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Now That's Fine Art: Mario Strikes Back

maro strikes back.jpg

This is painting by Los Angeles artist Misha entitled Empire. There are two others after the jump, both of which feature some relatively not-at-all-hot slave-girl Peach action (okay, the second one did a little something). They're all available for sale if you're interested, to the tune of $1,400. Which, haha, is a little out of my range. You see, I only sing bass. And speaking of which -- all yours are belong to me!

Hit it for the others.

mario art 2.jpg

mario art 3.jpg

Super Mario Bros. Strikes Back!

Thanks again to Julian, who once painted a landscape and then sold it at auction under the guise that an orphaned elephant did it all with it's trunk. That's pretty low, Julian. I like your style.

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