, why anybody would actually pay for this garish piece of bullionshit (count it) is beyond me. That said, I bought one as a gag gift for The Superficial Writer. He loves this kind of crap. And also, American Idol.

UPDATE 1 YEAR LATER: ZOMG, The Superficial Writer left a gold brick on his desk -- I'm gonna be rich!

Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse only looks like a million bucks [engadget]

Thanks to Julian and Oscar The Slouch, who are far too classy for those tuxedo-print t-shirts. Right guys? Right?

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Reader Comments

awsome. first

is gw gay? He referee to the superficial writer as he... LOL, in other posts he hits on him...0_o LOL, wow!

Steven you fail! My second first bitches!! I wish I had a witty comment like last time

D...is for duck!

Yet another epic fail

#4, D is for DRUM! everyone knows that...First?!?! What she hell are you babbling about?

does anybody else think that the posts around here have gotten boring? i mean, there was a juice box skin post yesterday.

Did they actually stamp "fine gold" on that? lol

Gaudy lookin, no thanks. I wouldn't want one unless it was really just chocolate wrapped up to look like a mouse

i want a solid gold beer

Hellaha! Where's my sweetie?

wait.. what? when i commented on my ipod it showed my comment as first... this sucks

@5 what do you mean fail, the fail was my post at 3... get your numbers right... and at the time mine came up as my post first

Old, I saw this a few hours ago! >.>

@14 - do you want a fuggin cookie? Go shave your taint. That time spent would benefit humanity moreso than you posting about how old the subject of this post is.

@2,3,12&13 - know when enough is enough - explaining your mistake about posting second thinking you were first only amplifies your douchebaggery.

I hate these meeces to pieces - gaudy is right

@15 Grow up ;]

Alex, I'll take "things people waste money on' for $50


15, 16 is right. you suck, i admitted that i was wrong, you are the douchebag continuing the quarrel that i ended by admitting i was wrong

thanxxxx. cool mouse


How's the saké?

@ 19 haha i thought i was the fail when i posted tennis came up as first must have been bagging on the almighty g-dub!!!!

who can i purchase this golden mouse

It's a good idea.Thank you

thats great! http://www.pornheed.com

wow what a joke, but you know some idiots out there will be buying this to feel cool.

thanks for share

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