Apr 30 2009Good Eats: A Whole Chicken In A Can

canned chicken 1.jpg

Hungry? Yeah, but are you whole chicken in a can hungry? That's right folks, Sweet Sue's Canned Whole Chicken (without giblets) is an entire cooked chicken in a can (a big one). Equally perfect for camping trips or throwing up everywhere! Hit the jump to see an uncanning in progress, which will leave you wondering why you've ever eaten anything else. Then go get one. You'll be doubled over on the bathroom floor with the runs quicker than you can say "I think I ate the asshole"! Bon Appétit!

Hit it for the uncanning. Really makes me want one.

canned chicken 2.jpg

canned chicken 3.jpg

canned chicken 4.jpg

canned chicken 5.jpg

canned chicken 6.jpg

A Whole Chicken In A Can: YUMMO! [foodnetworkhumor]

Thanks to ash, who's holding out for turducken in a can.

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Reader Comments

That looks DELICIOUS!

holy disgusting chicken

These things stink like you wouldn't believe. I damned near puked when I opened one!

This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max's head exploded because they installed a motion activated light switch in his office and set it to be very sensitive, but time out quickly. Every time someone walked by the lights would go on, and then 5 seconds later go off. It was very iritatiing.

Wipe that kids face off before you take a picture!

That chicken jello at the beginning make me wanna HORF!

omg can you imagine eating this tub of lard? doctors are rejoicing everywhere

I think the kid has rosacea.

The congealed fat slime is what gives it the best flavor! Enjoy!

MMMM, chicken jello shots..... I wanna see a canned turkey next...


did you see on the label? Fully Cooked. You could eat that goodness right outta the can! Or shove it in a blender for a delicous smoothie!!! HORF

*HOrF*!!! A dude I worked with 7 years ago had one of these at his desk as a joke. So this I'd OLD!!! I also read about an English guy who ate one of these from the 50's and felt fine. I guess they don't go bad in that can.

No giblets? WTF??? FAKE!!!
Right, Daisy?


Try the fish!

It is things like this that prove Americans are all fat and lazy.

The slightly emotionally-challenged-looking child seems to be transfixed on the whole process. Pehaps he's just hungry.

Canned bacon please

I hope ando isn't a real name, sounds kinda... you know... gay...

Hey DAISY, its the real deal. I just googled it. You can buy it on Amazon for $50.00. Gross nonetheless!


"meats" my seal of approval

Ugh I bet that's disgustingly delicious. My friend used told a story about a 200+ lb women that'd come into Jewel every other day to buy 2 whole chickens & bring them into the bathroom to eat them both. Yes he worked at Jewel & he also likes chicken

He said the managers never did anything when they were onto her because it was disgusting yes, but also probably delicious

luckily, it's in stock.



that is pretty freakin nasty... as daisy might say, its like that scene in blues brothers where elwood gets 2 peices of dry toast and jake orders two chickens....

I think I just HORF'd in my mouth a little.

Maybe the mom was just teaching the kid about childbirth.

"See, this is how you came out of mommy's can."

except this kid wasn't fully cooked when it came out...

STOMPY that wasn't blues bothers, that was Baja from Never Back Down that ordered the dry white toast. Max always got the chickens, and made offers for little girls. Apparently he had a drug habit to support & stole mopeds

naas, if you were paying attention you'd know that Max doesn't have a drug problem, he SELLS drugs and sometimes does them himself. He getst he drugs in Mexico, and smuggles them to the US on his moped. Pat Sajack is the moped stealer, and Rush Limbaugh thinks Canada mints are Oxy Contin.

Theres a grease stained cardboard box behind del tacos where Max and Baja eat Bacon flavored ice cream.

Bajas dad likes hookers and after, he cuts them into pieces and ages them. Eventually they go through the chipper and are used to feed the garden.

You need to pay attention, there will be a test later.

Avian pandemic in a can!

I wanna see a chef actually make something edible using one of these.

Because right now this makes me wanna HORF* in my mouth.

But for Bacon in a can!

