Apr 15 2009Floating Cloud Sofa Looks Comfy, Conceptual

floating cloud sofa.jpg

The Cloud is a levitating sofa that floats thanks to magnets and, I suspect, a tiny wizard. Unfortunately, it's only conceptual. Which, for those of you who don't know what conceptual is, means really soft. You should buy one.

Cloud is a sofa concept designed for ultra comfort and relaxation. The soft floating upper part is supported by the magnetic force generated by the bottom base. No matter if you want to work and sit with comfort or simply a power nap to release the stress, you can always enjoy your time to relax on the floating cloud.

Designed by D.K. Wei (no relation to that barrel throwing bastard), the Cloud recently won honorable mention (3rd loser) in a relaxation design contest. Which, wait a minute, relaxation design contest -- WTF is that? Fifth of gin and a handful of Valium. BOOM, blue ribbon.

Cloud magnetically levitating sofa is the greatest couch concept, ever

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holy crap that is almost as cool as this video i found the other day

If you fall asleep and wet the cloud, does it rain?

Ooooh me want it, but you couldnt move much around right

do want

Lying above a magnet that's powerful enough to suspend a human being in mid air will be a real treat for the old pacemaker—on a lighter note, if you're lucky enough to make it to heaven, you can stretch out on a real cloud.

1st place in the relaxation design contest went to Snr. Esteban Vihaio, a retired gentleman of leisure.

it would be sweet and dangerous to bang on.

I just lay on marshmellow puffs... comfy and delicious.


How fat do you have to be to prevent it from floating?

This is terrifying! Just imagine this (http://www.geekologie.com/2009/02/guy_loses_finger_to_neodymium.php) on a much larger scale!

Clearly the concept comes from someone who has never seen the math involved in doing that. I wouldn't want to be sitting on a cloud that has a coil energized with 20,000+ Amps. The metal pad at the bottom would have to be so hot that it would likely start a fire. This might work when we figure out room temperature superconductors, but until then, it is just something to watch for in movies and dream about having. It is certainly possible, but too dangerous.

Looks really comfy....until it flips over and crushes you in between two highly powerful magnets. Even if the "cloud" frame was just metal, you would still run the risk of attraction of the poles not to mention the cloud would be unstable, and chances are you're a$$ will be grounded before you can climb onto it. With some photoshop and a little creativity, you too could win the "physically impossible" furniture contest! Dumb....yet, I would still love to see my dog jump into something like this!

I would pay whatever is necessary to purchase this.

Ouch.... imagine having a bunch of body piercings and sleeping on this.

wow, welcome to 6 months ago...

This is just yet another "design student" who thinks coming up with an idea is the hard part, making it work is just trivia for the eggheads to figure out. Magnetic levitation doesn't just happen on it's own, douchebag.

Sweet I have one of those, it is nice and soft and cooks me breakfast in the morning. Oh and the couch is cool too.

Bet the cell and wi-fi reception on (or within a mile of) this thing would be pants. Anyone with a tube television would be treated to a delightful black screen with a bright line at one edge. Then there's the total erasure of your laptop hard drive. Then there're the control issues. If the thing generates enough force to float the cloud and 100kgs of lard, how do you get on it empty, since the magnetic field would propel it up through the ceiling? Look at the size of the base. I'm presuming there's an EM field generator the size of the power plant from Forbidden Planet beneath the floor. Not very portable.

But if the girl comes with it, add me to the list.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake becauise the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly liek that scene int he movie Never Back Down where Max was working on a magic trick that would disapear something and then bring it back. He thought the hats he was diaspearing weren't affected, then later he was walking in the woods, and found a whole bunch of copies. He stopped his magic trickery, and went into the hatmaking business.


The Dutch have a bed like this that floats using magnets. I think it was in an earlier article on this site.

In my apartment, the floating cloud would immediately become the cat bed of choice.


I would attach this to my car and then let someone else drive the base around while I flew in the cloud.

Then I'd dress up lik Goku and reenact the old Dragonball Z opening theme.


"relaxation design contest -- WTF is that? Fifth of gin and a handful of Valium. BOOM, blue ribbon." - heh... comedy..

Ok, so if someone flips your magnetic cloud over, do you get squished between the two magnets?


Epic FAIL...use a hammock or my cock.
The cloud sofa will send a pacemaker to heaven or hell...the entire room of metal objects damaged....got dental braces, well guess what...kiss the floor....it's like a MRI machine in the living room....wiskers the cat...boom....cops with guns....bang....sleeping inside the LHC why don'tcha?

holy sirens of titan! this is ridiculous. and stupid.

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