Apr 7 2009But He Was Just Here: More Urban Camo

urban camo.jpg

Urban camouflage is an ever growing fashion trend as more and more crazy people seem to be out to get you for no particular reason besides being batshit insane. Also, stalking. That's a problem too. Quick, look outside -- I am in your bushes! Can you see me? Sucker -- stalkers can use camo too! Now, look at the second bush to the right. Other way -- your right. You see me waving a stick? Made you look -- that's my penis! Honestly, what do you think?

Hit the jump for five more worthwhile ways to hide in plain sight.

urban camo 1.jpg

urban camo 2.jpg

urban camo 3.jpg

urban camo 4.jpg

urban camo 5.jpg

urban camo 6.jpg

Urban Camouflage: The Art of Hiding [toxel]

Thanks to Matt, who once tried to hide from a ninja by standing on a toilet in a bathroom stall. It didn't work.

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Reader Comments

That's not so urban camo, but clever :)

Que ninjitsu.

take that back, 3rd & 5th ftw

That plant on is creeptastic!

Seriously, all but the last 3 were horrible at best.

all i can think of is that dude from "toys"

these are infact, pretty stupid

fake, there's no one in picture 3!

@5 I'll give them one thing though, they are wasting their time more creatively than we are commenting on geekologie.

I've got no strings, to hold me down!

That seems very time consuming and completely useless. Just like this website.

Jesus, did they all watch Be Kind Rewind together?

If I can see your FACE I'm going to shoot you in your stupid FACE. I won't even get you a towel.

These camo jobs are terrible.

The library and finger eleven ones are the best

Psht, lame! Mine's so much superior

What's up now?

LOL at the potted plant one

I shouldn't have hit the jump.

I dunno if I saw a floating head I'd punch it...

Just like everything that becomes trendy and cool here in the States, the Japanese did it first:


And like always, they did it better, too.


Thanks for the tip, douche.


These are so gay.

Wow. We did this for my first year in art school and they actually looked about this good. I wish I had pictures of mine. It was a giant hoodie painted with the same paint they used in the elevator.

Pretty good

Javla svenska!

@7, id argue that im getting paid to be here, they are just wasting time

@22 Ok well then, it's not wasting time.


Hilarious! This reminds me of the toilet camouflage video. At least good for a laugh.


Damn Artsies

@GW: He's hiding in WHAT bush?

dopeness woooooooooooooo

If they had one for subway camo I would totally get myself some. =]
For the glory of making grown men cry.

POT HEAD wooooo a pun

the most successful ones would be the Bus stop ad, and the notice board....i must say the notice board one looks like the laziest LOL
My kind of disgues!!!

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This is sooooo stupid. I can't even begin to state how sipmly stupid this is. These people have waaay to much time on their hands. I mean seriously, get a life...... Or a job. Maybe even a hobby. It's just a waste of time. Fricking creepy stalkers!


i dig the bus one pretty goote.

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