Apr 1 2009'Alpine Legend' Coming To XBox 360

This is a commercial for the Xbox's latest 'Guitar Hero' style game, 'Alpine Legend'. Designed for two players, one yodels while the other plays a monster skin-horn (aka alphorn). Obviously, this is some April 1st trickery so feel free to send the video to your friends and then call them an idiot and revoke your friendship when they get excited about the game. Which may or may not have happened to me (read: it did). Damn you, Scott, you got me good, man! That's okay though, I slept with your girlfriend. APRIL FOO....haha, not this time buddy.

Hit the jump for a real Hong-Kong XBox commercial that's just wack.

Official Alpine Hero Page
Daily Motion

Thanks to TheGurr and ardas, who tricked me into thinking they were my friends. Yeah, well friends don't let friends take a girl home that they know is a dude.

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Ok, I don't like XBox, in Japan XBox is a joke, I mean it isn't Nintendo so how do you expect to play Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Super Smash Bros Melee? Speaking about the Wii, there's some news about Ocarina on Wii:
But maybe it too is just an Aprils fool game going on. Everybody stop lying, it's just a normal date on the callender!

Nobody else is posting anything?
Now I got


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene uin the movie Never BAck Down where Max was talking to the the chinese delivery guy as an important letter was delivered. Max sounded pessinmistic that letters are usually bad news. The delivery guy said Grandfather says it not rain every day, and bet him lunch that it was good news. Max opened it, and it was notification he lost his job. Max said - at least I get a free lunch, and the delivery guy liked his ability to see good in bad.

april fools has begun... where is the "Zelda 15" preview?

I lol'ed. Especially at that last expression on their faces...and yokoyodel too.

You know what, I think this could potentially be better than Guitar Hero. I'd totally buy one (minus the yodel).

How about some Vagina Hero? Anyone remembered that sh!t? Now that would've been much "awesomer".

@5 - (*Spoiler*), There's an April's fool joke standing in Zelda Universe right now, it's about the train. GW did an April's fool hoax previously about some flying hotel or something, I expect him to announce we're all losers anytime soon for believing in him. It's such a sympathetic guy that GW, really. Speaking about previous posts, that match stick tower reminded me about the tower in the intro of Civ 3 and that made me wana play that game again, except I forgot it in my optical unit while upgrading, damn you match stick tower, you shouldn've reminded me.


yeah that zelda:spirits tracks thing for the DS has been going around since Feb

they had a romor for a zelda 15 for the wii going for E3

i figured GW woulda been the first to either jump on that April fools bandwagon ....

...or believe it

on the Hong-Kong XBox commercial, start it at 0:24 and pretend she's describing being donkey punched.

A Western and an Eastern version! How cute!

They could be both part of a no-smoking campagne as well!

if its a HK commercial, why is it in japanese?

Ill rent it just to try it

reminds me of wii
you know the computer that comes with wireless controls
oh and a wireless handheld thing.
erm.. and another wireless thingy
oh and a lot of crap games
and the worlds most populare game(dunno what it is)..due to it being sold with every wii.
im buying playstation

Yeah if it's a Hong Kong commercial, then why's the woman speaking Japanese?

Best game... EVER

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