Apr 6 2009It Hurts Just To Look At: The Trippy Clock

trippy clock.jpg

This Salvador Dali clock costs $15 and is painful to look at. I glanced at it once and nearly lost it. Then, which I was editing the image, I puked in my mouth a little. It was yogurt-y.

Just follow the hands out to meet the face and you'll be just fine. Zany is one word for it. Eclectic another. Put it above a bar and you'll have the punters examining the contents of their glasses. In short, buy this slippery, rubbery chronograph and say 'Hello, Dali' to a distorted vision of time. And an insight into the mind of a creative genius.

I don't know about all that. Besides, who needs a clock to make them feel like they're tripping? Now if you really wanna trip you need to drink this right here. Yeah, I know it tastes awful, but just trust me. Theeeeeere you go. So, feel anything yet? No? Well maybe you should walk around a little. *THUD* HAHA -- I tied your laces together when you were busy drinking my urine!

freaky dali-esque clock is twirlin', not meltin' [technabob]

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Reader Comments

trippy trippy!!!

well, at least its better than anything tokyoflash have ever made.

That's only because you can actually tell the time

Makes me wanna yak


stop bashing the tokyo watches, i like them because they look futuristic. anyways this looks cool

Talking about bending time! Where's this for sale?

wow #5... woooooooow, you fail! also my clock is wrong, it says 6:07 but that clock says 10:10... *switching clock*

the clock isnt really THAT trippy. The numbers are in the right place, just a little curvy and hey....

... who tied my shoe laces together?!?!?

No I'm not drinking that!

Whats up? I finally get some time to hang out and everone leaves?

I'm going home and I'm taking my ball with me.

Old. My favorite local pub (Winchester-style) has had this clock on the wall for a couple years. That clock, plus bar-time = sorry honey, I came through the window and puked in the baby's crib but it's ok because I wiped it off and I slept on the stairs because I didn't want to wake you, I thought I came home at 4AM three days after I left, that wall clock confused me and I was drunk, but not that drunk, well we were doing shots and ... is that a gun?

Is there anywhere stateside that we can order this? Shipping to the US is over $60.

@10 awww c'mon, I had a last minute meeting taking me away from geeko for a good 2 hrs. I love no less & I'm sure you know this, even though your @9 did linger for awhile hehe

Interesting. I wouldn't buy it, but I would like to have an interesting clock in my office.

too bad the clock's logo isn't trippy like the rest of it...






I think I'm going to stay up all night, tomorrow night also. If I'm not early on tomorr(todays) posts then Fųck I feel asleep & that shouldn't have happened.

*Fell asleep, not feel.... It's happening already


I might buy this .....really....really really

I don't like it... :( It's cool for the first 30 seconds, then I can see myself throwing darts at it or setting fire to it in a volcano.

Salvador Dali-->Little Ashes-->Rob Pattinson....OMG I found a link to Rob from this post.. hehe

its actually kinda neat... but not terribly original

Have one of these on your spaceship. As you're sucked into the black hole, you'll be able to tell the time correctly... for an instant before you become neutronium.

I assume it looks like a normal clock if you are trippin.

u dont see that every day. haha. i like it. maybe it is just me but i would have that clock in my apartment just 2 mess with my guests

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