Apr 10 2009Anything Can Happen: Stripper Turns Nun

Anna Nobili is a 38-year old stripper veteran who has been dancing the lap for 20 years all across Europe. But not anymore! She has seen the light, and now only dances for Jesus. I'd tithe her.

Sister Anna, originally from Milan, says she was 'inspired' during a visit to the shrine of St Francis in Assisi. Deciding she wanted more out of life, Miss Nobili has joined the the order of the Sister Workers of the Holy House of Nazareth.

"I was throwing away my life dancing for men. I was being used as a drug by people who wanted to see me dance."

Next week she will be in Rome to perform a ballet called Holy Dance, dedicated to episodes from the Bible, for senior cardinals and bishops.

I apologize if you already watched the video, I meant to warn you it makes no sense, features no quality strip-club action, and only briefly shows Anna doing her new dance for God (around 2:45). The rest is an interview in Italian that I couldn't understand. Still, for 38, she's not the worst looking stripper I've ever seen. Fun fact: they let the dancers perform pregnant in West Virginia. It's true. And I can say that because I was born there. THAT'S RIGHT, I'M WILD AND WONDERFUL, BITCHES, WHAT?!

Sister Anna dances for God after 20 years as a lapdancer [couriermail]

Thanks to Julian, who allegedly saw an arm pop out during a lap dance and *HORF HORF HORF HORF HORF* I can't believe I just wrote that.

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Reader Comments

lol 1st

first for once =D

Oof, that's one old stripper. But I bet all the guys with a veiny neck fetish are falling all over her.

@2 fail!

at her age, im glad she's not stripping... unless maybe for shamwow guy

Good Lord....

Stripping nuns are hot....

Well maybe not this one, but theoretically yeah...

And stripping for Jesus is even hotter!

Hell, here I come!

And we learn another GW fun fact! WIN!

yeah...ok... next week michael vick becomes head of PETA

check out annie lobert, she is amazing.


If I looked like that, I would become anun too!

Stripping for Jebus gives me girl chubby.

Ok, now I can't believe I wrote that...

naas - How the hell is Japan? I'm insanely jealous.

I'm waiting for "Nun turns Stripper!"

What kind of meat does the Pope eat on Good Friday?


I think its cooler when nun's turn into strippers.

I saw it happen once at a bachelor party. A nun AND a cop!

pew pew pew

@1 LOL you're a loser.... hahaha this is so fun lol

For the record, ANYONE who even uses the phrase 'LOL' is completely outdated and clearly governed by AOL and it's faggy little lingo. Furthermore, when you use it in your own rant (ex. hahaha, I love this site LOL) - you're simply showing us that you're a tool & are not to be taken seriously unless you're in jr high school & a newchebag to teh interwebz

Spare us all by gouging your eyeballs out & showing them up your stupid punter little ass

(sorry GW, the firstartdness is overwhelming)

CLOSE QUOTES PLZ Geekologie Writer!!

Here's the translation:

Nun: So I was at the strip club when a guy in a black robe told me I should go to church, and I was like, me? A stripper? But then I went and saw the same guy, but he was wearing this blingy white and purple robe this time and he seemed happy to see me there. He asked me if I could dance for Jesus instead, and I was shocked but he said "GOD LOVES YOU!" so I accepted. Now I dance for Jesus, and his representatives on earth in private sessions, which aren't much different from what I used to do before. You can see the intro to my dance in this video because the next parts are for Jesus' eyes only.

LOL people who know Italian are probably laughing now. I kind of understand something because I'm Spanish speaking, but then I embellished it,. And yes, I said LOL. I love firsties and anti-firsties duke it out, because firsties never reply, and all related comments are just as irrelevant. Keep it coming.

LOL @naas.

this video is hilariously viral

haha you were born in West Virginia too? I was born in Morgantown and went to the best party school in the nation for 5 years there, WVU. (Proves I went bc I was there for more than four years, seriously no one graduates that place in four) I also lived in Charleston and Parkersburg while workin...where were u born and where did u live? im a long time reader of all ur sites and i didnt know that little piece of info

HA-HA! She can't be a priest! And not b/c she was a stripper, but b/c God thinks women are all big teases.

@15, ur an idiot, LOL means "Laugh Out Loud", meaning ur laughing on the screen excessively...otherwise, a nun stripper would be the best, LOL (SEE THAT #15, I used LOL instead of "hahaha")

Hah, I'm from WV too. Freaking amazing. But somehow I think our former slogan "OPEN FOR BUSINESS" almost fits better. Maybe we should just mash them up and have a hell of a time explaining it later. XD

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