That idea is my kind of style...OM NOM NOM NOM!!!

I love me the NOM NOMs.

Whole, canned chickens have been around forever. When we were cleaning up my grandmother's house 5 or 6 years ago we ran across one can, and it looked like it was at least that old.

Yeah, C. T. those were around when I was a kid, at least *ahem* 30 years ago. Did you have the stones to open up that can you found?

There was bacon in a can then, too. We tried it, not bad, but it was too salty.

Well, it may not look all that great, but I'd put it in my emergency food kit. Some of this, canned salsa, some bacon, tortillas and a fire - TACO NIGHT BITCHES!

@14, America isn't the fattest country, you know.


You're really Daisy. You protest so much, but we know the truth. Watch is Daisy! You just pointed it out yourself. Don't try to deny it. The proof is in your post.


screw chicken & get your ass on brute lol


Watch, I've just grown to appreciate you a little better.

Not only do you associate a 303 in with your name at one point, but with the information you've accused me of not paying attention to regarding the many tales of Max & Baja - you've clearly been with us longer than I thought.

Max DOES have a drug problem, and while your contradictive statement above saying he doesn't but he 'uses' them is only 1/2 right. Don't you remember when he was stuffing them into star wars puppets? And all those runs to Del Taco for free bacon flavored ice cream?

They were all just fronts so he could move those drugs using the puppets through Pat Sajak for he & Baja. He arranged them through the wheel of fortune chatroom. He was even fücked up a few times on the show itself (ran across the wheel itself naked once before escaping the room in a cardboard box) because Baja laced his breakfast a few times just to see how he'd look on TV.

I know what I'm talking about Watch, I have been paying attention. I am happy that you've been as well

It's one thing to post one or two pictures with a link back to our site - but to post every one of our pictures? That's just tacky.

naas - that was beautiful, man.

@39 thanks for noticing, we have

Remove chicken from the can. Be sure to save the delicious broth???

... or serve cold just as chicken comes from the can ... really

That makes me feel ill.

I love the label that says to "Save the delicious broth". Awesome, thanks.

When I choke my chicken, I get slimy like that too.

@37 - Loser! Lawl10101010111111OMGZ!

Original source of these photos:

Tracy O'Connor at I Hate My Message Board: http://ihatemymessageboard.com/2009/04/23/a-whole-chicken-in-a-can/

Now thats not so bad if you are pressed for time. A little seasoning and some crisping of the skin and you hae a decent bird for din din.

I know it's cool to be funny and ironic and all detached about things, you damn hipsters, but this is really an excellent product. If I could find these to buy I would stock up. Canned items last forever; chicken BONES are essential for making a REAL stock; the gelatin is where the best flavor comes from in a soup; furthermore, there is much to be said about people so detached from where their food comes from that the sights, sounds, and smells of muscle fibers or connective tissues convinces them the product is inedible. Would Julia Childs have sneer at a canned chicken? These save energy, too -- where frozen chicken breasts require electricity (read: burnt coal) to keep, these will sit on a shelf staying wholesome and ready no matter where you find yourself. In other words, pull your heads out of your asses and challenge your puritanical (and I do mean puritanical) culinary assumptions.

Most of you guys (Pilcrow & a few others not included) really sound SPOILED (unlike this chicken) & whiny & inexperienced & ignorant.


Blow me. Then fix me a sandwich made with canned chicken.

HAHA look at that kids WALMART t-shirt. loser.

@ 52

No, I won't - because like almost everyone else on the Internet you're a conceited, self-absorbed, self-important small-minded crass reactionary bore, and giving you anything to eat would be perpetuating a mistake that should have ended a long time ago.

This blog sucks.


Bye bye!

Why are you effing Shumway? Oh wait, I get it--you're blowing yourself!


That is some nasty shyt

i think the can's water is breaking in the second picture.

I bet it tastes better than a DICK DONUT:


Wow, Angry Trolls are ANGRY - and everywhere on this blog the past few days... Damn people, get laid, or go outside and get some swine flu.

canned bird sauce

Do I spy feathers on that chicken?

