8-Line Super Tetris Playing Full Screen Game

April 2, 2009

Remember the crazy full-screen Tetris game we posted a couple weeks ago? Well apparently after a while of playing it starts giving you 8-block straight pieces, and you can use these to drop a monster 2,560 point super-tetris (octris). WHEE DOGGIES! It took the person that made this video about 2 hours of playing to complete the task, but this is just 3:32 of the most exciting part. Which, quite frankly, isn't that exciting. I really don't suggest watching it, because it's basically 3 minutes of the program SLOWLY clearing the lines. I don't know if that's because the game is slow or the player is rocking an old 386, but whatever the case, I want that person's job. They don't do jackshit at work.

Giant Tetris Thread [speedsolving]

Thanks to Emile & Popla, who beat the game on level 9-5 and got to see the whole band play and space shuttle blast off.

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