Apr 21 2009Jones Is Back With An Even Better Business

Remember Toby Jones of Jones' Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage? Well he's back with another genius business idea, this time in the form of Jones' Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage. As you can see from the video, they even have fried dinosaur. Which, at least in my opinion, is just plain wrong. I'm no black widow!

Jones' Good Ass BBQ And Foot Massage [jonesbigasstruckrentalandstorage]

Thanks to my brother SuperFrank, who almost burnt the house down trying to fry a porkchop sandwich. My God did that smell good.

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Reader Comments

Oh shit, that's a dinosaur

Like me, i gotta go

Clearly this man is a genius.

I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself.

This one is my favorite ever! genius

LOL. Thanks for the funny stuff as always.

What a fantastic idea - you bring it we'll fry it! think he should add legal to the list of conditions though. Don't want a funeral director turning up!

lmao i'd eat there (mmm... fried dino...) it's GOOD ASS

Also, that sounds like ucle moe's something

All jokes/sarcasm aside, is this for real?

Like, obviously it's not.

But why go through the effort to do something like this?

ill make it DELICIABLE!

thats a HUGE url...
well the storage seems to give the man money, or else he would be able to open this...

"better come down here, get soma this shyt"

love it!


if you pay enough, and have leperacy can he massage your feet, break it off then fry it and eat it for you? i may have to conceave leperacy and give this wise man a call

English. The English language has leperacy.

its leprosy, learn to spell. also this is weird.

I live like 30 min away from this place if this place is real. Does any one know if it is real? This place should be located in the state IL. Holler back and I will so take one for the team if its real and visit it hahaha!

@16: Ja, as I was saying.

I'd take some good ass BBQ and a foot massage right about now. But the dinoman has to do it.

yes it is, I ate there last night i had him fry me up some babies... cause theres only one better way to eat babies than bbq... with tostitos (:

Maty, it says it's off of 112th and Old Ciscero. I am tempted to drive there myself. just to see if it is real or not.

The man is a well known comedian in his region. This is comedy. Hello?


That was the best LOL i've had all week! This guy needs his own show on cable or something... Genius!

this is in chicago on the southside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im gonna go check it out and ill write a reveiw!!
btw im not black haha

@17 When I saw the area code I thought of good ol chicago, it's about 20 mins from where I am.
@21 you mean cicero. I am guessing you don't live too close if you spell cicero with an s

I hope he has a line of bbq sauce because grillin season beckons

At most Scotish Fish & Chip Shops they'll fry all sorts of food stuffs.
Mars bars, pies, pizza...all deep fried in batter.

Plus, and I don't know why, but I'd so have his babies.

no thanks to foot rub from that guy, I likes my feet touched by things with vagines. you want to have his babies cause you think he has a big fried cock?

Hrm, BBq and foot rub eh? I'm totally in! can't watch the vid though...

It's just like a mini mall.

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