@ 29, stop stealing my name . This is good for survival in Alaska.

It looks like its covered in ectoplasmic goo. That's really horrific. I hope this is a novelty product.

not fake:


Looks like that time I cooked my baby sister's unborn fetus!



If only! Now begon troll! I banish ye from the ol' geek pages forever more! Cünt.

I am in my mid 40's and grew up with whole canned chicken - it is really good, especially the jelly. We rarely heated it up, instead mom would put it in the fridge to chill. It made really good sandwiches with homemade bread. I was shocked to see that so many people have never heard of this. I do not buy it often but still do occasionally for something different. Maybe it is a Canadian thing.

It's funny - I bet everyone who's claiming upchucks at this have happily scoffed down their own weight in McNuggets, heck they've probably wiped their own weight in grease off porcine digits down their $2.99 Wallmart 5XL sweatpants. I'd bet that's the healthiest / tastiest chicken going, sure it looks like the result of a coupling between John McCain and the bits left over from Kathy Griffins liposuction, lotta food does before it's been pureed, battered and deep fried.

need to be nice and yes I am fat What of it ?
just that you dont have the cash to eat well , to bad
get over it

It seems that we are but a heartbeat away from Liquid Chicken, the drink meal of choice for Unknown Hinson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfSfK0AMWlc

I might be late on this, but I totally have a canned Chicken, from the Government even. I also have a can of "canned pork", I'm terrified to open both of them so I keep them as pets.

I hate it when people say : FAKE, photoshopped, the shadows are all wrong..

Same fking line used by these "photo experts" all the TIME.. who are usually wrong...

What's so fake about a chicken in a can.. and what fking shadowS?!?
fking pessimists...


Is that funking afterbirth?

that looks nasty....

make one for me :)

I bet Daisy feels a real idiot after post #22.

Serves you right for calling shopped!! :P

#23 I mean.

i agree with you

take a look at comment #14 - perfect example of trash talking and nonsense.
"It is things like this that prove Americans are all fat and lazy."

hahaha....this is really logical...they release a chicken in a can..and this means people in the USA are fat?....eating chicken makes people fat? what?
what exactly does this idiot think is in a chicken anyway?
most body builders, cops, soldiers gain muscle by including foods like chicken in their diets.....again- what is the connection between people getting fat and chicken.....
how exactly does producing canned food indicate beyond doubt that people in a certain country are all fat?
this chicken is available to anyone anywhere with access to ebay.. its not a response to American demand...nor does anything about the product indicate it is.....
how do you figure canned must mean its fattening food? corn , beans, even peaches come in a can..are these fruit also the cause of weight gain?

@14 -you're a moron. but you did manage to type and breath at the same time....for someone at your level, this is an amazing accomplishment....
you managing to type is just as much an accomplishment as an average person inventing a time machine or figuring out immortality.

btw i am not American..so don't try bullshit insult thinking its some childish opposites thing. youre just an idiot and everyone regardless of nationality or their view of fatness in the USA is going to recognize that.

Also see this:



That poor chicken, shoved in a can.

that shit is not worth $50!

thats just nasty :b

Check me out!!


Not fake!
Surprisingly this same crap was seen ages ago. In fact it was parodied on the old show M.A.S.H. which infact got the snobby fat doctor and the bitchy old nurse sick. Yep! It did infact exist just not wide out in the world.

@79 Your sense of humour gland seems to have been canned and sold on EBay

14, America isn't the fattest country, you know.

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I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well.

I can eat the whole chicken :P livejasmin

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>something looks unappetizing
>people would rather eat something that appeals to the senses
>obviously they are fat and spoiled
>this makes perfect sense

Some people don't agree with you. This happens. Get over it. Also, this is the internet. Please tell me you don't honestly expect peple to act mature all the time.

Also, McNuggets are delicious, and just fine to have every once in a while.

And finally, you all need to learn about trolls. They WANT you to react like this. PLEASE DON'T FEED THE TROLLS.

@79: You sound fat.

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